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Apparently I get to make one of these now.

Overview: Existential imagery, dumb jokes, few redactions, and ███████1 These are all hallmarks of my stuff, but I'm still expanding my scope. Semi-active on IRC and the forums.

Hit: Dumb humor, absurdism when done well, techno that isn't dubstep, Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff2, existential horror, Advance Wars 2 (where I shamelessly stole this format from), chess (feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions on competitive or speed chess), parkour (even if I'm not terribly good at it).

Miss: I guess they never miss, huh?

In chronological order, my contributions to the site are as follows:

SCP-4903: Eternity, Served Cold. My first contribution, and the least deadly thing the Foundation has ever found.

SCP-3034-J: Voresnake. Yeah, uh, we don't talk about this one. Moving on.

SCP-939-J: Crime Time Canine. A talking dog that solves mysteries.

SCP-4312: Drift Into the Sky. Gravity randomly reverses and screws some poor soul a couple times each month with no warning.

SCP-4272: The Proper Way to Appreciate Art. Steal it, film it, eat it, post it.

More to come!

Check out a half dozen unfinished/unstarted works in my sandbox!

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