Critter Profile: Midas!

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Critter Profile: Midas!



Name: Midas

Species: Canis lupus familiaris (Old English Sheepdog)

Primary Caretaker: Terrestrial Team, Ayden Ehrlich

Diet: Dog food (don't forget his medication!)

Housed: Wilson's Wildlife Center, Enclosure 9

Creature Features!

'Midas' is our name for our macho rescue Sheepdog we found in an abandoned factory down here in Oregon. We think Midas had a tough life; he's a feisty little one. He was just skin and bones when we first found him, and he didn't take kindly to our Rescue Team. But don't let his history put you off, we here at Wilson's are confident that we'll dissolve Midas's tough-guy shell in no time!

You're probably wondering what's so special about our Midas. Well, Midas has the not-so-subtle effect of spreading his fuzzy coat onto everything he's standing on when he gets frightened. Midas also has a bit of an aggression problem, which wouldn't be so bad if his bites didn't turn you into a big pile of fluff!

Midas loves his little red ball. He takes really good care of it — he's kept it in perfect condition for months now! We're pretty sure it's his safety blanket. He takes it everywhere he goes. He even sleeps next to it!

Midas isn't quite ready to play with others yet. We're working on it, but be sure to give him his tranquillizers before you take him out of his kennel.



He's all tuckered out after a long day of therapy.

We already touched upon it, but we don't think Midas had the happiest of days before we rescued him. He was in a dark room at the back of an abandoned factory, where he was living on whatever he could find. His little room was practically full of his soft, characteristic fur.

He gave our Recovery Team a scare when he came barrelling out of that room like nobody's business. Gave us an even bigger one when he went for our teams' legs and turned their armor into fleece! Luckily, our team managed to pacify him before he got away. Our condolences to Roger and Jacob, who weren't as lucky (Dennis, if you're reading this — it's ok. Take all the time off you need. Your mental health means more to us than anything.)

Midas is a clever mutt. We don't really know what to do with him at this point. We've tried everything, but he always finds a way to escape. Any enclosure we put him in just gets fluff-ified and it's starting to drive us crazy! We've worked out a complicated system involving muzzles, tranquillizers and steel reinforced fur-armor (since Midas can't turn fur into more fur it seems to work to some degree), but Midas is chewing through our funds both literally and figuratively.

Special Needs and Accommodations!

Midas is a lone wolf, and he doesn't take very kindly to strangers of any kind. We're trying to show him our love and affection through therapy (and we're making good progress!) but Midas still has a long way to go before he's ready to be handled safely. Please respect Midas's bounds and only let the trained professionals play with him.

We're still trying to figure out Midas's accommodations since everything we've tried so far hasn't worked for very long. Regular kennels don't work since he just turns the bars into fluff. We've resorted to housing Midas in one of our play fields all by himself with just a regular doghouse in the middle. It works for now, but once Winter comes around we're going to have a really serious problem!

Midas has been off his food lately. We think he's cottoned on to our trick of putting his medication into his food (maybe the medication makes the meat taste weird?). We can't let the poor guy starve, but we really don't know what else to do. If anyone has any suggestions, please let the Terrestrial Team know!

Sent by: Tim Wilson
Recipient(s): Ayden Ehrlich
Date: 2008/04/10


Good work with Midas! I'm glad to hear that he's acclimating to the enclosure well. Slow progress is still progress — you'd do well to remember that, Ayden! I'm glad you're both settling into your new positions at Wilson's. It's always a pleasure to get fresh recruits.

Do you think you'd be able to look into the factory that Midas was found in?

Thanks in advance!

— Tim

Sent by: Ayden Ehrlich
Recipient(s): Tim Wilson
Date: 2008/04/10

Hi Tim!

I've dug around in paperwork for a while now, but I can't seem to track down anyone who manned the place. I'll definitely keep digging.

Turns out it used to be some sort of carpet factory? They used to produce fine shag carpets en masse. Didn't last long at any rate; it got closed down after reports of people going missing around the factory.

Hope that helps clears things up a little! And thanks for the kind words, Tim!

Kind regards,

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