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Item #: SCP-083-D

Object Class: Decommissioned

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-083 is to be sealed inside of his containment area between the hours of 0700 and 1900, otherwise he is free to wander the rest of the containment site freely, as long as he is constantly monitored by at least a dozen level 2 containment staff. The containment area is to be furnished however SCP-083 requests as long as his requests do not violate standard SCP containment procedure.

Guests are permitted to SCP-083's containment area between the hours of 1100 and 1400. However, please note that all female staff are advised not to develop an emotional attachment to SCP-083. If you feel as though you are becoming emotionally attached, please contact one of the psychologists on staff immediately. We would also like to remind Ms.██████, Ms. ███ and Dr. █████ that there are several cameras in SCP-083's containment area.

Every day at 0847 hours and 2047 hours, a single blood pack containing type A, B, or AB- blood from a virgin, female, human is to be placed within SCP-083's containment area after which, the containment area must be sealed for at least an hour. Failure to do this once will result in the termination of the entire staff assigned to SCP-083. In the event that SCP-083 is not fed, evacuation procedure 083-A is to be enacted immediately.

SCP-083 has shown no intention of escaping, and claims "I like it here, I get damn near everything I want." However, subject has shown increasing interest in several of the other SCPs on Site ███████████████. It is advised by Doctor ██████████ that he should not be allowed in other SCP containment areas for security reasons. See Addendum 083-D-1.


SCP-083 appears to be a Caucasian male aged between twenty and twenty-six. Black hair, brown eyes, and 1.83m (6ft) tall. Most often wears unremarkable clothing. Subject has identified himself by the name "Duke", however he does not mind being called SCP-083 or simply eighty-three by personnel. He spends most of his time wandering the grounds of Site ███████████████, or in the recreation room, making conversation with the staff.

SCP-083 has no physical need to eat, although he often orders food. He seems to prefer meat, and several commonly known brands of confectionery have been ordered. Subject has no need to sleep either, but still requested a bed for his containment area. When asked about this, he replied "I feel like laying down sometimes, I don't think that there is anything unusual about that."

Staff interacting with SCP-083 have often reporting him as "genial" and "polite" to the majority of the staff, although some of the female staff have reported him to human resources for numerous counts of sexual harassment. This behavior is to be strongly discouraged, and if complaints persist, he is to be locked in his containment area permanently.

When tested for intelligence with a standard IQ exam, he scored over 155, and has displayed remarkable logic and problem solving skills, even being the cause of several breakthroughs with SCP-███, SCP-███, and SCP-███. When questioned about his existence prior to capture by SCP, he often claims to remember many historical events, the earliest being the execution of John Rogers in 1555. He claims to have seen [DATA EXPUNGED].

If SCP-083 is not fed blood every twelve hours, subject will become highly enraged and aggressive, attempting to break out of his containment (The sole successful attempt resulted in 11 staff fatalities). This seems to be a sort of self preservation instinct, much like that of an animal deprived of food, only on a much greater scale. When in this state, SCP-083 will actively seek out humans, and attempt to feed off of them. Subject can only be pacified if he can find a human fitting his standards for blood. See document 083-ABO-C. When he finds a satisfactory food source, subject will become cannibalistic, completely consuming it if it is human, or, if the blood is found in a pack, he will merely drain it. Upon sating his hunger, subject falls into a comatose state for roughly twelve hours, and the feeding schedule must be re-centered around this new cycle.

When questioned about these rages, he claims to have no memory, and refuses to speak of it, at one occasion even becoming violent. When submitted to a polygraph test [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-083 seems to have a regenerative property similar to that of SCP-076, and will regenerate even upon apparent "death".

Addendum: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see documents 083-ABO-C, and document 25-083-076

Document 083-ABO-C: [Experiment C: Blood]

In this test SCP-083 was given several different kinds of blood, without his knowledge.

Given:Blood type O. Reaction: Became enraged, subsequently given "normal" blood dosage.

Given:Blood from a non-virgin. Reaction: Became enraged, subsequently given "normal" blood dosage.

Given:Blood from a male virgin Reaction: SCP-083 looked around confused. Looked directly into the security camera, and scowled, as though he were the victim of a practical joke. Drank the rest of the blood with no ill effects. This is still not recommended, as SCP-083 becomes sullen and withdrawn until his next feeding.

Given Blood from a rape victim who, otherwise, was a virgin. Reaction:[DATA EXPUNGED] Those with level 4 security clearance, please see document 25-083-076

Document 25-083-076 At Containment-Area 25 by the means of the blood given to him in test 083-C, subject became immediately enraged, displaying a level of anger previously unrecorded. Subject proceeded to break out of his containment area, which unfortunately coincided with SCP-076-2 showing signs of movement. When SCP-076-2 became active security personnel were unable to deal with both threats, and the containment situation on SCP-076-2 AND SCP-083 failed, prompting high command to send reinforcements.

During this time, [DATA EXPUNGED], allowing SCP-083 to find a suitable source of food Dr. ███████████ ███████, who was promptly killed and consumed. Recovered security footage from twelve hours later, shows that SCP-083 regained consciousness as high command began to initiate detonation of the on site warhead, due to SCP-076-2's still continuing escape attempt. At this point, all non combative personnel had been evacuated from Containment Area-25, as were most of the transportable SCPs. SCP-083 broke into the containment chamber of, the now lost, SCP-███, (which had been deemed too hazardous to transport) and proceeded to wield it as a weapon. This action, however rash, allowed him to [DATA EXPUNGED]. He succeeded in occupying SCP-076-2 for a period long enough to allow the evacuation of the remainder of the security forces, until the on-site warhead was detonated, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Later SCP-083 was questioned regarding this incident:

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: For future reference, I must ask, where are you from?

SCP-083: Outer space of course.

Dr. █████: Please be serious for the interview.

SCP-083: Oh, you caught me, I'm actually from Earth.

Dr. █████: I need you to be more specific.

SCP-083: Well on a universal scale Earth is very specific.

(Subject avoids the question for a period of time, before Dr. █████ is forced into a different line of questioning.)

Dr. █████: Next question, why did you decide to break into the containment area of SCP-███, and begin fighting with SCP-076-2?

SCP-083: I thought your security people might need help escaping. Shouldn't I get some kind of medal? I mean using a Keter level SCP as a weapon, putting myself in harms way, and not even attempting to escape, it all sounds heroic enough to me.

Dr. █████: Next question… (Dr. █████ is interrupted by SCP-083)

SCP-083: The Congressional Medal of Honor will do nicely.

Dr. █████: Are you aware of the current situation with SCP-076-2?

SCP-083: No, please enlighten me.




<End Log>

Addendum 083-D-1: Reports involving SCP-083's termination are currently under review.

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