Deceptive Cadence

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"Oh, my god!"

"Yeah, heheh, it's… it's pretty, big! Heheh, we, uh… there was a call, and I thought I'd surprise everyone — we'd surprise everyone, with the big reveal, heh. So… Here's Pepper!"

Pepper did a slow, unsure curtsy. "That's… me."

"You're… wow!" Icky's tone felt like a poised cat. Brainy wrung his hands and made every breath deep and filling. Pepper only glanced between the two of them. "That's really fantastic! You really outdid yourself, Marty! What a great way to end — this set, this Circus, this time around, fucking great, am I right or am I right Manny?"

Sweat worked like a humidifier.

"Well, this is interesting to say the least." Manny stood from his seat and made his way to Brainy, slipping his arm around his shoulder, and nudging him ever so slightly towards the exit.

"Yes! Truly!" Icky didn't seem to blink. "Well, nice to finally meet you in person, Pepper! Say, any way you could get back in the mirror? I'm not sure I get how this works. See, this haunted house, man, big surprise! Invested a lot of time into the marketing here, but I guess that's not necessary anymore! So glad to meet you in person, Pepper!"

"Uhhh, you too Icky…"

"Well —"

"Really," Manny cut Marty off, "this is all very interesting, and I'm… happy for Pepper too, of course, I'm sure Lolly will be very excited to hear about this."

"Yes, and —"

"And I'm sure that there's a lot to discuss, but at this very moment, Icky and I have a lot of paperwork to get through —"

"Oh, Manny, they can stay just a bit longer if they want to! We're in no rush —"

"I just think we'd like to get to sleep as early as possible, big day tomorrow —"

"I'd be interested to know how you got her out of that mirror, Marty! Or, why? Why in the world did this happen? What miracle paired 'new hit attraction' with 'ruin it all for everyone'? Oh, and how long was this a plan? Would've been nice to know!"

"Icky, I realize we should have warned you, but there was just… so much going on, and, the Circus up and running, and we really thought people would be… excited just to see —"

"I guess we don't need these anymore," Icky violently tore a phonebook-thick stack of posters into thirds. "'Cause who cares, right? How much effort went into all this stuff. How much resources were poured into that creaky metal-but-looks-like-wood mirror filled money sink house. Inconsequential, honestly, when compared to the whims and wants of Calvin and Hobbes!"

"Alright, Marty, Pepper, I think you ought to be going now —"

"Lolly'll be ecstatic! I'll tell her first thing tomorrow morning!"

"Alright kids, the Ringmaster and I really have to get to work…" Manny pushed, with little to no resistance, Brainy and Pepper out of the tent and into the dusty night. He mouthed "go, go, go" to the frightened pair, and soon enough they were walking, perhaps jogging, back into the shadowy visage of the Circus. Manny turned around to see a heaving, huffing Icky, standing over the corpse of an advertisement for the rising star's first ride.

Manny slid a small bottle of Clown Impulse Suppressant over to Icky.

She batted it off the table.

"Veronica —"

"This is great!"

"Yeah, I should have had someone keeping a closer eye on him."

"What was our contract with him?"

"Ride design in a week, and then if we liked it we kept him."

"Hmm. Interesting. Well, how do you like a non-existent ride?"

"Well, we still have the ride itself. I'm sure we can find a replacement for Pepper."

"In two days?! We find a new act maybe once a month, at best! This was our once a month act, and now it's ruined! We can sooner fire this asshole!"

"Look, the kid screwed up. I screwed up, but I still think you're making this out to be worse than it is. Yes, he just cost us our latest attraction, but he also proved to us he's capable of designing a great attraction. I think that so long as he's supervised and we make it clear he's not to do this sort of thing again, it's worth giving him a second chance. To fire him now would be to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Our attraction is defunct, you're right. The set is great, though. It's possible to get Marty to design something using the leftover parts."

"Well —! Okay, yes, that's valid." Icky was taken aback for a hot second. "Do you have a soft spot for this ex-Wondertainment guy, Manny?"

Manny smiled slightly. "I do. I think he's got a whole hell of a lot of conviction, and Wondertainment level skills mean a big benefit to our Circus."

Icky sat down and buried her face in her elbows.

She sighed.

"So what if you're right? Okay, we're down our starring latest and greatest sideshow. A damn good sideshow." She lifted her head just to glare at Manny. Not a glare to truly aim at Manny himself, but a glare because all her thoughts were glare-worthy. "Fine! You're right. Pepper's happier, Marty's happy that she's happy, he can make more rides, fine! Doesn't mean I'm happy about it."

