CV of Professor Skali "Sharpnose"
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Name: Dr. Skali "Sharpnose" ██████████

Degrees BA Classical Studies, MA/PhD Ancient History, MA Paranormal Studies, PhD Psychology (Honorary)

Personal History Born Nov 23, 1959. After a cripplingly boring childhood in rural America, Skali fled to Europe and joined the French Foreign Legion. He earned the nickname "Sharpnose" both for his taste in fine wines and his ability to sense trouble. He served for three years (1977-79) including heavy combat in the Chadian-Libyan Conflict. During a covert mission in the desert, Skali experienced an event which would change the course of his life, though he would not understand at the time. After leaving the Legion, Skali returned to America and attended several universities, eventually becoming a professor of various subjects relating to Antiquity. His controversial nature and eccentric personality led him on a wandering course through academia, until he landed a position on an archaeological dig in Africa. There he revisited his experience during the war and was again exposed to supernatural phenomena. His experience led to his being contacted by the Foundation in association with SCP-███, and his eventual admission into the Foundation. He has demonstrated an open mind to the many complexities of the Foundation's business, as well as a willingness to get his hands dirty, as is often necessary.

Professional Timeline
1977-1979 French Foreign Legion (Exit Rank: Corporal)
1989 Associate Professor of History, University of Maryland. (Fired 1991, personal differences)
1992 Associate Professor of Archaeology, Boston College. (Quit 1994 at administrations request after publishing a controversial paper on ████████ in ██████████)
1996 Visiting Professor of Latin and Greek, University of Chicago. (One year contract; on last day of teaching, went down each class roster one by one, flipping a coin for Pass/Fail. Students were made to watch this process.)
1998 Leading Researcher, Archaeological Dig at ██████, Libya. (Dig met with problems in 2000, was hushed up and all other surviving personnel disappeared. Several artifacts supposedly unearthed were never accounted for.)
2002-2004 Visiting Lecturer across Europe (Presented several controversial papers in 2001, which earned him enough notoriety to book visits to many top universities. Most talks ended with the audience leaving terrified.)
April 2004-September 2004 (Incarcerated. Aggravated Assault charge. Professor Skali was giving a lecture on gender and sexuality during the late Roman Republic, during which an audience member shouted out "Caesar was a ██████!" Skali reportedly lept from his podium and bludgeoned the student unconscious with a hardback 1846 translation of Suetonius's Lives of the Twelve Caesars. The student recovered with minor facial scarring. Professor Skali was incarcerated, then released after good behavior.)
December 2004 Joins the Foundation. (Skali was approached to assist in classification of SCP-███, during which time he displayed a remarkably open mind to some of the stranger aspects of Foundation business. Admitted to the foundation provisionally with Level 1 Clearance. Since upgraded to Level 3.)

Physical Description Professor Skali is a self-proclaimed eccentric, and his style of dress varies from day to day. He has a goatee and waxed handlebar mustache, to which he has been known to speak often. It is apparently known as "Herbert". (Note: Skali has also been known to speak to "the Admiral" on occasion. What part of him this refers to is currently unknown). He is in his early fifties with a stocky build, though he has been observed to maintain physical fitness in a variety of strange ways, including climbing on anything which has been labeled "Do Not Climb". He bears several tattoos, including: several geometric designs on his upper arms, forearms and calves, a stylized Roman eagle on his chest above his heart, and the words "NVLLAM REQVIETEM MALIGNANTIBVS" on his left forearm.

(Note: If Professor Skali seems to be staring at you for an unnatural amount of time for no reason, please do not be alarmed. He does that; it's not you, it's him. - O5-█)

SCP's Documented:
SCP-134 (revised)
SCP-042 (revised)

Excerpt from Psychological Evaluation 753B-476A, beginning 06m 13s

Dr. ████████: Now, lets talk about the incident in May, 2004.

Professor Skali: Right. Of course. It's not like I have a distinguished career apart from that one time I hit a kid. Naturally. What about it?

Dr. ████████: Well, you must admit that it was a bit harsh.

Professor Skali: Of course it was harsh! Six months just for beating some moron's face in? They should have given me paid vacation and a box of ████-████.

Dr. ████████: Lets try to keep this clean, Professor Skali.

Professor Skali: Clean? You think that was dirty? Let me tell you dirty. See, Rome in the early second century BC, they were getting a lot of plunder and tribute after the second Punic War, right? So they start to think, 'Hey, why don't we celebrate!" So then…

Skip audio to 52m 37s

Professor Skali: …and they put it in a jar, sealed it with wax, and had it sent to his mother! Can you believe that? Now we have that jar in the British Museum of Art, and it's got a picture of a…

Dr. ████████: <interrupting> Dear God, please stop.

Professor Skali: But you're supposed to be evaluating me. I was answering your question.

Dr. ████████: No, no, it's okay. You can leave.

Professor Skali: Did I pass?

Dr. ████████: If I say 'Yes', will you not speak to me ever again?

End excerpt

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