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hello yes u have reached dado house of fine pharmaceutical also laundry and tan. please also visit dado short term loan and vhs rental store while in town.

yes i am dado of course purveyor of fine dado business. pls forgive spelling error hamster is often walk about the keyboard and lkuglkjm;olfbjkinjuk hamstr

oh u r interest in see cat log of valuable remedy? yes i show this 2 u. dado has what fixes the ails in u. pls see cat log below. again sry for any mispells, dado uppercase key broke.

dado fine product cat log

discreet banana radiation kill u pill by djkorkter

yes this medicine not so much medicine as much as it is pill to make banana and also kill u. very effective treatment for ailment that is life.

pill for what make the people old and horny by dejaycamper

hmmm dado is watch television and see commercial with the old peoples in bathtub and think "people old and people horny do the raw dog" so dado make medicine to do the old and horny.

clean out the poop chute pill by dojerkrampus

dado is hear many people say "world is shit" so dado is think, "how is dado help world clean up the shit?" fortunately dado is very clever so make the poop removal pill yes.

sleepy time snooze em up pill by captinkeby

dado appreciate good snooze and so when man say "want the good snooze pill" dado is say "i have already made for u yes". this good medicine for make the long z.

dado laundry and tan place by stromboli

wat? this not pill. this is dado fine capitalism business. not 4 sale. u make order here tho call 1-800-iam-dado for good medicine and also laundry and tan.

pill of multitude of rabit by thee sherbert

sad little girl is have hare loss so dado is do good service and supply with many hare. only take if u r child and also have no hare. if u big and have hare then oh no u get the shaft.

juice what for energy by dr corncob

many people are say "dado u r stale" or "dado u r derivative". so dado says hmm, and dado release new line of energy drink for populace. best energy drink on market, good for bones.

dado present: dr playtime kit for the kiddos ft. dr. wondertainman by uncbriel jadolini

dr. wonderytainman is team up with dado to bring playtime kit for the kiddos. make of real medicine parts, chunked and loafed. dado is remember childhood playtime not involve fix for common household ailment, so new dado product is fix egregious oversight.

u come 2 dado go by dr sean draws

biggest dado business ever. one stop shop with states of ark robots inspired by jeff bezos and his amazon go. most stock not so good but is still costly so u trick ur brain to thinking it good. also dado sing on store speaker. hopefully big break for dado.

shark inbox (*box not include) by flumpyfunks

dado llc not hold any responsible if sekrit agent people hitting shark. do shark deserve punch in face? it is how u say mystery. also, not actual dado product, dado push 4 copyright in fridge-mint of dado brand.

dado borger and france fry by nut a.c. gull

dado expand into world of fast food like mc donald with up to date transport system. no bootstrap paradox here because dado is good capitalist businessman who pulls self up by own bootstraps.

space drive 2 by no-name and just ok

dado is of make charitable contribution to fine world of dado brand hospice care. u no need 2 see doctor when dado is provide u w/ the space drive like the elon. did u know that can sirs cannot survive in space? very good fact dado just told u yes.

dado universe sales by cryoflagdown

very exciting story you see where dado is discovered doing sale of universe. while dado has not yet done the universe sale perhaps it is good market for future dado to get into and experience high profit. dado multiverse coming soon to theater and laundromat near u.

see good pill by jomber

now dado i knowing what u probably think. "dado this pill good for migraine but also make customer think little people crawl out of skin". unfortunately yes this is true you see dado was forced to outsource work to robert mitchell inc. due to time constraint. also robert mitchell is now tell me that he does not know what migraine is so he just guesses. dado now recognizes this as unfortunate. however dado also does not know what a migraine is so dado is believing that robert mitchell has done excellent work thank u.

herbie fucker fine clown entertainment by dr chatter & lord stonk

ah yes here u see example of dado break into other fine industry such as entertainment and clown. dado is provide customer with exciting program of dado as herbie fucker and not strange herman fuller who dado does not care for and also has never been meeting. if u have read below you may think "dado but wait what about clown conspiracy?" and i say 2 u that while rainbow story is strange and dado is suspicious of origin dado can confirm that he created very fine dado brand clown video for enjoyment.

dado computer technology by meechee

one day dado nephew is say "dado u must get new computer, cloud computer is future." dado find this preposterous as dado computer is fine however dado cannot fall behind to competition. so dado is create computer with cloud like the bezos.

