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with introduction and notes by

Johnny Truant

1st Edition

Ashen Ink Publishing House

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I still see the upvotes. In fact this site's so full of them you'd think I'd be used to them by now. I'm not.

No matter the terrible prose, the underdeveloped characters, and the Series I style plot, the upvotes are still there. It's somewhat troubling. And what troubles me even more is the fact that I don't mind it. Not one bit.

Lude came by two weeks ago and told me that if you click the "Look who rated this page" button, or something like that, you can see the people who upvoted or downvoted your stuff. I'd never intended to use it. But two nights passed, filled with parties and late-night stumbling through the streets of Hollywood and there I sat, poised in front of my computer like a vulture on its prey, finger right there hovering above the button.

And I pressed it.

I thought it would undo any doubts I had. Foolishly, I imagined that seeing the numbers in flesh, in the concrete would force any other beastly imaginations into submission. I was wrong.

Are any of these characters real? These "AstersQuill"s and these "Doctor Jiqian"s, do they even exist? Is there really a flesh-and-bone person, human person sitting behind a desk, or on a toilet, pressing buttons on a page with the authority that only their profile picture and name can grant? Is it my imagination?

I've sat here for hours, pondering it all. I see the numbers fall, and rise, and fall again. Perhaps if I'd had more foresight I would have broken myself away from the site from the beginning. Perhaps I'd have removed the bookmarked page "ess see pea wiki dot wiki dot dot com" from my browser. Perhaps I'd be somewhere else.

But the upvotes get to us all. No measure of abstinence can save you now.

We all have regrets.

— Johnny Truant October 12, 1996
Hollywood, CA1




The Foundation is an organizational masterpiece. For all its flaws and drawbacks, the fact that this massive machine of containment and security still manages to operate is downright incredible. Both the atheistic researcher and rare religious breed of Foundationer will agree: managing hundreds of sites and organizing the containment of thousands of anomalies is no less than a downright miracle.

But ask any employee from the Department of Tactical Theology— or better yet, the Department of Oversight— and they will tell you: there is nothing deific about the organizational feat we manage every day. The most theological thing about our Foundation's administrative system is the near-religious devotion to rules, guidelines, and bureaucracy.

The Foundation operates like a well-oiled machine— thousands of individual components, departments and divisions, researchers and D-Class; each working away in their own niche of the massive institution, like gears and axles. And if the Overseers were the brains of the machine, and each of the thousands of employees were the gears, then the oil that let it all spin, the grease that synchronized all the parts— that was bureaucracy.2

And if bureaucracy was the lubricant that made it all work, then I was a man wielding a can of WD-40.3

SCP-7794 — Nightlight

All the glass objects and silverware were found shattered. All the windows and exits in the home were locked. Chairs and furniture were placed over the doors, likely by the victim. The upstairs bathroom of the house was found missing.

SCP-8444 — I'll Be There With You

Never let anyone or anything take away your soul, Willow. Never let them take away your ability to wonder. Never let them take away your ability to feel. Without it, you have nothing.

SCP-7920 — There Are No Gods Here

SCP-7920 designates an object, phenomenon, entity, or concept located at [COORDINATES REDACTED], in Blau, Sweden.

SCP-7630 — Stuck in My Own Head

—and when you were ten, finally old enough to understand pain you saw your mother in a bed withering away as her own body ate her alive and her bloodstream rejected poison—

SCP-7270 — You are the most important person in the world.

Silently, he prays to whatever will listen that you hurry the fuck up.

SCP-7620 — All That Ever Was

There’s no gods. There’s no monsters.

SCP-7130 — His Shared Sin

SCP-7130 is not to be absolved of its sins.

SCP-7530 — The Stars Shine Brightly

[09:39:55]: A young girl's voice is barely audible over the cacophony of noise: It doesn't hurt, mama.

SCP-7540 — The Blazing City and the God of the Moon4

NAVARRA: I wouldn't think about it too much, Doctor. It was really just a dream. And if you think about it too much, you'll start seeing her, and well, [Chuckles.] that means she can see you, too.

First SCP, coldpost. Got a reading by Discovering SCP!




The world of the anomalous (and the mundane alike) is moved by stories. Bureaucracy may be needed to let things run, but the engine that pushes everything forward is narrative.


Perhaps at one point there was sirens and flashing lights and sobbing and a beeping monitor—


i will tear you limb from limb


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she cube on my flix till you are the most important person in the world


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