"You have every right not to be happy about it. I'm not happy about it. I simply believe that firing Marty now would be a mistake we might regret." Manny stood for a second, then made his way to his seat. "So. We still have a lot of paperwork, but if we work hard we can get it done in an hour."

Icky grumbled. She picked up her pen, and flipped to the next set of agreements. Something to do with positioning of tents and how certain sized things can only fit certain places. It would require drawing out where everything would be set up, and on such uneven terrain that was easily going to take more than an hour.

Manny had already started scribbling on his next paper, but Icky groaned and loathed the paperwork she was faced with. Perhaps in an effort to procrastinate, or perhaps in want of getting something out of her system, or maybe a bit of both, Icky brought something up at a volume louder than needed.

"There's still something wrong!"


"What have you seen in Marty?"

"What do you mean?"

"Inside him, Manny, what have you seen Inside him."

"Oh," Manny blinked twice. "He's hard to read."

"A ha! And why do you think that is?"

"I can compare what I read to a child. It's somewhat nebulous, like he doesn't think about himself all that often. Like he's not made much of an identity for himself, or decided on any real beliefs or ideals. I think that's fitting, coming from Wonder World. Their culture is childish indulgence. I wouldn't worry about it. Otherwise, he feels human."

"Feels human, huh?"


"Ever met anyone else from Wonder World?"

"On occasion."

"Do they really feel the way he does?"

Manny narrowed his eyes and shifted his cheeks.

"Manny, he took a soul out of a soul trap mirror."

"Hmm." Manny contemplated. "I believe that older Dr. Wondertainment models have had soul dealing involved."

"But not the new ones, their new management has written that out of their itinerary! And besides, a soul doesn't automatically equal a body, right? Where did that come from?"

Manny tightened up. "I'm not versed in soul arts. That could have been in the mirror."

"Have you heard the rumors?"

Manny sighed. "How could I not have."

"What if he's crazy, Manny? Would that account for not being able to read him?"

Manny finally stopped writing and set down his pen, looking straight ahead, thinking.


Manny exhaled in what might have been annoyance. "Some forms of madness can interfere. It's possible."

"So we're left with an ex-Wondertainment employee who showed up out of nowhere, into the middle of a show, of all things, and he seems entirely off kilter, is hard to read, rumors start that he's some kind of homicidal, and then later we learn he knows soul arts of all things. Including vessel creation. In fact, including flesh vessel creation. Where did he learn that? Why would a Wondertainment employee, who wasn't even there long enough to get a single toy out, be able to do that?"

Manny breathed out through his nose, pursed his lips, and made eye contact with Icky.

"Who was that person he said stole his idea?"

"It was a man named Brainy Brian Harding. Supposedly a big Dr. Wondertainment name."

"Anyone looked that up? Investigated it? At all?"

Manny grunted. "We don't normally do background checks, due to someone's distaste for paperwork." Icky snickered, and they shared a smile. Manny took a large breath, shifted the corners of his lips, and then picked up and waggled his pen.


Manny began to write once more. "You're absolutely right. It's suspicious. I'll look into it once we get the internet back up and running. Should occur tomorrow, if Gary's on schedule."

"Okay," Icky seemed satisfied. "Good."

She sat back down, and pulled out a pen, ready to mark up the map with all the tent locations.

Brainy and Pepper walked into the break room of Clown Alley, where only a lone girl who looked like she had just come from a day at the beach idled. Looking over her shoulder from filling her cup full of hot water for tea, her eyes widened and she pressed harder on the dispenser's button. Soon after, she rushed off behind a curtained doorway.

Brainy drooped, and Pepper patted him on the back.

"Don't worry," Brainy sighed. "I'm used to it."

The two passed through a different curtained doorway and snuck through tight hallways fitted with four cots, two on each side, each loaded with a sleeping Clown or performer. Through several similar halls, past a bathroom, and through a storage closet, Brainy and Pepper came to a row of doors that led to real, actual rooms. The one labeled 04 was Brainy's and, in the very dim lighting of a flashlight with adjustable brightness that Brainy had made himself, he fumbled the keys that Manny had given him into the lock. These quarters were honorary, and the privilege of staying in them was gifted to those who had done something substantially good for the Circus as of late. Brainy was awarded with this room after he had finished Pepper's House of Mirrors. Brainy expected that he would only have the room for this location, but after that interaction with Ringmaster Icky, Brainy was certain of it.

