Critter Profile: Vizzie!

Critter Profile: Vizzie!


Name: Vizzie!

Species: Capra aegagrus hircus (African Pygmy Goat)

Primary Caretaker: Terrestrial Team, Caleb Forest

Diet: Grass, weeds, and other vegetation.

Housed: Wilson Wildlife Center, Enclosure 7

Creature Features!

'Vizzie' is our name for an African Pygmy Goat we found right here in Boring, Oregon! We were on our monthly picnic outing in the fields, when suddenly one of our guys tripped right over the little fellow. Once we managed to get an eye on 'er, it looked like she'd been out there for weeks— she was so scratched-up and dirty— so we took her into our clinic.

As said above, her species originates all the way from Africa, so it was quite the surprise just finding her trottin' around our picnic grounds! Luckily, she must've been domesticated, for she adapted to her new home in Enclosure 7 quite swimmingly. (Plus, she just loves to be pet!)

Ol' Vizzie's an interesting critter, as she's very talented at sneaking up on folks who don't know her that well. In fact, it's completely impossible to even see her until you start thinkin' about her! If she hadn't tripped our guy back at the outing, we likely wouldn't have ever found her.


Vizzie is one of our most mysterious little critters. After we took her in, we tried asking around and putting up some posters, but nobody in town seemed to recognize her.

Luckily, Vizzie's taking quite the loving to us here at Wilson's! But she was quite the handful at first, always getting into places she didn't belong. In fact, the first day we had her she somehow sneaked out of her enclosure and got into the fridge, where she ate all our leftover Ceasar salad from the employee picnic!

Ever since more of our employees have gotten to know her, she's been on all of our minds, so it's been harder for her to sneak out. She might be a mischievous little goat, but we love her all the same!

Special Needs and Accommodations!

While Vizzie is one of our tamer critters here at Wilsons, she certainly demands a lot of attention! Luckily a guy over on our Terrestrial Team has taken quite a liking to her, and they've been spending a lot of time together recently. It's so cute, that guy is always thinking about Vizzie, it's practically impossible for him to take his eyes off her!

But even with Caleb, she always seems to disappear, sometimes for days on-end. She always comes back, of course, but it's very worrying. We've been trying to figure out how she gets out in the first place— if she has some unusuality we don't know about, but we don't have a clue what it could be.

We're all very concerned about her— sometimes Caleb even goes and sleeps out in the enclosure to make sure she doesn't disappear on us again. But even then, she vanishes out of nowhere.

She always seems very happy whenever she gets back, so we suppose that wherever she's going is safe, but still… Many of us know Vizzie's never going to abandon us, but it's very scary, the possibility that when she disappears we'll never see her again.

As much as we want to be able to be watching her twenty-four seven, we simply don't have the resources. Heck, cameras don't even pick her up unless they're being actively watched by someone who's familiar with her. There's not much else we can do but pray she'll come back.

Notes About Vizzie

This is mostly directed to all of our new members who aren't familiar with Vizzie, but you may have noticed coming in that there's no image of her! Well, since you've been reading up on her, maybe you'll be able to see her now.

Vizzie Incident [06/02/2019]
Entered by: Caleb Forest

After her seventh disappearance, Vizzie appeared in Enclosure 7 once more. She was snoozing right in her little bed, and I went to give 'er a little pat when I saw a small sheet of paper and a grey satchel sitting next to her pillow (yes, I know, I spoil her). So I looked in the satchel first and it was filled with almost six-hundred dollars in five-dollar bills, a bunch of random change, plus a bit of currency from a few foreign countries. There's pounds, rubles, rupees, bolívars… And that's just from what I've looked through so far.

Anyways, then I read the note… Let me upload a scan of it into here…

Hello there.

Thank you for finding and taking care of Cognito (though I think I've heard her assigned handler call her Vizzie?) for me without asking questions. I am very busy most of the time, so I can't bring her along everywhere.

I hope what's in the satchel covers her petsitting costs for the last few months and the next coming weeks. I'll be dropping by soon enough to visit her.

Again, thank you.

~ Nobody in particular.

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