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Your legs are sore. You cannot recall how many hours you have spent meandering between the piles of dirty laundry and the heaps of comic books scattered across the ground. As you walk past yet another empty water bottle, you barely notice an abandoned power cord before tripping on it, which would have meant a deadly fall into the prickly potted cacti below. You ponder: what kind of creature in the entire tree of life could bear to live in such a hostile environment?

Finally, you see it. The door to a mysterious cave in which the dreaded being is said to reside. What unspeakable horrors lie beyond this point, no one knows. You begin to wonder: was it even worth it? Was meeting this secretive creature worth the pain of the journey? Before you can ask any further questions, the door slowly creaks open. Out of the foggy, dusty darkness, the beast emerges.

You have troubled its existence. And it is not happy.

You shall now face the wrath of REYAS.


What in the world??

Item #: REYAS

Object Class: Belphegor1

Special Containment Procedures: REYAS is currently under the responsibility of Dr Vicat. The anomaly spends most of its time in a rectangular cave filled with miscellaneous items. Should the anomaly gather the courage to leave this area, an emergency notice must be issued to all Foundation Sites and all personnel must be alerted: such an event is extremely rare and might not occur again before hundreds of years.

Description: REYAS is a land-dwelling animal belonging to the species Homo Clumsylis. The specimen appears to be male, although not many signs of virility are present. REYAS can be easily recognized by its characteristic lack of recognizable features: average hair, average size, average build. Being extremely elusive but disproportionately obnoxious when under the influence of substances such as ethanol, REYAS tends to remain in its usual place of living unless directly instructed otherwise.

REYAS is known for contributing to an online nerd community known as the SCP Foundation. Although mainly active on the French branch of said community, it has occasionally been sighted on the International translation archive as well as the English branch in very rare cases. The entity cites its thoughts and dreams as its main source of inspiration; given the contents of some of its works, the aforementioned thoughts and dreams are believed by researchers to be highly unusual.


This is just ridiculous.

If threatened or disturbed, REYAS will enter a state of panic where it will retreat to its residential cave and listen to reggae music while playing sandbox video-games. In addition, the specimen likes to play the guitar and sing, despite having a very discordant voice.

REYAS has demonstrated an uncanny ability to make objects disappear by placing them down. Experiments have shown that in 90% of cases, when the entity places an item on a surface without directly looking at it, the item vanishes before manifesting again in a completely different place, minutes to hours later. This is not guaranteed though, and in some cases, the item is simply lost. A proposal has been made to use this power to destroy confidential documents; it is currently under review by the O5 Council.

As for sustenance, REYAS is willing to ingest anything that is not a snail.

Addendum: recorded literary production


Even a seagull can fight for Brittany's independence. What's your excuse?

Sometimes, it is better for your manhood to just not fall prey to curiosity.

Plants are useful for many things. One of which is powerful computation.


We only have a small window of opportunity.

Do you sometimes feel like you're talking a wall? Read this.
You'll probably still feel like you're talking a wall, but hey, you'll have read one of my SCPs.

Templars are not a topic commonly written about by SCP writers.
Neither are pigeons.
Both combined, I still have to check. But yeah, now, it's certain.

To quote Aristotle, "he who awakens next to his bed has fallen during the night."

I always wonder why this chapel has been strapped to the ground. It's as if people think it could fly away.

He's a sheep. And he eats concepts.

One is not born an Ape; one becomes the Ape.

Christian cuisine at its finest.

Marijuana has many adverse effects: hunger, headaches, nausea, telepathic reggae…

Don't you hate it when a rival group of interest creates a religion just to piss you off?

A very feriouf menafe.

You'd better hope you never attend a lecture by this teacher.

Addendum: recorded translations

Addendum: recommendations

Here are some things I didn't write that deserve some attention. These are works that I really enjoyed, and I think you will too. Not many people have read them, or at least, not enough in my opinion. Adding them to your reading list would make the authors very happy!

This is all we know about REYAS. Thank you for your time.

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