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Only known visual representation of POI-0074.

Person Of Interest Profile: POI-0074

Name: CrystalMonarch AKA Crystal AKA [REDACTED]

Pronouns: She/Her

Date Of Birth: ██.██.1993

Location: [REDACTED], Scotland

Known Works:

Link Title Summary Reader Reviews
SCP-7474-EX Not All Aliens Are Anomalous A UFO crashes in West Virginia, and the alien inside just wants to go home. RounderhouseRounderhouse "It's cute, it's simple - I can appreciate the value of a traditional 'weird little guy' story."
SCP-62401 An Absence of Light Something is eating the stars… Esoterica does not match any existing user name "This was great as a draft and it's still great now."
SCP-6074 Mr Bread A loaf of bread is an informant for the Foundation. DysadronDysadron "There's something really charming about this. Great job on the dialogue in the interviews, SCP-6074's character really comes through."
SCP-6574 A Funeral For A Parrot A magic ritual that only the kea remember. LORDXVNVLORDXVNV "Despite that, I feel like this piece successfully conveys a sense of quiet melancholy."
SCP-5742 Moloch How the Foundation disposes of anomalous waste. CyvstviCyvstvi "Great work integrating the religious aspect of Moloch with the anomalous."
SCP-5748 Meaningless Shapes and Noises A GRU-P weapon developed to destroy language itself. MuseofScienceMuseofScience "+1 Love language infecting scps."
SCP-5743 Carcinisation A crab that was once human, and the ruins of his civilisation. NA
SCP-5374 Allen Grey A UFO that abducts cows, and an alien that runs a farm. MetalRavioliMetalRavioli "This was too clever."
SCP-5574 Imaginary Suffering A parasite that brings fictional characters to life, and then kills them. maridsbipmaridsbipThis was a very interesting read! There are a lot of individual aspects about this that subverted my expectations or were just quality writing
SCP-5774 Cryptid Catchers: Season 5 TV show hosts pretend to hunt Bigfoot for entertainment, but end up finding the real thing. stormbreathstormbreathI like this a lot! Cryptid stuff is one of my favorite genres, and this has very fun plot in addition.
SCP-5274 You're Always In My Heart An anomaly forces a couple apart, and the Foundation tries to find out why. sachiel187sachiel187when cupid-con was announced, i was hoping to see more stories like this — love from an anomalous point of view.
SCP-4674 Eternal Beauty A sculpture that only wants to be loved. TheMightyMcBTheMightyMcBI was intrigued at the beginning, only to have my interest diminish as the article carried on.
SCP-4274 Lonely Angel A 19th century nun finds comfort in her strange connection to an anomalous entity. FajreroFajreroIt's one of the best things I've read on the site in a while … Touching, heartfelt, ethereal.
SCP-3274 Nowhere Else To Run Time travellers from the future seek refuge in our era. TL333sTL333sSaw the picture and thought, "That guy's hair looks pretty Keter.""
Hunted Hunted An origin story for SCP-173. MaximusTheLordMaximusTheLordpart of the core idea of 173 is how it's so utterly alien and wrong to us, I feel its wrong to make it so empathetic.

Known Translations:
Chinese (Simplified)/中文
Original Translation Translator
SCP-4274 SCP-4274 Shadow scarlet does not match any existing user name
SCP-3274 SCP-3274 Voltaire804 does not match any existing user name
Hunted Hunted miumeatmiumeat
Chinese (Traditional)/ 繁體中文
Original Translation Translator
SCP-5742 SCP-5742 MatchaColaMatchaCola
Original Translation Translator
SCP-4274 SCP-4274 ReherentReherent
Original Translation Translator
SCP-5742 SCP-5742 C-DivesC-Dives
SCP-5774 SCP-5774 C-DivesC-Dives
SCP-6574 SCP-6574 C-DivesC-Dives
Original Translation Translator
SCP-4274 SCP-4274 ExoduusExoduus
Original Translation Translator
SCP-5574 SCP-5574 Dr U N OwenDr U N Owen

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