CryogenChaos' Author Page

So I wanted to put a bitchin' picture of Haunter here but I couldn't find any I really liked so instead you can have a praying mantis picture.

Author name: CryogenChaos

Assumed name: Reginald Cumbersworth the VIII

Special Containment Procedures: Short of allowing SCP-CC to continue believing it is an author, no special requirements are needed for containment. Personnel are advised that SCP-CC does have access to this page and may make additions to it at any given point. For this reason, any information that does not refer to SCP-CC as "SCP-CC" should not be taken as fact.

Description: I made this page because I have a lot of things I wrote and people keep telling me to make a page why do they keep telling me to make a page GET OUT OF MY HEAD TYLER

Anyway, below are the things I dun wrote.


Due to technical errors I had to quit and rejoin, but here is proof that I am one of the old guard.


SCP-445 - Doctor Wondertainment's Super Paper! It's paper that becomes whatever you fold it in to. It was made by this guy or company or something. Probably won't ever catch on. :(

SCP-951 - My Friend LUCAS. It's a living glitch in a game that helps you win the game, but at what cost? Also, there's a neat machine printout at the end. This is a completely original concept, didn't get it from anywhere else. Let's see, is there anything I'm missing? No, I don't think so.

SCP-000 - [PAGE NOT FOUND]. Just a little page to fill that spot so people don't ask about that number. Rather short, but it gets the job done of explaining why we don't use that number for technical reasons. What good is screaming at the top of your lungs if no one is even aware you exist?
SCP-S - [TEST PAGE]. Ok, I admit this one was mostly because I was frustrated at stupid questions at work, but Rosen is a real dick in this one. Still, it was alARE YOU GOING TO LISTEN TO US NOW, MONSTER? OF COURSE YOU AREN'T. YOU DIDN'T BEFORE, WHY WOULD YOU NOW?so inspired by Nala (the chatbot) and her bringing up a nonexistent page whenever someone in chat says "SCPs". So basically I'm being a dick to a chatbot and a nonexistent director. Yeeeeup.

Soufflé - Have YOU ever wanted to learn how to make soufflé, but never thought to look it up? Well now, with chef Jean-Pierre, you can make your very own fluffy tastycake soufflé!

Lessons - Follow a trio of researchers on their very first day working for the Foundation! May or may not also include a crazy furry man.

CryogenChaos' Comment Tales - So occasionally I write things in the forums or page discussions and people are like "Dude, this is awesome!", so I put it here so people can enjoy them whenever they want. :)

The Stranger and the Secretary - A strange man gets a tour of a Wondertainment facility. No I do not know where the Wondertainment facility is located shut up its not part of the story. This was my contribution to The Man Who Wasn't There canon for the canon contest.

Tales of the Foundation Force Five - A "What If?" series that chronicles the exploits of the Foundation Force Five, a group of superheroes based on Foundation characters. Note that while I wrote the original three stories, this is a collaborative page, and I wholeheartedly welcome more stories being added.

The Halloween Breach - A poem…well, ditty, I guess, that tells a spooky tale of a horrible Halloween night where all the locks fail, all the security measures are gone, and all the skips are running amok! AUTHOR DISCLAIMER: I, CryogenChaos, take no personal responsibility for any heart attacks and/or seizures the reader of this tale may experience from the intense scares this may give them. Please view at your own risk.

And that's about it! I'm sure more things will be added in the future. After all, it's not like I'm going to make this page and then just never write again, right?



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