dado tax payment to irs by djkalkutta and uncle norkeliner

many people is say "dado u is fine capitalist perhaps now u r want to become into libertarity with me and neckbeard friends". however dado is deny this. dado is provide many valuable resource to create good business and rival the bezos and the tim cooks and also elon but would not be possible without many fine benefit from government like road and also trees. dado once hire a counter who say "dado hide money in jam acres like wealthy hollerwood elite" but dado has plenty of money so why would dado not pay tax? dado does not understand so sends finance to washington for irs yes

mr mister by dado by orncli noblini

dado is see how swiss are make knife and spoon and scissor into army knife of swiss and dado is think 'hmmm perhaps consolidate is best for dado as well' so dado is look at the small misters of dr wanderingtrain and say 'why have multiple when dado can instead be into making army swiss mister

denotation dolls by ratless

dado receive business proposal from max who work at the spooky mcdonalds. dado understand value of cooperation in modern business and agree to team project to bring coming to the customers. dado very proud of accomplish this product sadly spooky mcdonalds boss disagree

horse high power by handork

Dado have receive request from individual who want horse go fast. Dado not happy about horse go fast as dado make miss take. Tim man Wilson be making mockery of dado by harbor run fast horse. This be making dado vry sad.

donut 4 police by plant

many people are saying to dado that dado is make political statement. dado does not understand this. all dado is doing is providing avenues for miracle of birth for many fine swine and swine mother.

fine spiders by dado by blue toilet water

people say dado scared of spider. but dado not does have fear 4 anything unless thing is not making money. dado given choice between money and spider dog, dado choose money.

the holy book not by dado by multiplecowsounds

some person who is not dado heard voice in sky tell them 2 write a book that spreads dado capitalist idealism around for all the people and also helps bring in the funding for more dado products.

дадо маркет авторы мэр нерф и шрото волк

дадо расшерять свой бизнес и сделать службу доставки от дадо для таблов и других штук. хомяки у дадо бегают быстро и даставляют. эт очень харошая даставка. стой хомяк не еш эти пилюврупзщрппхзжпорлдпэрпрэшаупэцукпрфукоелодпащнкуптпзкыьрпяпзпьбрв

mayor posters champagne by comic sans

dado is of great intellect, which is how dado makes the best medicine to cure all ailments for legend dairy business. but dado knows that 4 money 2 be made and of successful business, it must be in part of politics. dado decides to sell promotion and adverse tie mints 4 people so that dado will be promoted by famous politician and get more money and also lobby for laws. dado only has gotten one customer so far, but is ok bc dado now also has people of knowing him.

better tomorrow pill by dado ron

dado have made good judgements in past and future. new dado pill full of vice and will transform u completely. elect to take today for irreversible trend that could still change.

fine duck powder by goober and macherstoo

dado make good things, dado also verY much like ducks. so dado says to himself, why not make good thing that makes one into duck? so dado go and help very nice man do that thing.

marketing by dado by fish fish
come see fine dado market price campaign for collaboration with mc and dees. fine advertising for customer copy protect too.

dado personal hamster pill by fishe monarch translated by tetris square man

sometimes dado make big mistake yes and on accident provide customer with personal hamster pill. yes very embarrassing dado will not make same mistake again.

memetic live agent by dado by fish fish
dado maintain file for scp foundation and also fix berry image that hurts you.

pvp potion by dado by tetris square man

lately dado has been think about game industry and dado see potential of esports in making dado good money in modern world society. so dado makes wonderful new product to improve mine craft pvp performance, dado guarantee you will not get ban.

so be it diner 4 bears by morecowbell

is market for fine bear cuisine? dado being fine capitalist is a pall that rushing ktv steals dado coffee right. dado is not communist, please do not blank list dado senator mac cartwheel yes

quả táo nhãn lồng bởi dado viết bởi 'namhoa giấy hải ngoại

dado tư bản tốt nhưng dado có giới hạn của mình. quấy rối là không được đâu nha.

oh r u interest in storys? look no further than in fine dado tales.

asmr by dado by lort stopfrisk

dado is break into new and excitement venturings with calm smooth sound of dado voice on popular web internet platform what for video and the sound. featuring box, towel, and also hamster yes. dado is say the word and put u to sleep. is like medicine for ears.

dado is make good dado film by dorjykapper

dado is make exciting film in this one. also dado film is attempt to be sabotage by strange person in movie. dado is not remember person when making movie but sometimes dado is doing a small forgetful. however dado also very resourceful and so he is thrown in paddy wagon by dado movie police. good film i give 10/10 imdb and rotter tomat.

