Intelligence Agency Data Archive — Subject: CrossFire
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Having retrieved their orders from O5-9, the Intelligence Agency’s duo of snipers set out deep into Chaos Insurgency territory in full grass camo outfits. Making their way to where they believed the intended target was, they both had the mindset that failure is not an option

North steadily looked through the scope of his rifle. He watched as four operatives patrolled the outside gate.

Kneeling beside North, as he looked through a set of rangefinders, Bixtwist leaned over whispering.

“750 meters, wind at two clicks an hour east.”

Taking the new information into account, North repositioned his rifle as he scanned the side of the compound for the target.

“Bix, you sure this is the right Chaos base?”

Bixtwist gave a silent nod as he quickly glanced at his map.

Upon hearing the sounds of alarms. The team of two suddenly dropped closer to the ground.

As he continued to scan the compound with his rangefinder, Bixtwist leaned over.

“North, we got an additional problem.”

“Is it time to book it?”

“Worse, Epsilon-6 is doing a raid…”

“The ‘Village Idiots?’ We’re in the middle of the forest, what are they doing out here?”

“I’m just as confused as you are, North.”

An explosion roared in the distance, making both of them flinch.

“North, shouldn’t we be helping out Epsilon-6?”

Staring at the battle taking place on the compound grounds, North shook his head.

“We can’t. The Village Idiots can’t know. It’s hard enough to get a Task Force amnestics. Nine would kill us.”

“Wouldn’t Nine also kill us if they died?”

Sighing, North peered down the scope of his rifle once more.


Instantly kneeling down beside North, as they have done multiple times before, Bixtwist looked over the compound with his rangefinder.

“730 meters, the wind is at one and a half clicks an hour southeast.”

Carefully aiming his rifle, North gave the trigger a quick tug. The sound of gunpowder igniting was lost to the sound of combat in the compound. A Chaos Insurgency operative fell from their position, with a quarter sized hole in the side of their head.

Carefully repeating the process making sure the Task Force wouldn't take notice, North and Bixtwist watched over Epsilon-6 until each of them in the Task Force had made their way into the compound.

Leaning up looking over the scope of his rifle, North glanced towards his partner.

“We should head out, no doubts someone would've picked up on the muzzle flash.”

Giving a thumbs up, Bixtwist packed his rangefinder in his pouch. The pair of them started to crawl further into the forest sticking within the overgrowth.

Hearing the loud roar in the distance, the two of them held their ground as the trees started to bend. They both watched as an attack helicopter flew over their position heading towards the base.

“That isn’t one of ours Bix.”

“Let’s loop around and get a better position.”

Wasting no time, both of them arched back looking over the compound from a new angle.

Placing his rifle on the ground laying beside it, North put his sights on the hovering helicopter.

Bix using his rangefinder, whispered.

“620 meters, wind at two point three clicks an hour southeast.”

Putting the tip of his crosshair on the pilot's forehead. They watched as the helicopter dropped from the sky. Exploding in at the wall of the compound. With unison, Bixtwist and North started to move from their position.

The Chaos Insurgency base was in utter madness. The duo crept along the tree line, staying within the safety of weeds and grass.

Hearing the sound of gunfire fade, they glanced at the compound to witness it in a blaze of orange and yellow. They quietly made their way further into the forest. A sound roared behind them as another helicopter flew overhead. Bixtwist and North quickly stopped.

Trying to hide in the bushes, hoping their camo outfits would suffice, the team of two broke into a sprint as a floodlight shined directly on them.

Glancing back to check if Bixtwist was keeping up with him, North watched in horror. He witnessed a muzzle flash from the side of the helio. Time appeared to slow down for North. As he watched, Bixtwist fell to the ground with a hole in the center of his chest. Glancing up to the flying metal machine aiming his rifle, North hesitated seeing the sigil for Epsilon-6.

Ducking into the tree lines, hearing a bullet pass his ear. North grabbed a blue flare off his vest, igniting it without hesitation with hopes Epsilon-6 would notice they are on the same team.

His ears ringing from the sound of a gunshot. Feeling a bullet penetrate his hip, North fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Hearing a loud knock his office door, North flinched as he was snapped back into reality. Breathing heavily he set down the photo of his late friend, Bixtwist next to multiple framed medals on his desk with utmost care.

Slowly standing up, making sure his tie was straight, North tried to calm down, getting control of his breathing. He could never get the ringing out of his ears from that fateful night.

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