Critter Profile: Potoooooooo!

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Critter Profile: Potoooooooo!



Such a handsome stallion!

Name: Potatoes (or Pot8os)
Species: Equus Caballus (Horse)
Primary Caretaker: Terrestrial Team, Jim Harris
Diet: Potatoes, Apples, Carrots or Hay
Housed: Wilson’s Wildlife Center, Enclosure 17

Creature Features!

Potatoes is our handsome stallion we rescued from an abandoned home here in Boring. Potatoes obviously was too much for his previous owners. Evidently, so much so that they left in a hurry (even without some of their belongings)! Potatoes doesn’t have any behavioral issues which was very fortunate for our Rescue Team (and even more fortunate for our terrestrial team)! He still, however, caused a ruckus while running around pre-capture. So you might be wondering: what’s so special about our sweet Potatoes? He generates a growing amount of potential energy when he runs, in the form of electricity. Now that might be interesting, but what’s even more special is that when he stops, he exerts it all, this beautiful lad is absolutely explosive!

Fun fact about our Potatoes: he absolutely loves prancing. This fantastic colt will put on a great show for caretakers by hopping around and practically bursting with electricity! He was almost definitely a show horse, and is an even better race horse, reaching speeds up to 120 MPH; now that’s a lot of horsepower!

You might have realized his profile says his name is "Potoooooooo," this is a formatting error, but we kept it as it gives him that much more character! This silly little colt doesn’t seem to mind either, as he responds both to "Potatoes" and "Pot-oo."



Potatoes loves hanging out with other horses, even if he's not always allowed to!

Now, we might have already mentioned we found him in an abandoned home, however, we don’t actually have that much information on his history. He did, however, give our Rescue Team quite the shock! While trying to wrangle Potatoes he was already prancing, so when they finally got him to stop, he ended up shocking the majority of them. He clearly expresses his regret by licking those involved, (they definitely forgive him)! Quite the electrifying experience!

Potatoes enjoys prancing with fellow colts, however this is considered dangerous. While it's allowed under supervision (to keep him as happy and healthy as possible)! He does also show a huge liking to our own Jim Harris. Jim is the one who feeds him and watches over him every day.

Special Needs and Accommodations!

Potatoes enjoys the presence of other animals; however, his abilities render him a danger to them if he begins his prancing. Sadly, this means he isn’t permitted to have visitations with other colts often. Even though visitation is limited this, however, hasn’t had much effect on his silly personality! Something to note is the fact he doesn’t like doctors’ visits. He has attempted multiple times to activate his ability during doctors’ visits mean that poor Potatoes must be unconscious beforehand. Even though doctors visits are a hassle, it definitely hasn’t stopped him from being a healthy and handsome horse!

Sent by: Jim Harris
Recipient(s): Tim Wilson
Date: 2009/02/23

Hey, Tim!

This is regarding Potatoes, while inspecting items we recovered during the rescue of our friend, we found a phone in a brown backpack. We’d like permission to continue to inspect this, so I’m emailing you over this issue. This may give us some history on our pal!

Jim Harris

Sent by: Tim Wilson
Recipient(s): Jim Harris
Date: 2009/02/24

Hey Jim!

Good work with Potatoes, he’s obviously acclimated well, and seems very well-mannered.
Regarding your previous email, you have my full permission and consent to look through the phone; however, please check with the police first as I want to make sure this is lawful. Maybe we can get some information on Potatoes, keep me updated!

Well wishes,

Sent by: Jim Harris
Recipient(s): Tim Wilson
Date: 2009/03/01

Getting back to ya,

First off thanks for the quick response, while the police were inspecting through the phone, they informed me it was empty save for a few texts. They had a look through it and gave me the go ahead to keep the texts as no one reclaimed it in the past week, and no contact was found. This one strange text conversation was interesting enough to warrant filing, which I’m now sending to you… Something to note was the phone was shortcircuited but we transferred the stored data to another phone. Keeping you updated is probably best. I made sure to attach it. Right side is the sender.

January 11th, 2009

9:13 AM

9:14 AM
A friend gave me this number, is anyone there?

9:15 AM
yes hello is dado fine pharmacist very sry type slow

9:16 AM
As I said, a friend gave me this number and told me you could do some weird funky magical shit, is that correct?

9:18 AM
yes is correct can make fine pharmaceutical what you need

9:18 AM
Alright, so this might be a weird request, I got sent your number by a friend who was getting annoyed about carpooling me. So, I was wondering if there was anyway you can make a form of transportation for me??

9:21 AM
dado is not making transports as dado is fine pharmaceutical

9:23 AM
Alright, it was worth a shot. I’m sure I can just start paying him.

9:25 AM
dado still might be able to help give dado minute

9:29 AM
so you want to go zooming right

9:30 AM
Yes, I want it to be really fast, I want to see his jaw drop after I race him. How much would it cost?

9:33 AM
just shipped free for dado has amazon prime thank for trust dado

9:34 AM
Thanks! You sure do work fast.

January 12th, 2009

11:21 AM
This is not a car, I asked for a car.

11:25 AM

11:27 AM
dado type slow like dado said

11:28 AM
you ask for zooming transporter dado be giving what you want

11:29 AM
No, I asked for a vehicle, a car, this is a horse.

11:31 AM
What the fuck?! It just… What the fuck did you do to the horse?

11:36 AM
as dado always be saying

11:37 AM
true capitalist never reveal secret of trade

11:38 AM
thanks for trust dado fine pharma and entrepreneur

The messages stored on the phone ended there, it was weird enough for me to warrant sending this to you, as I know they were talking about our pal Potatoes. We weren't able to find the sender, however the house post-op was determined to be a rental house and sustained major circuitry damage.

Best Regards,

Sent by: finepharma@dadonet
Recipient(s): t_wilson55@wilsoncenter
Date: 2009/03/04

hello tim man

it has come to the attention of dado fine pharma that will sons has gotten high power horse
dado would like to get horse back as product has failed at the expense of dado
this has made dado vry sad and dado would like to recall horse and resupply with fixed version for free

contact dado for free replacement

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