Critter Profile: Nuala!

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Critter Profile: Nuala!



Name: Nuala

Species: Pink Fairy Armadillo (Chlamyphorus truncatus)

Primary Caretaker: Terrestrial Team, Kali O'Leary

Diet: Ants, larvae, milk and honey tea, and various insects

Housed: Wilson's Wildlife Center, Enclosure 333

Creature Features!

When 'fairies' cross your mind, you usually don't think of armadillos, do you? Unless you're a fan of the Pink Fairy Armadillo, of course not! Those little ones are coated in mystery, being the smallest species of armadillo, and Nuala here is no different! But, we should've known there was something special the moment we spotted her.

Pink Fairy Armadillo sightings are rare enough as it is, but on what planet have ANY armadillos got adorable, pink wings? Nuala is a diva who decided to take her species name literally, and has become the trendsetter of the sanctuary with her stylish looks and spirit!

She's a very interesting girl, not to mention her intriguing display of abilities! Nuala might be young, but she's already mastered her own type of 'magic'! In all my years, I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. She loves making plants grow around her, and conjuring up her favourite treats! We aren't sure what else she's capable of, but if you catch a glimpse of Nuala outside her burrow, see if you can find anything new or peculiar in her enclosure!


We found Nuala in the the sandy plains of central Argentina, where most of her more normal siblings live! Meeting up with some zoologists around the area, our team was told about a peculiar influx of Pink Fairy Armadillo field sightings. As this species resides underground and is mostly nocturnal, this was something we decided to look into.

The species is already hard to observe, but what made it more frustrating is that they'd always show up whenever the cameras weren't set up properly. Whether it was taking a break, moving the cameras or simply turning our heads, we'd always catch glimpses of one burrowing just when it was too late.

Then soon after, one of the interns noticed something. Deep in the burrows of the armadillos, there seemed to be little doors! You couldn't see them unless you got really close. So, like any enthusiastic animal-lover would mindlessly do, I stuck my head in.

My coworkers have regarded me as…airheaded before, but at least it gets me somewhere!

So there I went, poking my head around the burrow, when the door opened. I jumped back, bumping my head on the roof as I came out. And there stood an angry Nuala, obviously enraged at the invasion of privacy.

The team and I were stunned. Nuala had wings! We snapped pictures of her like paparazzi, then left her with some privacy. Pink Fairy Armadillos are known to quickly die in captivity, so we didn't risk capturing her. We simply fenced off the area and left for the evening, ready to study first thing in the morning.

Imagine our shock when Nuala was stubbornly sitting in our truck's drivers seat! She wouldn't leave, so I put her on my lap and she simply stayed with us the rest of the journey. Maybe she realised the care she'd get in our sanctuary! Nuala now struts her stuff in Enclosure 333.

Special Needs and Accommodations!

Nuala is…a lot! Typically, she's fiery and loves to be pampered. She's also very interesting, as in she follows the many rules (albeit in a primitive armadillo fashion) of the well-known fairies and fae folk.
Nuala likes to keep things simple, and will eat things found in her natural environment. But, she doesn't mind a good cup of milk and honey tea as a treat!

Nuala shouldn't be handled often, and all jewellery and iron must be kept away from her enclosure. It is also highly advised NOT to agree to any deals Nuala may have offered to you, the first reason being we do not speak armadillo, the second being you could end up transformed into something non-human. Nuala gives what she gets, so being polite is encouraged.

Notes about Nuala!

Nuala has been enjoying her time at the sanctuary! It seems she prefers solitude, but something tells me she isn't one of a kind.

We've gotten reports of more winged Pink Fairy Armadillos around the same area, and in nearby towns too. I was told that in some homes, parents have woken up to find their child replaced with pink fairy armadillos.

It is unclear how or why, but my team and I are taking this very seriously.
Nuala doesn't care about the situation, but when one of our employees came in pregnant, she did seem to take extra notice…

Either way, while we handle the missing children problem, Nuala will be busy burrowing, napping and all the other things a Pink Fairy Armadillo does in our sanctuary!

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