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The information contained within this file cannot be authenticated with 100% certainty, due to the anomalous nature of content. As with all atemporal retrocausal anomalies, a healthy skepticism is recommended when discussing or researching the information on the Daevas.

If, in reviewing this file, you notice inaccuracies or discrepancies with baseline reality, please report to your on-Site RAISA representative.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA


Suraune šue liomao aok saxáṭe tiálḳ urdaleva
Aifš Ueṭaeiáš
Mašeza mazxaehn sáppone xiábbeátau aiktuesae

This is the furthest place the War-Empress, Great Ueṭaeiáš, marched to in her conquest
But the true borders of Her Empire
Know no ends

- Old Daevite inscription, discovered near Turpan, China in 1987.


Derivatives of Daevic glyphs representing SCP-2140.

The Daevite Empire was an ancient civilization that began in south-central Siberia and eventually stretched throughout Central Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. The Empire represented a stratified society structured around systemic slavery, military conquest through various anomalous means, ancestor worship, ritualized human sacrifice and widespread usage of thaumaturgical practices.

The history of the Daevite Empire is nebulous, and awash with mystery. Archaeological evidence supports their existence beginning circa 10,000 BCE, but the termination point of the civilization’s control over their territory varies wildly. This unclear timeline is primarily the result of SCP-140, a book entitled “A Chronicle of the Daevas” which has the anomalous effect of retroactive temporal causality. Readers of the book are compelled to add additional material using any liquid, including the reader’s own blood.


An instance of SCP-140.

With each addition to the story contained within the Chronicle, history is retroactively changed to compensate. Previous review of SCP-140 reflected that the Daevas were eventually defeated by the Chinese general Qin Kai in the third century BCE. This defeat led to the eventual genocide of all Daevas and the crumbling of the Empire. But as a result of subsequent containment breaches involving SCP-140, new material has been added which describes survivors regrouping and migrating to another region of central Siberia, rebuilding their empire steadily, and continuing to advance culturally and technologically. At present, the empire is described as having finally been crushed by Genghis Khan during the early period of his conquests, although the fates of many important persons and several cities remain ambiguous.

It is important to understand that by the very nature of SCP-140, the history of the Daeva has changed numerous times. What history we can read about the development of their Empire must be taken in scholarly skepticism, if only because of the atemporal nature of the Daevas’ cultural development.

Through the research and containment of other anomalies related to the Daevas, the Foundation has found numerous pieces of evidence that the cultural remains of this Empire have survived into modernity.

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