Critter Profile: Sandra and George!
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Critter Profile: Sandra and George!



Name: Sandra and George

Species: Ambystoma mexicanum (Axolotl)

Primary Caretaker: Aquatics Team, Interns Holly and Sam Brown

Diet: Feed pellets and small strips of beef or liver (Absolutely no Brine Shrimp!)

Housed: Tank in break room

Creature Features!

Sandra and George are our names for two Axolotls we have here at Wilson's. They're both Sapient with intelligence levels just slightly lower than the average human dolphin. Unlike most Axolotls, both Sandra and George don't attack each other and instead will cuddle together under their favorite Java Fern, although the past few weeks they haven't been as much.

Speaking of humans, both Sanda and George used to be humans! They are both also able to live much longer than your average Axolotl with the supervisors estimating they'll live to be around 80 years old.

Both Sandra and George enjoy company and Sam and I (Holly!) will usually sleep near them next to their enclosure. They have a waterproof keyboard and love to send us messages! They are great with faces and will easily recognize you!

Excerpt of messages sent by Sandra and George:

thank you for caring for us

mmm more beef strips

don't leave us we feel so much more alive while you're here

our tank is wonderfully decorated thanks



George comforting Sandra

Sandra and George's recovery is a pretty personal experience for me. I'd like to tell you what happened from my own perspective.

Sam and I, and our parents were on vacation in Portland when we stumbled into a Way in a back alley and found ourselves in Three Portlands. There we came across a street vendor who was dressed in a large Axolotl costume. He was giving free samples of Brine Shrimp and our parents decided to try them. Once they ate them, they felt very nauseous and started to throw up. They even started to throw up more than just their stomach contents!

They continued to throw up and began shrinking. Since Sam and I were worried about them, we took them to the local hospital. After speaking with a nurse, a supervisor who was undercover at the hospital came to greet us instead. They were getting ready to give us what they referred to as "Amnestics" and ship the Axolotls (our parents) off to one of their facilities. Fae heard the news about two strange patients at the hospital and showed up on the scene shortly after the supervisors. She talked it over with them and they agreed to let Wilson's look after our parents. We were then hired as interns to care for our parents, and here we are!

Excerpt of messages sent by Sandra and George:

did you see the news last night

want to watch a movie with us

family movie night :)

I dont like this fading feeling

Special Needs and Accommodations!

A small rock house has been set up in the corner of their tank, along with many florae including Java Fern, Duckweed, and Water Lettuce. A small plastic armchair has been placed in view of the break room TV. We have set up a waterproof keyboard in their enclosure that allows them to type messages to anyone in their room.

Sandra likes to chat with anyone who comes by her and George's tank. She's very active and will swim around her enclosure to, as she puts it "keep [her] mind awake."

George mostly likes to watch the news and sports on the break room TV.

Excerpt of messages sent by Sandra and George:

youre doing great job

can you change the channel the game is starting

tank looks very dark and murky pls clean1

thank u for everything

Notes about Sandra and George!

A complete list of most recent messages sent by Sandra and George:

we love you

more food

keep remember

holly and sam

lov holly and sam

holly sam

godby lov u

giv fod

hkaaa ggrehj

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