Daylight Come
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"Hey Mista Tallyman, tally me banana. Daylight come, and me wan' go home. Day, me say day, me say day, me say day, me say day, me say day-ay-o. Daylight come, and me wan' go home."

The little girl shivered and drew her blankets closer to her. Singing sometimes helped, but today it just made her feel even more lonely than usual.

She missed the sun. In fact, she kind of missed everything. Mom, dad, her brother…

"I never shoulda let him dare me to go up the stairs," she murmured to herself.

Maybe she could try again to find the exit today…

The little girl shook her head. It was a silly thought, especially today. Her last flashlight had finally run out of batteries a little while ago. She was out of food and everything, and it didn't seem like she would find any more anytime soon. It's not like she ever got anywhere when she tried, anyways. There was always just more and more stairs, stairs up, stairs down, stairs where the door used to be…

"Yeah, um, it's just a dirty, concrete wall. There's like nothing on it. No, wait. It's a little bit sticky right here."

The girl's head snapped up, even though she knew she wouldn't see anything. Someone was coming in! Oh yes, yes! A grin as wide as the platform she sat on stretched across her face.

"Hey! Please, please help me! I'm scared, come get me! Hurry!"

She screamed and pleaded at the top of her lungs, quickly degrading down into incoherent sobbing. With every growing moment, she felt the darkness getting heavier and heavier. In between cries, the girl heard slow but steady footsteps echoing through the stairwell.

After hours and hours of this, a piercing scream halted her sobbing.

He found her.

The even rhythm of the footsteps became a frantic cascade of thumping and yelling. The child started crying and begging once again as she heard the form get gradually closer. A bouncing light, illuminating random patches of stairs preceded the fleeing woman. She was trying to look over her shoulder when she finally made it down to the crying girl.

The girl reached out with a single bladed finger and cleanly sliced the woman's head off. The featureless creature caught it in his hands and stared at it while the child picked up the flood lamp, and examined the prey. Nice and plump. She nodded towards him, and he smashed the equipment.

"Thank you so much, mister. I don't know how I'd survive without you."

The face appeared to nod, then slunk back into the darkness. The little girl's eye was still adjusting to the light, but she was so hungry that she started using one of her right hands to haphazardly slice the body into sections though her vision was obscured. First, the arms. Then, the legs. Then the rest. As she prepared her food for the next few weeks, the child continued singing the song she had learned from that one little human that came down here oh so long ago.

"Six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch."

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