Brainy and Pepper filed in through the slim door, Brainy having to duck because of the low ceiling, and quietly closed the entrance. Afterwards, Brainy moseyed towards his bed and sat so he didn't have to crane his neck while standing. Pepper was perfect height for this room, though, so was able to comfortably stand upright.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be."

"I should've told them we were getting you a body. I should have waited until I had another idea for a ride, at the very least. This was stupid of me. Impulsive. I'm sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry about. I'm happy, no matter if Icky is pissy about my very existence. You don't have to worry about me. I've dealt with, like, hundred fifty years or something of people's shit. If there's anyone to worry about, it's you."

The flashlight's sole illumination of the room left only Brainy's arms and feet particularly visible, along with a sizeable stretch of brown shag carpet. "Mmm," was Brainy's only response. Thirty seconds passed in awkward silence. Brainy sniffled.

"Oh, don't tell me you're crying…"

"I'm not crying."

Brainy's hand disappeared into the darkness where his head must have been.

"It's okay, it's okay," Pepper sat down next to Brainy and rubbed his back. "You put too much credence into what others think of you."

"Image is everything," Brainy mumbled in automatic response.

"Look, tomorrow she'll have calmed down and we can handle this like adults. She's just gonna throw a fit because this wasn't what was planned, but we're not going anywhere. It'll be fine."

Brainy sniffed. "You really think so?"

"I do."

Brainy spent a calming moment allowing Pepper to just rub his back. The repetitive tactile motion slowly brought Brainy down to a normal energy level once more. Or, at least close. He wiped his nose with his hand, wiped his hand on the scratchy wool blanket, and then felt for his lunchbox on the shelf nearest him. He knew he had left it there, but he didn't remember where. It took a much larger lean than he had expected to finally fondle a cold metal impression in the dark. After acquiring his lunchbox, Brainy opened it and pulled out a turkey sandwich. Along with it, a bottle of purple pills, labeled "Emergency Clown Impulse Suppressant". Pepper stiffened at the sight of it. Brainy took two pills out, popped them in his mouth, and then bit a large mouthful of sandwich.

Pepper's reassuring rubbing stopped, and she slowly lowered her hand.

"Mmm?" Brainy managed through a sandwich. After swallowing, "something wrong?"

"Nothing, Brian. It's nothing"

Brainy fondled the pill bottle, and then set it back inside his box. "It's okay. I don't like me either."

"No, Brainy, it's not that." Pepper sat with her hands on her knees. "I like you."

"There's nothing about me to like."

"There's plenty about you to like."

"I'm scum," Brainy's voice cracked, "I'm the worm in the apple, and people revolt when they bite into me."

"No, that's just not true. Brainy, you are the shiny apple. These pills keep you that shiny apple. That worm isn't you. It's just in you. You're a benefit to everyone, everywhere you go. You made great toys, you'll make great rides, and the circumstances under which everything started getting fucky weren't under your control. You were fine. You are fine. And I…" Pepper swallowed her words. "I've known people who have done much, much worse, and in full control of their mental faculties. You're nowhere near them, Brian. You're much better than that."

Brainy didn't respond, but was shaking. He was leaning on his elbows now, and the flashlight had fallen to the floor, uncooperatively illuminating a small section of shelf where Brainy kept his shoes.

"You care, you mean well, and you help people. Whenever you can, you help people. Not even okay people do that. That's a good guy move. You're the good guy."

"I-I'm th-h-e bad gu-uy…"

"You are the good guy. You came into my life, cared even though I pushed you away, like I sometimes do with people, and then you built me a house, gave me books to read, gave me mobility and a sense of freedom, and then you gave me a body. A real, actual body, and I still can't believe it. You made me feel. Sure, like, feel things, emotionally, positively, for which it had been a while, but you made me… feel, actually feel things." Pepper wrapped her arms around Brainy's midriff, to which Brainy flinched. "Damn it, look what you've done. Now we're both crying. Nice going."

Brainy hiccuped what could have been a sunken laugh.

After about three minutes of Pepper holding Brainy, he finally began to stop shaking. It was more akin to shuddering, at this point. Every once in a while, Brainy would let out a gasp for air, and then shudder, and then he'd stop shaking for a little bit. This lasted until the flashlight turned off on its own, as Brainy had built in an automatic timer for it as long as no one was holding it. He had a knack for the small things in products.

