Item #: SCP-1016

Object Class: Safe/Euclid Decommissioned

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1016 (or 'Ben') is to be kept in a closet. This is Ben's own choice. He is to be provided foods that are in excess of all vitamins, not excluding any required for the upkeep of the human body. He is to be given whatever reading material that he desires as well as whatever computer equipment he requests. However, no communication device (i.e. wireless LAN card) is to be provided.

He is to be left alone, however, should he leave to exercise himself, he is to be shadowed. He knows what his limits are within the complex [DATA EXPUNGED]. There are no requirements to talk to him, and he is generally helpful. However, should any agent or personnel try to antagonize him, they are to be reprimanded or terminated, depending on the events. He has a 'slow fuse' to use his own words, but unstoppable until he utterly annihilates the object that angers him. However, this has been avoided as of yet, which is why he is not labeled “Euclid/Keter.” The last two sentences are his own words.

He states that he is not the 'first' Ben, and not likely to be the last to show up. Agents are searching for the 'others'. He states that he has worked with SCP-808, but she does not agree with him and states she has never seen him before. He looked at her for a second, then walked off without a word. Subject was moody for the rest of the weak. Our [D.E] picked up a great deal of communication between subject and a server in [D.E.]. Afterward, however, his mood improved and he cracked jokes of varying quality to all who would listen. He then proceeded to gorge himself on everything that was edible in his path.

Description: SCP-1016 is a nineteen year-old computer genius who replaced much (around 90-95%) of his body with computer parts he states he bought at sites such as [DATA EXPUNGED]. Not a single inside part is custom made, but bought from such common companies as [D.E.]. The skin, however, is a marvel of plastic and rubber. He has allowed us to examine it, and states that it was an experimental skin replacement for those with major burns or amputations. It was discontinued because of adverse reactions to the skin, which is why he has no natural skin left.

His strength is according to his mood. He designed limiters that respond directly to his emotional state, which limits him to around [D.E.] to upwards of [D.E.]. He can access the internet where-ever he is, this is the only truly paranormal thing about him. We cannot do anything to block his reception, he has, however, sworn to never mention anything beyond [D.E.] and play [D.E.] He has done researches for us and he enjoys trawling through massive tracks of information, which he will then share whatever information we ask.

He looks normal, but once under the skin he is a mass of circuits, pumps, coolants and pistons. His power source is taken from the vitamins in his food and he repairs himself by replacing damaged components. He states that he is upgradeable, however, we have yet to experiment.

His physical features are brown hair, blue eyes, white skin and a brown goatee. His manner around men is defined as 'variable' and his manner around women is considered 'chivalrous'.

Addendum 1: Subject is prone to laughing fits, Dr. [D.E.] believes this to be a stress reliever. He is also capable of extreme violence as he ripped apart an escaped [D.E.] with little stress. [D.E.] had antagonized him, he later stated, and said things that pushed every button he has. He then apologized profusely and confined himself to his closet for the remainder of the month.

Addendum 2: Following extensive research on subject, subject was determined to be a standard run-of-the-mill "wildcat" cyborg and was slated for termination, as subject's violent tendencies make him a less useful example of this type than the Foundation's other examples (see SCP-[REDACTED]). Dr. Gears has volunteered to carry out the termination order. - O5-2

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