Critter Profile: Miss Cassandra!

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Critter Profile: Miss Cassandra!



Name: Miss Cassandra

Species: Felis catus (Maine Coon)

Primary Caretaker: Terrestrial Team, Juneford Royfire

Diet: Raw fish (Her favorite's salmon and tuna!)

Housed: Wilson's Wildlife Center, Enclosure 52

Creature Features!

This loveable feline fellow here is our dear Miss Cassandra! (She really likes it when you call her that.) The way she walks, feeds, and acts is very fancy, anyone would say. And not only is our friend a polite and gentle cat, this lil' furball has its own proper voice to match! They say that all cats land on their feet, and frankly, so does Miss Cassandra here, but she does so in grace and style.

As well-mannered and elegant as she is, Miss Cassandra's quite the adventurous one too. Over the seven seas, you can see her sail across like a captain leading their crew to new islands to conquer and explore! In fact, she claims to be a pirate with a ship as tall as a skyscraper (wowza!). I hope the water hasn't drenched her luscious fur too harshly.

Miss Cassandra enjoys spending her time with our coworkers. We play all kinds of games and roleplay, but mostly relating to pirates and whatnot. Spending time with her has been quite splendid, really. She has a wild imagination. Space pirates, cookie stealers, ships full of walking, talking, sharks; the list goes on. "Huzzah!" we would say as we win the day against those dastardly crooks. Miss Cassandra can be overly triumphant when emerging victorious alongside our staff.



Place where we found her!

It was a lukewarm day on Juneford's break when he heard a knock on his holiday home's front door. As he pulled open, Miss Cassandra sat there, asking him to join her crew. Mr. Royfire managed to bring her here by offering her all the crew mates she could ever ask for. He said you wouldn't believe the sparkling in her eyes as he uttered those words. And as far as we can tell, she is having the time of her life here!

When the rest of the staff saw Juneford go through the halls that day with a cat tailing (hehe, 'tailing') him behind, they smiled in absolute joy. Then, we saw Miss Cassandra climb up some boxes and asked us to be a part of her crew. At first, we were surprised that this cat could speak, but we got used to it pretty quickly as we ventured off into the open tides.

We even made a pirate costume for her to wear. She smirked as she thanked us for our never-ending loyalty and support. Such confidence, I do say so myself!

Special Needs and Accommodations!

Her enclosure has been furnished to appeal to her taste. Sandy beaches, coconut trees, glimmering leaves, and skies full of puffy clouds. Every weekend, some of us gather in to play pirate with her, going on new and fresh adventures each time.

Apart from that, all Miss Cassandra really needs is some love and affection, as that is what she appreciates most. I remember one time she told us that she's glad to have us as company. The way she said it was very touching, so better give all your warmth and appreciation for the captain!

Notes about Miss Cassandra!

There was this one time where Juneford asked Miss Cassandra why she became a pirate in the first place. Luckily, he recorded the conversation too. Below is a transcription of the talk (Don't worry, we already asked Miss Cassandra for permission, and she was fine with it!).

Juneford: Hello, Miss Cassandra!

Miss Cassandra: Why hello there, Mr. Juneford! It is so great to see you here. What brings you to my lovely abode?

Juneford: Oh, nothing much. Just checking in…Actually, I was curious of something regarding your past.

Miss Cassandra: My oh my, is that so? Does my crew want to hear a relic of my past? What is it that you seek, dear?

Juneford: I want to know what inspired you. What lit the spark in Miss Cassandra to become such an immaculate captain?

Miss Cassandra: Dialing it real back, are we now? Give me some time to recollect those memories…

Juneford: Of course, of course. Take your time.

Miss Cassandra: Ah, now I remember!

Juneford: Please go ahead, Miss Cassandra.

Miss Cassandra: Yes, it was not too far long before I first met you. I was sitting by a window at this house, staring at this box through the window. It had animate pictures, and the people inside were able to speak.

Juneford: What happened next?

Miss Cassandra: Well, this show came up. I didn't know what exactly it was, but it had these talking animals, like me. A penguin, a moose, a kangaroo, and some…pink thing. Anyways, they were travelling the seas as they sang together in joy and happiness. It was beautiful.

Juneford: So that's what made you want to do the same?

Miss Cassandra: Yes, I aspired to become one of the best captains known worldwide because of that one magnificent movie. I bet they'll be proud of me once I sail the planet! I just wonder where I can see them again.

Juneford: That is great to hear, captain…Maybe we can find that film you watched. Is there anything you recall that can help us search for it easier?

Miss Cassandra: Hmm, let's see here…

Miss Cassandra: I got it!

Juneford: Let's here it, then.

Miss Cassandra: It was an iconic song from the episode. Always stuck with me ever since. The very definition of good, pure music.

Juneford: What was it about?

Miss Cassandra: It has been a while since I've listened to it, so my memory's pretty hazy, but I think they were singing about being in some group called the "Castaways."

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