Personnel Evaluation File - David Rosen
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Often described as "inconsequential at best", there is little reason to regard David Rosen at all. Assigned job since 2012 has been to perform user-level Information Technology Support at Site-19. Competency level is debatable, Rosen is not believed to be proficient with any technologies he is certified in. However, this has not been proven and given his perfect attendance record there is no urgent need to replace him.

Effectiveness has been uneven. Although machines and devices sent directly to his office are repaired within hours, logs on the Technical Support Request Line often go unheeded. While this may appear to be highly unprofessional, many of the requests to the Technical Support Request Line violate Foundation protocols and, as such, are technically not counted against Rosen for the purposes of his performance reviews. This has played a large part in his continued employment.

Rosen is believed to live out of his office, which has been evaluated as one of the filthiest on record for any personnel in the history of the SCP Foundation. Every inch of floor space is covered by various PC parts dating back to the early 1970's.

It is required to wear a dust mask before entering the office. The combination of body odor and lithium grease odors has been considered for use as a scent-based deterrent.

Rosen is haunted by the memory of his predecessor. System Analyst Patrick Gephart disappeared mysteriously on July 29th, 2011. Since then, Rosen has filed no less than 412 reports indicating he believes Gephart is stalking him or otherwise attempting to undermine him in his Technical Research position.

While Rosen has not been able to provide proof of any physical encounters with Gephart, it is notable that no evidence has been found that Gephart exited Site-19 at any date after his on-site disappearance. Further investigation is to be undertaken as necessary to calm Rosen down.

Known associate of Dr. Veritas


Portrait Sketch

Technology Researcher

Level 2 (Restricted)

Posting Location(s)

Psychological Profile Summary (2014):
Time blindness

Known Relations:
Dr. Tim Taylor (Supervisor)
Dr. Blaire Roth (Psychiatrist)
Rsr. Patrick Gephart(Predecessor)
Agent Convit(Tormentor)

Attitude Category:

David. A regal name unfit for your crass stupidity.

Pat on the back. Kudos. Thinking those silent screams inside your chest that won't stop refusing to stop fearing a dead man's slapping flesh. Consuming everything behind your already-hollow eyes. Emptying your brains for more prying room. We're coming through the rotten gaps in your brittle teeth.

Remembering you David? They're hardly thinking about you. Noising inside until you're not thinking about you either. Go ahead.

I open your mouth and scream

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