Critter Profile: Geist!

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Critter Profile: Geist!



Geist in his favorite chair!

Name: Geist

Species: Felis catus (Cat)

Primary Caretaker: Terrestrial Team, Jason Outer

Diet: Live mice

Housed: Wilson's Wildlife Center, Enclosure 15

Creature Features!

If you wish to give Geist those sweet skritch-skrotches that cats and dogs tend to appreciate, you better be careful, because this tabby is a feisty one! He's not very cuddly or lovey-dovey, so while he does enjoy care and attention as much as the next cat, you should be careful not to linger too long, or else he's gonna get all grumpy! With Geist that is a little more problematic than most cats, since usually all they can do is scratch and bite, but our Geist here has telekinesis. That means he can move stuff with his mind! That's right, we all know how much cats love knocking things off tables and other ledges and Geist doesn't need to lift a paw to fulfill those mischievous urges! His abilities are quite strong as well, though, which means that if he gets annoyed with you, he can throw you to the side as easily as well. Sometimes he also likes to lift himself up, which looks like he's floating!

He seems to think very highly of himself and carries himself with a sense of dignity unlike any cat I have ever seen! The way he saunters everywhere is like he owns the world. Even his culinary tastes are elitist, he only accepts live food! He wants us to give him live mice that he can then catch, or otherwise he refuses to eat. It's kind of gruesome, really. He catches them with his spectacular abilities and then rips them apart before eating the remains. We've been trying to get him accustomed to normal cat food because we don't like looking at any animals in needless pain but we can't let the guy starve either.

His abilities also make him somewhat of an escape artist! When we first got him, he used to slip out every time somebody wasn't looking and then return hours later as if nothing happened! Since then, we've had to adjust the doors and windows so that there is no way he could get them open without breaking them. That said, his abilities are so powerful that he has occasionally resorted to simply smashing down the walls of his enclosure! We've had to reinforce them with steel plating to make it harder for him.


Geist was found causing a bit of a ruckus in one of our lovely neighboring communities, Orient! He was adopted by a family there, but unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be.

According to the family, they didn't first realize that there was anything peculiar about the tabby, but the little girl said that she had always found him "creepy, as if something had just disguised itself as a cat". I'm not gonna lie, Geist can be quite chilling at times when he looks at you with those big, serious eyes of his, but I wouldn't go that far.

Anyway, soon after, weird things began to happen. They say the cat would disappear during the day and come back at night. That in itself isn't especially peculiar for cats, but the mutilated animal parts that they found on their backyard the next morning sure were weird, said the father of the family. We all know Geist likes to do that to rodents, but the father of the family talked about deer, wolf, even bear parts! I think that that's pure hoppycock though. Geist can't eat anything that big, why would he go on a needless killing spree like that? Besides, the grumpy lil man has never hurt another animal here, aside from those mice we feed him.

We here at the Sanctuary were notified when the cat started floating all over the place! We found him in the middle of Orient, just chilling five feet off the ground! He had caught some poor kid, who he was dragging in the air like a yo-yo! It took some time, but we finally managed to persuade him to let the kid go and to come back down. After that, he came with us without much of a fight and he's been here ever since. The family had called him "Colleen", but he didn't seem to like that, so we named him Geist, after "poltergeist", instead!

Special Needs & Accomodations!

Geist has a cozy little enclosure, made to look like a little cabin. He has plenty of space to run around, and all sorts of items that he can climb. His favorite is a chair made of bamboo, which he always sleeps in! Geist once gave one of our interns an impressive bruise after they tried to take his chair for cleaning.

Various toys and other cat activities (cat-tivities?) have been scattered around the room, so that Geist will never run out of things to do! I visit him regularly to spend some quality time with him, and he seems to appreciate my attention more than others. He's even let me cuddle with him a few times!

Sent by: Jason Outer
Recipient(s): Anra The Oracle
Date: 2020/03/10

Hey Anra!

Just checking in to see if you're still coming tomorrow. Your support for our cause has been very helpful and we want to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled, so if there's anything you want us to prepare for you in advance (within reason of course) then don't be afraid to ask.

Oh! And I know how much you love cats, so I'm letting you know that we have acquired a new tabby since you last visited! He's a bit of a grump, but I'm sure that you of all people will get along with him.

Sent by: Anra The Oracle
Recipient(s): Jason Outer
Date: 2020/03/10

Hello, Jason. Thank you for the thoughtful message.

I require nothing specific, but I will be sure to take a look at the newest addition to your family while I'm there. See you tomorrow.

May the moon walk with you - Anra.

Sent by: Anra The Oracle
Recipient(s): Jason Outer
Date: 2020/12/03

Jason, I have something urgent that you need to hear.

When I was there yesterday, I saw something awful. I do not think that that new cat of yours, Geist, is a cat at all. No, it is something much, much worse, that for some reason only looks like a cat.

When you fed that mouse to it, you claimed that it possesses telekinesis, but I do not believe that to be the case either, for I saw the transparent but clear outline of a tentacle whip out from a shifting mass of some sort and wrap around the poor rodent. When it began to eat, instead of a small cat mouth finishing its meal, I saw an aperture open in the mass and swallow the mouse whole.

You know that I am in touch with the unseen and the unfelt, which is probably why I could see it. But I think it also saw me. When it finished its meal it looked at me with those big, yellow eyes. But there weren't just two, there were hundreds of shifting eyes full of intellect and anger. I saw those eyes in my dreams last night, Jason. I cannot get rid of them.

Jason, I am not lying. I was not hallucinating. I believe you, and probably your entire operation are in grave danger. It knows now that its cover has been made. Why it has been hiding so long I can only imagine, but I suspect that it will do whatever it is planning very soon.

May the moon indeed walk with you - Anra.

Sent by: Jason Outer
Recipient(s): Anra The Oracle
Date: 2020/12/03

Hello Anra!

Anra, I can see you are clearly distraught, but you must be overreacting. Geist isn't some eldritch beast, he's a cat! Why on Earth would an eldritch beast disguise itself as a cat? I do believe you saw something, but maybe it was just Geist's aura. You see those, right? It was also very hot outside yesterday, the heat might have affected your vision. I'm telling you, there's nothing to worry about.

Sent by: Tim Wilson
Recipient(s): Anra The Oracle
Date: 2020/13/03


This is Tim Wilson, the founder of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions. I know you and Jason were close, so I just wanted to let you know that you were right. There was more to Geist than we thought.

This morning, Jason went to feed him, but something happened. We found Jason curled up on the floor, babbling nonsense and clawing at his own skin. The far wall of the cabin had collapsed, and Geist, or its chair, were nowhere to be found. Later we also found one of our other animals slaughtered and hanged by his own intestines. May he rest in peace.

We currently have no idea where Geist went, but the Supervisors have assured us that we don't need to worry about it. This is truly a dark day for Wilson's Wildlife Solutions. I'm truly sorry for Jason. He's in Oregon State Hospital if you want to go see him.

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