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With over 10,000 articles on the SCP Wiki, it can be hard to know where to start. Linked below are various pages created by members of the community to help you find the articles you're looking for - and likely many more that you never knew existed!

This page can be updated by any site member, so if you create something similar and post it on the wiki, feel free to add it to the appropriate section below (Recommended Articles and Thematic Listings are ordered from oldest to newest). Additionally, many of these lists rely on input from the community, so if you have suggestions, there are likely ways for you to contribute.

Recommended Articles

Lists of article recommendations, submitted by members of the community.

  • User-Curated Lists - A page for members of the site to list their recommended articles. Features both general recommendations and more specific groupings by theme or style.
  • Curated Tale Series - A stylish collection of tales grouped by genre, with a different tale series featured every month.
  • Algorithm Curated Recommendations - An algorithm's predictions for what the average SCP reader will enjoy, divided into various categories.

Thematic Listings

If you're looking for something specific, the pages below may help.

Featured Content Archives

Members of site staff select different articles to feature on the front page every month, which have been archived in the pages below. To see all pages tagged with featured, click here.

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