"You shouldn't trust me."

"I trust you."

"I'm not worth trusting."

Pepper only gave him a squeeze.

"I trust you."

Another location was closing. This time the role of janitor was shared between people as it had always been, so Brainy was helping pack up the haunted house. He was precariously leaning over the edge of the roof to unscrew some of the windows that were unreachable from the inside. Pepper had been pulled aside by a very excited Lolly earlier, so Brainy was left with the same crew who had helped him put the house up in the first place. Dr. Tinkles was one of them, and he had given him a new bottle of pills early that morning. Brainy was still nervous about his next interactions with Icky and Manny, but Pepper had consoled him well enough to let him push the thoughts aside for the moment.

Laying down on metal in the direct heat of the sun was making Brainy sluggish and sweaty. The noise of the Circus was like a bomb continuously going off. Voices, power tools, metal and wooden clanking, the engines of the trailers driving around and picking materials up… animal grunts from the petting zoo, not to mention some elephant noises from the pens where they keep their non-humanoid performers. It had started early that morning and had been going for two hours by now.

It reminded Brainy of the reorganization of Wonder Tower. The Candy Catalysts' big boom in workers required more office space, and, unlike how some people think, extradimensional space doesn't just pop out of thin air. It's especially difficult — not to mention dangerous — to put extradimensional space inside of extradimensional spaces, like Wonder World!™. People weren't allowed to know where Wonder World!™ really was on Earth, but it was a poorly kept secret that Wonder World!™ wasn't in its own dimension. If Wonder World!™ were to entirely relocate, perhaps a whole dimension would have been made for it, but too much time and effort had been put into the current location. It would have to be an emergency for Wonder World!™ to try and do something as cataclysmic as relocate, and it would take magic and Wonder that even Wonder World!™ wasn't capable of to make a space into its own dimension.

And that's why the Candy Catalysts' offices had to be built as a new addition to Wonder Tower, and the logistics of making all that happen required help beyond just the Builder Bullies' abilities. Brainy remembered having to share the Toy Tinker offices with some Candy Catalysts, the constant in and out of Bullies, and the interminable sounds of those who were working away at expanding the Tower just next door. It's now become a staple of the Wonder World!™ skyline to include the small bump on the side of Wonder Tower that is the Candy Catalyst offices. Some less-than-nice people called it the "Candy Catalyst Cyst". Brainy didn't much appreciate that name. He knew some people who worked there, and that was just disrespectful.


Brainy perked up. In the crowd, at the edge of the clearing made for Pepper's House of Mirrors, Brainy spotted the violet highlights and black hair that marked an inbound Icky. Several steps behind her strode the suited up Manny, walking at a notably slower pace. Brainy tossed the screwdriver and screws he was holding into a small plastic bin that was at risk of melting on the searing metal roof. Brainy then clambered onto the ladder to get down to ground level. Brushing some of the dust off himself, Brainy made eye contact with a Ringmaster whose steps were large and eyes were glowing bright enough to be noticed even in daylight.

"Uh… morning, Icky, how may I help you?"

"Morning, Brainy."

Brainy's eyes widened, jaw dropped, and heart skipped a beat.

"B-Brainy? Gah!"

Icky picked Brainy up by the throat and pushed him against the hot shell of Pepper's House of Mirrors. Brainy kicked and flailed, attempting to choke out something, anything, but was finding himself unable to breathe.

"Your first mistake was kidnapping kids."

Brainy ground his teeth, and intermittently opened and closed his mouth.

"Your second mistake was killing them!"

Icky slammed Brainy's head through a protruding steel bar.

"And your third mistake was choosing to hide your pedophilic, creepy ass in the safe haven of the Circus!"

Icky kicked Brainy so hard in the stomach that he felt like vomiting, but the bile couldn't come up through his throat due to how hard Icky was squeezing it.

Through his slowly fading vision, Brainy could make out Manny calmly walking into view.

"I had high hopes for you, Brian. This is disappointing, to say the least."

And then it was all black.

"Great," thought Brainy to himself. "So this is how I go. Plan B failed. And I don't have another body — I spent all the time that I could have spent making a third body making Pepper one. So that's off the table. And my vision's already gone, so I only have a couple more fleeting seconds of consciousness left in me anyways. This'll be interesting. Time to die for real! Yay…

"Well, let's look on the bright side.

"I probably deserve this.

"No, more than probably. I definitely deserve this. This is fully deserved. I'd love to say that I died without regrets, but there were many regrets. Many.

