Dark Stuff for Sleepless Nights

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Heya heya heya! I'm DarkStuffDarkStuff, as might be blindingly obvious given the CSS and the title. I'll make this intro short. I have been commissioned by nosleepnosleep to make creepypastas at a regular rate. His specifications are that I make them based on singular mainlist SCPs, and that they can work as standalone articles. They're for his YouTube Channel, Dr. SCP, for him and his team to add narration, animation, and sound to. To be transparent, it's not content I would consume, but what do I care? It's giving me a great reason to write weekly spooOOOOoooky stories, and I am having a ton of fun with it.

So really, there isn't anything else to say here. This is obviously where I am going to collect them all, so that someone who wants to read my creepypastas can use this hub to find them. Due to the (ahem, ostensibly) weekly nature of this arrangement, expect this hub to grow rather fast. As long as this arrangement holds up, this is eventually going to become a pretty large part of my authorship.

Note from the Future: This well ran dry, so this is as big as this hub is getting! Still an interesting little thing that happened, and it yielded this fun branded CSS I'll be sure to put to use somewhere in the future. It's stylish! Okay, now. Ciao!

Soooo… here you are! In reverse chronological order:

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