Dark Side Discography
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A tale series about the Foundation, its sinister dark-side doppelganger, eclipses (literal and figurative), witches, faeries (literal and figurative), the women's restroom of the Philadelphia Public Library, and four teenagers running for their lives.

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[+50] [] Breathe [10 comments]

It wasn't until later that she realized that he wasn't unbreakable. No one was. Sunny was just really, really good at hiding the cracks.

[+52] [] On the Run [7 comments]

The Foundation is in a race against its own irrelevance, Agent O'Hara. And we're losing.

[+53] [] Time (Reprise) [15 comments]

» didnt anyone tell you the internet is haunted

[+35] [] The Great Gig in the Sky [5 comments]

For the first time, she does not feel angry or scared. For the first time, she lets herself think: Maybe they can make this crazy thing work. Maybe everything will be all right.

[+42] [] Us and Them [13 comments]

— and Rook closes his eyes, holds the unconscious Sunny tight, and prays that maybe — just maybe — everything will be —


[+41] [] Money [2 comments]

Shoot me an email. We'll talk stock options.

[♬] Any Colour You Like
[♬] Brain Damage
[♬] Eclipse
[♬] Shine On You Crazy Diamonds

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