Daisy the Clown
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I remember vaguely the sea of wheat I laid in the day I died.

It was hot, and the wind whispered through the waves of gold. I panted. The heat drained me. My bones ached as I stood up, I couldn't see over the sea. Yet, I knew the path back to the farmhouse. My whiteface felt hot from the beating heat from the sun, and my breathing was labored. I was old for a clown.

I remember when I was first adopted my ringmasters were strict, but loving. My mama, the lady ringmaster, cuddled with me sometimes in my tent. As a pup, her heartbeat soothed me. She later bought me a toy that had its own heart beat.

When I was older, sometimes late at night, she'd smell bitter. Crying, she crawled into my tent like when I was younger.

She cuddled with me weeping, "Daisy! How I love you! You'll never betray me!"

My ringmasters had a son who went to some far away place when I was still a pup. He came home one winter, and gave me a little of the bitter. It felt warm, and I felt…free? Zooming around the house, I honked, yipped, and played magic tricks with him.

As a pup, I wanted all the attention; I wanted to play. Whenever my ringmasters left to go somewhere, I rolled around on their shoes. Making goofy faces, I wanted them to stay and play with me!

One summer, in the middle of my age, the son had come back to visit again. The ringmasters' daughters played in a variety of games. Whenever the son drove them to their games, he drove me too.

He asked, "Hey girl! Do you want to go for a ride?"

I jumped in the back seat, honking happily.

"You're so cute!" he cooed.

His grandmother, lady ringmaster, and him used to joke about how the son was "Driving Miss Daisy".

Who is this other Daisy?

These memories passed my mind as I meandered through the golden sea, desperately trying to find my way back to the farmhouse and my ringmasters.

One night the son cried so hard. He smashed his face into the kitchen floor. My ringmasters tried to soothe the son. The son couldn't stop crying, and yelling.

A square car with flashing lights came to take the son away. He had been gone for a long time.

When he came back, he pulled suitcases and bags out of his room.

He said to the ringmasters, "I know I'm not welcome here."

The ringmasters wept asking him not to go. Go where? I thought. I watched him with begging eyes.

Take me on another ride! I thought.

He looked into my eyes. His eyes were wet, and puffy.

"I love you Daisy. I'll miss you," he hugged me, and walked out the door.

I would never see him again.

I panted, my mouth was dry. The sun beat down on me. I had to make my way back to the farmhouse. I broke through the sea of gold, and saw my younger sister Duchess racing around the house with Bridget. She was the youngest daughter of the ringmasters. She giggled joyfully while playing chase. Neither of them noticed me hobbling up the farmhouse stairs.

Mama opened the front door as I hobbled up, "Oh hello Daisy! Be a good girl and get inside! It's too hot for you!"

I collapsed on the doorstep.

The smile drained from her face.

She pulled me inside, "Oh no, oh no, oh no," she mumbled to herself.

My breathing labored, I tried to comfort my lady.

"Trevor!" she yelled the ringmaster's name, "Daisy's dying!" tears fell from her eyes.

I tried to sit up to comfort my lady. I wheezed.

"No, no, no, sweetheart. It's OK. Lay down with your toy," she laid down, and cuddled me.

I felt her heartbeat and the toy's heartbeat.

The ringmaster ran up from the basement. He saw me and the lady laying on the floor.

Never I saw the ringmaster cry.

He kneeled beside me, and pet my head, "You're a good girl. You've been such a good girl to this family."

I smiled, and wheezed. Shivering, I tried to sit up to comfort my ringmaster. My body wouldn't move. My eyes closed, I gave one last sigh.

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