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The search for, and study of, animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the Loch Ness monster and the yeti.


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> Cryptozoo. Division Director Detected. Database Access granted.


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Cryptozoo. ID Tag: “Wolpertinger”
“When a human being comes into contact with any instance of SCP-6193, large patches of hair will sprout near the area of contact.”
by NotOrteilNotOrteil

Cryptozoo. ID Tag: “Not Deer”
“One places an object into the ground, later discovered to be single fork. A week after this discovery, 200 discarded bovine hooves appear at the location.”
by OzzyLizardOzzyLizard

Cryptozoo. ID Tag: “Jipute”
“SCP-6644 can be identified from a distance due to its loud and distinct vocalisations, consisting of howls, shrieks, and clicks.”
by OzzyLizardOzzyLizard and Jack WaltzJack Waltz

Cryptozoo. ID Tag: “British Big Cats”
“The photograph depicts an expansive pasture in Devon, surrounded by light woodland. A dark shape is visible bordering the farthest hedgerow.”
by OzzyLizardOzzyLizard

Cryptozoo. ID Tag: “Knucker”
SCP-7088-24: Ah! I apologies. We are Knucker-kind, we live in cave.”
by OzzyLizardOzzyLizard


Secure Facility Dossier: Site-44
“Site-44 houses the headquarters for the Foundation’s Cryptozoology Division, being the lead in anomalous and speculative zoological study.”
by OzzyLizardOzzyLizard

A cryptid is pretty much some sort of weird alleged creature. That’s loosely it. Examples include bigfoot, Nessie, mothman, the wendigo and other stuff in this page.


Fur Bearing Trout (very rare).

More specifically, to the Foundation, a cryptid is parafauna1 that has some interaction with its local community, usually in the form of folkloric stories/myths, presenting a unique situation when it comes to containment. Often, the Foundation is able to ascertain information regarding the anomaly by questioning people, or consulting local legends, in the area it operates in.

They may range from a legendary beast to simply a local oddity.

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