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Sic itur ad astra

Hector Canvera seeks enlightenment among the stars.
He must not succeed.
Only the crew of the
Joyeuse can stop him.

Written by GreenWolf, TyGently, and ch00bakka


A secret space race of unimaginable significance.
The fate of two planets hangs in the balance.
And the other side has a head start.

1. Stairway To The StarsBy ch00bakka
Moving to space together is usually fourth date material.

2. Harvester of EyesBy TyGently
Your Blood Is Your Own.
Do Not Nourish The Earth.

3. Workshop of the TelescopesBy GreenWolf and TyGently
Memos from the Damocles Working Group Regarding a Confection-Based Black Hole Feed System

4. SCP-6523 — The Machine (ISV Joyeuse)By GreenWolf
The Joyeuse will arrive at Alula Borealis in 400 years.
It will not return.


The journey has begun.
Two vessels cross the void between stars.
Will they reach their destination intact?

5. Fire of Unknown OriginBy ch00bakka, GreenWolf, and TyGently
In order to begin their voyage, the crew of the Joyeuse must first set off the largest explosion in human history.

6. Burnin' For YouBy ch00bakka, GreenWolf, and TyGently
The Joyeuse catches a black hole, takes a pitstop at Pluto, and sets off into the darkness for good.

After & Aside

In another time, another place,
a new chronicle is written across the stars.

Secure Planet Dossier: Site Anvil — An interstellar colonization effort seeks to safeguard humanity from total destruction. Ideally, humanity will never find out. By GreenWolf and TyGently

A detailed engineering diagram of the ISV Joyeuse.

The Players

Quintessence Aerospace — Private spaceflight company. Billionaire's vanity project. Actually a Fifthist star-cult. Built the starship Quincunx to find God the number five aliens.

Damocles Initiative — Independent joint agency of the Foundation and the GOC. Operates the interstellar vessel Joyeuse. Tasked with intercepting and neutralizing the Quincunx.

Department of Interstellar Containment (SCPF) — Foundation contingent of the Damocles Initiative. Responsible for maintenance of the drive system, as well as other engineering, scientific, and containment duties aboard the Joyeuse.

Taskforce for Interstellar Threats (UNGOC) — GOC detachment of the Damocles Initiative. Responsible for the ship's weapon systems, as well as most combat and security functions. Includes numerous specialists in thaumatology and other parascientific disciplines.

The Places

Earth — You are here.

Space — Very big. Very empty.

(532) Herculina — The eleventh most massive object in the main asteroid belt. Site of an abandoned Prometheus Labs research facility. Automated defenses make close approach hazardous. Believed to contain a small black hole created by Prometheus Labs.

Farpoint Station — GOC Forward Operating Base located on Pluto. Used for secure storage of major parathreats which cannot be terminated. Monitoring outpost for the Deep Space Warning System.

Alula Borealis — A K3III class orange giant star, located approximately 400 light years from the Earth's Sun.

The People

Hector Canvera — Deranged billionaire. Fifth-richest man in the world Richest man in space. Founder and CEO of Quintessence Aerospace. Member of the Fifth Church.

Jessica Fordyce — Director of the Department of Interstellar Containment. Previously a Special Liaison to the GOC. In a relationship with Michelle Dahl.

Michelle Dahl — Commander of the Taskforce for Interstellar Threats. AKA Iphegenia Masonbane, Emeritus Oecumenicus Volgi of the Ancient Noble Order of the Gormogons.

Hiram Douglas — Captain of the Joyeuse. Former submarine captain and test pilot for Prometheus Labs. The only person ever trained to fly a black hole starship.

Song Jin-ho — Chief Engineer of the Joyeuse. Primary designer and supervisor of the Antoinette Machine. Was the Principal Investigator for the Foundation's compact fusion reactor research.

Leila Wikström — Chief Medical Officer of the Joyeuse. Leading expert in cybernetics and medical prostheses. A Servant of the Silicon Nornir. Served on the Medical Board of Eurtec.

Lilith Thornton — Chief Thaumaturge of the Joyeuse. Emeritus Professor and former Chair of Multiversal Studies at ICSUT Zurich. Has a Library card.

Tiffany Tiffany — Vice-Captain of the Joyeuse, executive officer of Hiram Douglas. Former naval aviator in the United States Navy, current Atlantean. Consulted for a post-Prometheus Pentagram think tank.

Phoebe Harlan — Second Engineer of the Joyeuse. Responsible for maintenance of the Darius-Semiz singularity drive. Was a supervising researcher for the Foundation's materials science program.

Anton Orlov — Commander of Mobile Task Force Psi-1 ("Redshirts"). Former GRU-P Spetsnaz officer. Led operations against Scarlet Hammer underneath Siberia. Frequent participant in joint GRU-P/Foundation actions.

Pierre Duval — Leader of Strike Team 2112 ("Starship Troopers"). Warlock of the United Church of Satan, Scientist. Doctorates in Theology and Philosophy. Practitioner of combat epistemology.

Laszlo Sarkany — Deputy Chief Thaumaturge of the Joyeuse. Archmagus Emeritus of the Scholomance and former member of the Council of 108. Definitely ancient, ambiguously European.

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