"blue" pill (actually is cyan but customer no good of eyes) by pasool

so this strange story. dado believe story is happen at same time as hamster holiday story which dado is finding strange as dado did not realize dado exist in two places at same time. very odd. however this story also do not have strange keyboard mishap so perhaps it is impost. fortunately is still good story about man who is encountering strange animal1 and require dado assistance for small price. pay w/ apple thank u tim cooks.

hamster interruption story by dejorkus

dado is take business partner and hamster robert mitchell on holiday due to successful business. however dado is then receive call from strange man who want animal medicine for pain. dado is not vorternarius however dado is resourceful and also have wide knowledge of many animal internals so dado is make medicine. also apologies robert mitchell is do a great mischievousness on keyboard in story so pls forgive dado for this thank u.

dado donation #1 by nuncle jabroni

as has been said dado is very generous w/ fine donation 2 manner charity, however dado is confused. manner charity says "people cannot into dieting" but dado has no problem with diet. dado enjoy good salad of spinach and tomat. perhaps dado is just best dieter as well, who know.

dado forgetti medicine adventure by mr. bred man and lammy

while dado is one day acquire good component for what to make fine dado forgetti medicine, dado is becoming accost by person in lock war. dado is not of understanding strange man with magic tricks but dado did once like famous magic man dave copperman and is have respect for good magic business so dado is supply with 1 dadobuck and thank him 4 good show.

dado is popular scp writer by grand hip fellow

dado is have clandestine communication with secret essy pee foundation computer man. you see dado is always have dream of writing big scp like the doctor gores, mr. cleft, rondyhus or dajeykajey. however dado is not particular of writing so dado is seek ghost writer. ghost writer is act strange and then is end world? dado does not understand, however dado is excited for to have platform for big new essy pee project!

dado is mail image by Morchotoo
dado is have fine conversation with scp director, yes. dado make fine chowder, why no one eat?

breakup in a fact tree by altoona seadog
dado is miss old job.

other tale what involve dado sort of or hamster

hitcher's book of library assist by my cappybera

today but again by gabbeljob

strange pulp video dado is in by gabren jail

dado write sad note about diet by loaf guy and laminated paper make funny warbler noise

dado entry of questionable authenticity

ok so let dado explain. sometimes dado is read of dado on internet and dado is do a great chuckle. dado is say to self, "that dado, always getting up upon those hijinks and shenanigans." however sometimes dado is do a reading and see story of dado and dado is think "hang on now, this does not seem to be dado. this seem to be the imposter or smooth criminals!" perhaps is even work of dado nefarious dark brother "bado". impossible to say. however dado is prefer to be doing thorough investigation into authenticity of these claims of "dado", so dado is store them here for reference.

mysterious text messages by dire chandelier

see here is first example. dado is often communicate via cellphone yes this is true. dado is good at the text message and often gives expedient response in several hours. however notice how at end dado uppercase key mysteriously not broken??? how is this be?????? dado sees this and dado is think "this is work of doppler gang".

strange rainbow dado conspiracy??? by chandler & a fish that is rock

ok so 2 things about this strange story dado is hear. first is that dado accept that yes perhaps dado has made questionable business decision to appeal to the youth and also gaze (though dado does not understand how a hard stare is associate with youth but dado is businessman not scientologist), this is true. however, if u look closely you will see more unbroken uppercase key! how is this possible? has dark brother learned technology to fix key? dado is very suspicious.

additionally dado does not believe he has had interaction with odd clown fellow. dado did once travel with slug but not clown.

r u want to order good dado medicine? well good u need fine remedy. here what u do. u make page on internet website of scp so then dado come and add good medicine to cat log. just if u want to write the dado remember important rules:

1) dado very good at make the good medicine

2) dado sometimes confused about what people mean when they say the words

3) u trust dado

4) dado has amazon prime so no shipping charge

5) dado, being fine capitalist, proud owner of laundry and tan

6) dado capitalize key broken so dado is dado

7) dado not of bad spelling, dado just is into confusion sometime regarding names that are not dado or important business partner robert mitchell

8) hmmmm this probably any rule but i decide later as become narratively interesting.

ok that is all

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