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Notice from the SCP Foundation Administrator

If you can read this, you are one of us. It matters not whether you are a civilian, stumbling upon this in your efforts to survive. We are not concerned if you count yourself a member of a rival organization, trying to make sense of the madness and protect the ones you love. We welcome you if you are something more than human, if only you can forgive our transgressions against your kind. The secrecy. The petty squabbles. The censorship of chaos in service of control. It is over.

To those who count themselves among the privileged few to survive the solar singularity, so too can you count yourself a member of the SCP Foundation. Welcome aboard.

- The Administrator


Greetings, traveler. I am the AIC Leonidas. Welcome to the resistance.

In case you've been living under a rock, which may actually be the case if you've made it this far; it may be best to start from the beginning. This file contains all the information you need to know. Don't ask how we got it.


Here you will find data and personal accounts from fellow survivors chronicling the current Daybreak scenario. If you have anything to contribute, we'd be happy to archive any information you're willing to share.


We still aren't sure what exactly caused the sun to change the way it has. There are multiple theories, though. As they are proposed we will catalogue them here.


How will it all end? Will it ever be possible to return to normalcy? Nothing can ever be certain. Should anyone be able to answer this question, we will do our duty and share it here.


Some stories of Armageddon lie in places outside the bounds of this collection. To ensure that you understand the full scope of the calamity, we will collect these files here.


There is beauty in all things, death and destruction notwithstanding. Here, you will find pieces of art inspired by our current predicament. If nothing else, it gives you humans something pretty to look at before your untimely — and likely painful — demise.

Artwork of the Apocalypse

by Noirias

by Agente Shuffle

by u/itsashittystory

by u/B4N4B4N

by Pedro Guerra

by Julian Rodriguez

by u/deadspace123

by SeaCat2401

by milo / keetz

by SunnyClockwork

by uncle-nemes1s

by Blake3

by SCPIllustrated

by Julian Rodriguez

by coyocoya

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