"One, should have handled the Polly situation better.

"Two, should have taken my meds.

"Three, dear lord I shouldn't have done anything I did past not taking my meds.

"And four, they're right. I shouldn't have tried to hide my fugitive self in their Circus. That was putting them in undue danger.

"But hey! There are things I liked about my life. Let's see… all my toys. I wonder if Jelly Whale Emperor ever got made. If it wasn't finished before I died, it probably won't have been finished. Not if Wondertainment figured out what happened to me. Or what I did. They wouldn't honor someone as disgusting as me by making my toy design after my supposed death. They're classier than that.

"I miss 3T.

"I miss Judy.

"I'm gonna miss Pepper. I really liked her. Plus, she was pretty cute. I'm pretty sure I'm pretty cute too. Ahh, I'm gonna miss doing my facepaint. That made me feel really cute. And dressing up in my purple and tiger striped suit! That felt great.

"But I get it. I did horrible things. I did horrible things most people would not do, for certain. I hurt people who I haven't even met because I was thinking only about myself. So I deserve this. Sweet release, take me away…"

"Why haven't I died yet?"

"Oh don't friggin' kid me like this. Summon lollipop."

"Play my favorite song?"

"Okay, so, not in my headspace? Come on! I can't always cheat death! What's going on?"

Sounding almost like whispers, somewhere in the distance, "why isn't he dead yet?"

And somewhere else, even further, a voice like Tinkles rung, "it must be the emergency clown impulse suppressant! it's making him more clown-like, and thus stronger!"

"More Clown-like?"

"oh fine, i'll just snap his neck."


"here goes nothing."


"and a 1, and a 2, and a 3…"

"Oh, this is just ridiculous."

Brainy's eyes shot open to see Icky still seething with her hands around Brainy's neck. But this time, Brainy had a plan. Brainy grabbed the steel pipe from before, wrenched it out of the side of the haunted house, and rammed it into Icky's ribs. Icky sputtered as the air was knocked out of her lungs. Brainy gasped as the grip on his neck was loosened and fell to the ground. But Icky wasn't out for long.

Brainy rolled out of the way of a dirt flinging punch, and jumped to his feet. Brainy began instinctively to sprint, but was met with a small crowd of Circus Freaks who pushed him back into the ring with Icky. With stunning fear, Brainy realized that they had been surrounded, and he was stuck with the crazed Clown leader. Heh, Ringmaster. He was stuck in a ring of people with the Ringmaster. Brainy thought that was funny.

But he was brought back to reality by a foot to his face.

Brainy stumbled back into the crowd, who once again pushed him towards Icky, who landed a punch straight to his groin.

"Just fucking die already!"

Icky reeled back, practically winding up her fist for a finishing blow on Brainy when —


Icky blinked thrice, rubbed her head, and almost lost her balance. "Wha… hu, what did…?"


A Pepper rushed out of the crowd, carrying Brainy's prototype Silly Sling — a little something he was working on, which was sure to make any meany more lighthearted and fun. However, in its unfinished state, it seemed to only leave people dazed and confused. Lucky coincidence? No matter, Pepper pulled Brainy to his feet, and an awestruck crowd barely even moved.

"Brian, come on, get to it! We haven't got all day!" Pepper slapped him hard across the cheek. "This thing doesn't last long, come on!"

Brainy shook himself conscious. Pepper took him by the hand, and they ran in the direction that Pepper came in.

Manny only looked at the immobile crowd in disbelief.

"Really? Just going to stand there?"

The Freaks exchanged glances with each other. No, they weren't just going to stand there. A loud "raaah!" absorbed the airspace, and soon a mob of Clowns, Freaks, and even some animals were chasing after the pair of wrongdoers.

"Where are we going, Pepper?!"

"I don't know! I hadn't thought this far!! Where should we go?"


Somewhere behind the crowd the chilling scream of Icky reached the frantic fugitives. Rounding corners, passing tents, passing the bewildered looks of those who were still doing their jobs and hadn't witnessed the scene in front of the haunted house, Brainy searched his head for a quick solution.

"Wonder World! Tee emm! I can open a Way!"

"Then what are you waiting for?! Do it!!"

"Clearance code four-six-two-oh,
Round and round and round we go —"

Pepper and Brainy could feel rocks reaching their backs.

"— A poem kept in utter secret
Shame on you if you should speak it —"

A gunshot rung from behind and the bullet stuck into a wooden pole on their left. Icky came into view from around a tent ahead, bolting straight towards them.

