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by Ethagon

A quit harsh wind blows since aeons past
It flattens every stone and every tree with the thousand cuts of time
Only at rest when all is dead, the air too still to carry sound
From barren ground a sprout emerges stretching against the sky
As clouds part and a ray of light whispers your name

The Cycle of Seasons

Stories from the Fae Courts


Introductory Seasons

23th September 1980
SCP-6401 — Court of the Feallen
by Ethagon
Upon arrival in SCP-6401, Foundation Witnesses are guided by denizens towards wooden houses in various states of disrepair for the duration of their stay.

21th December 1911
They Had Names
by AnActualCrow
The uninvited can only enter the Court of Oblivion if they belong there, only if they're fit to witness the ghosts of fallen castles and phantasmal fog superimposed on the world of the living.

20th March 2004
NT-4041-Nimuedianetic-Karhu "Her Lady's Thorn"
by Ethagon
As of this point, the ruling position of Her Lady's Thorn remains vacant, but several parties have made their claim to the crown and are currently in conflict over deciding the new ruler.

21th June 2004
SCP-6471 — A Midsummer Night's Game Online
by Ethagon
You are in contact with the Supreme Summer Court of Esterberg. All statements made by you, related parties, and the Court as part of this conversation are objectively true.

Escalating Seasons

22th September 2004
Secure Facility Dossier: Site-118
by Ethagon
The nomenclative makeup of Site-118 has been severely disrupted by multiple anomalies. To counteract this a biweekly day where communication using words is disallowed was introduced to the Site.

21th December 2004
Will Winter?
by Ethagon
My apologies. As always this is no official court sitting for the Winter Court and there never will be. I just wanted to catch up with some old friends.

20th March 2005
SC-05/321-05/335: Usurpation
by Ethagon
We've been at this farce for over a year now. The race for the Spring Throne should not have taken so long.

21th June 2005
Truth Glamour: The Wanderer's Greatest Tool For Veracity
by Ethagon
Our greatest hope remains to find the Summer Court.

Updates roughly every Equinox and Solstice

Context and Inspirations

Recurring Characters

  • The Fool — An archetype used in old Fae tales to explore the mythic remnants of the Fae Empire. It is unknown if this archetype corresponds to or describes a real person.
  • The Father of Winter — A former leader.
  • Her Lady — A former servant.
  • The Nameless — Most lost their name in the Great Factory Purge. Some did before. Most are desperate to gain their own name, or any name, back.
  • Queen Mab — A tormentor.
  • Dr. Randall Owings — Faced with fight-or-flight the Site Director of Site-118 will choose fight every time.
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