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Welcome to the Corps Grotesque.


Art by Amai-IxchelAmai-Ixchel


Hello and welcome to my corps grotesque, featuring all manner of horrors written by yours truly. If you choose to stay and browse my collected library, I'm certain you'll find something else to sate your appetite.


SCP-7948I Don't Care What The Peephole Says! — [22 Sep 2023 11:18] [+63]

Whilst details vary upon the nature and behaviour of the entity, all reports universally claim that the only part of the entity visible through the peephole was a single eyeball pressed against the smeared glass.

SCP-7947Katabasis — [28 Aug 2023 16:10] [+50]

I hope you believe me. I honestly hope that you will choose to trust me, my dear friend.

SCP-7879Book of the Simoom — [15 Aug 2023 19:24] [+45]

SCP-7879 refers to an ancient tome organised into 118 chapters of varying length. The title, Book of the Simoom, is inlaid in gold Arabic lettering upon a weathered and worn horsehide cover.

SCP-7831The Ningyo — [24 Jul 2023 14:24] [+69]

There is something deeply wrong in Minamata and nobody cares to tell us the truth. Not Shin Nichitsu, not the military, not even our own government.

SCP-6831SKIRTINGBOARDWORLD. — [03 May 2022 18:55] [+50]

Entities traversing throughout SCP-6831 are subjected to continuous deformations, including bending, folding, stretching, crumpling, and twisting, without exhibiting any signs of external or internal tearing.

SCP-5213The Oracle of the Fae — [07 Apr 2021 00:32] [+63]

And lo, those three stood alone before Creation and heard its silent anathema; the damnation of all civilisation. The Eternal Oblivion.

SCP-5831The Smeerenburg Daemon — [22 Mar 2021 22:37] [+51]

SCP-5831 is the rudimentary effigy of an unknown cetacean, constructed almost entirely from the blubber, bones, flesh, and assorted viscera of dead Balaena mysticetus.

SCP-5833With Their Legs Tied Up In Knots — [11 Mar 2021 20:24] [+37]

The bulk of SCP-5833 is a large, misshapen lump of human flesh that has become fused with the hay bales and wooden decking of the barn. A pair of appendages are visible at the base of the structure, emerging from beneath the hayloft itself; these appendages resemble a pair of entwined legs.

SCP-5879Take Me to the Moor — [11 Mar 2021 00:34] [+74]

Suffer Little Children by The Smiths aired continuously on all radio channels available within the region surrounding Saddleworth Moor. The song eventually faded out after two hours of continuous play with the repetition of the song's closing lyrics: "…on the moor".

SCP-5852"You've got teeth in your bugs." — [27 May 2020 13:13] [+96]

SCP-5852 is the designation given to the anomalous growth of human teeth in specimens of the Superfamily Cicadoidea.

SCP-5173Aphelion's Rest — [10 Mar 2020 17:26] [+72]


SCP-4738An Innocent Sin — [27 Jan 2020 03:16] [+42]

SCP-4738 is currently contained in Massachusetts everywhere.

SCP-5099The Holy Lance — [21 Jan 2020 02:20] [+110]

The 'Patom Crater Conference' held in 2010 suggested that the crater is of purely geological origin and discredited the idea of it being caused by an astrological impact.


Welcome to Dreamland — [08 Mar 2023 19:34] [+93]

In 1997, only three short years after its grand opening, the doors to Dreamland were closed forever.

Underneath — [27 Oct 2021 14:34] [+32]

'Under the trees lays the ground, under the ground lay the bodies, under the bodies — lays naught but a shallow, hollow grave.'

Of Saarn and Jade Tongues — [22 Apr 2021 19:25] [+39]

Great gouts of jade jumped from ship to ship like a mad beast running its own tongue along its teeth after a grisly meal.

The Unethical Practices of Clown Farming (OR: How I Learned That Clowning About Ranches Puts Naughty Clowns Into The Shredder) — [25 Mar 2021 16:52] [+40]

Author's Note: The following document is the transcription of a promotional video produced by Clowning About Ranches Ltd. intended to be shown to the most disreputable companies in the clowning industry including Herman Fuller's Circus of Disquieting, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and McDonald's.

The Traitor's Libel — [16 Mar 2021 17:25] [+16]

'Are you willing to talk yet, Rasmus?' The voice called out over a scratchy intercom.

Louise's Photograph — [10 Dec 2020 14:52] [+16]

To the memories made in that dreaded yet incomprehensibly beautiful place.

Indignitas — [04 Apr 2020 20:31] [+22]

Click. Clack. Click. Clack.

Disillusionment — [31 Mar 2020 20:36] [+33]

He was Jedidiah Springs, the roaming preacher of the Western Seaboard Fifthists.

Blood, without Forme — [18 Feb 2020 18:47] [+15]

Her tongue curled loosely and danced across a thousand stars, tracing a slick path of scarlet ichor across a black canvas.


As of yet, unwritten.


PSYCHE Internal Document 75-03718: PepsiCo/Coca-Cola Territorial Holdings — [21 Apr 2023 20:23] [+68]

The following information has been collected from both organizations, and has been prepared into a report below. Compiled with the aid of Dr. Pepper, Foundation Liaison to the GOC for Matters Pertaining to Carbonation Conflict.

Rate My Director — [01 Apr 2023 08:23] [+320]

RateMyDirector is the only website that allows Foundation personnel to anonymously rate your Site Director. Is your SD having you work overtime with threats of Keter Duty? Have they removed the good coffee machines from the researchers' lounges? Or are they a great boss that brings in a cake every birthday? Let your fellow employees know, or check out a Director's page to see ratings left by real personnel!


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