Death and the Doctors Hub
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Death is not the greatest of evils: rather, it is to wish to die when one cannot.


In the beginning, there was death. Then, and forever after. As creation's most ancient of beings, there are very few things the Brothers Death do not entirely understand.

Oddly enough, one such thing are their own creations.

Born from mass grave at a time of plague, the Children of the Barrow forever owe their allegiance to Death, they who gave them life.

Born from conflict and into conflict, the Children of the Barrow seek always to create a world without it. A world where they would no longer be needed.

Born with skill in medicine and healing, the Children of the Barrow name themselves plague doctors, a name fitting for more than one reason. For each plague they cure, another is brought forth from their very existence.

The Children of the Barrow wish only to heal, but the Brothers Death may have other plans for them.

As does life.

Mainline tales (written by Dmatix):

  1. Three Short Scenes About Death
  2. Therapy
  3. Painless
  4. Surgery
  5. Pathology (coming soon)
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