Dr. Naismith's Personnel File
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Name: Dr. Lisle Murgatroyd Naismith

Security Clearance: Level 4

Position: Director of Site-59

Educational Background: PhD in Waterfowl Biology, University of Chicago.1

History: Dr. Naismith joined the Foundation in 2002 as a Site-59 commissary associate, after a letter of recommendation from D-49915 (known as Cletus Naismith during his incarceration).

Following the accidental2 food poisoning death of Director Marcus Japheth, Assistant Director Isaiah Henderson promoted Dr. Naismith to a level 3 researcher's post.

Despite numerous citations for consumption of alcohol during work hours, Dr. Naismith quickly made a name for himself as a handsome reliable asset to the Foundation through Dr. Henderson's mentorship. Dr. Naismith assumed the position of site director following Dr. Henderson's demotion during Incident-2337-Red.3

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