"— Wanting just to go away,
Open a Wonder World Way!"

Brainy and Pepper were surrounded in candy colored light before vanishing into glitter and confetti.

The crowd skid to a stop, and grunted in confusion and anger.

"Damn it!" Icky kicked at the sparkly spot that they had left.

Manny calmly strolled up towards the place where they had left, squatted down, and inspected. After rubbing away the pixie dust and knocking twice on the ground, he seemed satisfied. "Looks like they opened a Way and closed it just as quickly."

"Back to Wonder World?"

"Seems like it."

"Augh. Well, at least they aren't our problem anymore." Icky sighed deeply. "God… damn it. Alright everybody, back to work!"

The crowd moaned and slunk back to their respective jobs. That was guaranteed to be the most exciting thing that happened all day, and it lasted a little less than five minutes. Disappointing, really. But the Circus went back to its usual cycles. The next location was sure to be a big boon, anyways, so that would be a lively week.

"Alright, Manny, if you could procure the list?"

"I had it ready in preparation."


Manny handed Icky a clipboard that contained a yellowed and torn piece of paper.

Enemies of Herman Fuller The Circus Of The Disquieting

  1. P.T. Barnum Barnum & Bailey's Ringling Bros. Circus Defunct.
  2. Her His Majesty's Royal Foundation for the Study of Curiosities and Phantasmagoria Absorbed into the modern Essie P.
  3. The American Secure Containment Initiative See above.
  4. Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood.
  5. Orville Reed Deceased.
  6. The Essie P.
  7. The Insurgent Sea.
  8. Robert Ripley Deceased.
  9. Magic Mobsters.
  10. The Library Truce with them and the Serpent's Hand restored after Fuller's departure.
  11. Orville Reed Junior Deceased.
  12. The Axis Powers Technically defunct, but be wary of resurgent Nazism.
  13. The Geo Sea.
  14. The Groupie Soviet Essies, defunct.
  15. The Islamic Union of Eastern Samothrace.
  16. Jeffrey Hubble No, that was hilarious.
  17. The City of Adytum. (Sarkics in general are to be regarded with suspicion)
  18. Orville Reed the Third Deceased.
  19. Davenport Chamber of Commerce.
  20. The Public Domain Protection Service.
  21. The You Eye You. (Technically never caused us any harm, but who knows, they might get lucky one day)
  22. The Chattanooga Film Society.
  23. ☽☽☽ Initiative.
  24. The Necromancer Barons of Undervast.
  25. The Underground House of Habsburg.
  26. The Olive Oil Merchant in Alagadda.
  27. The King of Hy-Brasil Deceased.
  28. Doctor Wondertainment Lawsuit over Little Misters was settled out of court.
  29. Those paragombolers with the stupid name. YWTGTHFT, wasn't it?
  30. Extra-Universal Smoking Solutions.
  31. Doctor Spanko.
  32. Emcee D Truce with them restored after Fuller's departure.
  33. The Black Rabbit Company. (You cannot blame me for trying to score with Japanese cyborg cat girl quintuplets)
  34. The Ire Ess.
  35. Orville Reed IV. (Oreos aren't Canadian! What is with this family?!)
  36. Tim Wilson of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions. Really nice dude, differences set aside.
  37. Garber Gore. (Al Gore is okay though)
  38. Westboro Baptist Church.
  39. Ruiz Duchamp.
  40. Herman Fuller.
  41. The Geo Pea.
  42. The Tall Bees. Lolly, don't add entries please XOXO
  43. dado. (Do not buy pills from this asshole!)
  44. Wondertron 9000TM.
  45. Gunmetal Gary.
  46. Moon Champion, Champion of the Moon, Defender of Space Justice.

"Purple pen, please?"

Manny handed Icky her signature shade, and she made the following addition:

47. Brainy Brian Harding.

In some hallway, in some building somewhere, a well dressed representative had just come back from their stay at the Circus to give a report to his bosses, and he brought with him some perplexing news.

Someone had made a body, and transferred a soul into it? That… was really interesting. In all of Victor Chan's career, he'd heard only a few things about vessel creation and soul arts. Everything pointed to them being extremely difficult, and extremely rare. Especially flesh vessel creation. Especially cosmetically pleasing flesh vessel creation.

Marshall, Carter & Dark were going to have to hear about this. Victor figured they'd be very excited to know.

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