WWS Auction File: Critter 191-15V

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WWS Auction File
Critter 191-15V


Status: In Auction

Demand: High

Identifier: Critter 191-15V

Species: Puma concolor

Primary Caretaker: Automated Intelligent Caretaker (AIC) for AS-15V

Diet: Carnivorous

Housed: Auction Storage 15V


Critter 191-15V is a Puma concolor that possesses the ability to create anomalies in the local space-time, leading to the creation of Ways across timelines.
Due to this, Critter 191-15V has become a valuable asset to WWS, and has earned the "High" demand value — bidding starts at 1.5M$

Ways opened by Critter 191-15V will remain open so long as the item intends on traversing it.


Critter 191-15V appeared through a Way and entered a WWS facility on 5/12/2103, and was promptly contained by security personnel.

Critter 191-15V's properties were first exploited on 11/27/2103 to recover an asset that had been lost in a localized timeshift.

Storage Requirements.

Due to Critter 191-15V's anomalous properties, it is to be kept in a comatose state until it is necessary for use.
During use, Placeholder-Gears Ontokinetic Sinks are to be activated in order to avoid the creation of unwanted Ways.


Bidding for Critter 191-15V will take place in a WWS Public Center on 1/04/2104.

Anyone who intends on attending will have to take a full registration test for logging in to the internal WWS database.







Auction Report


Dr. Willa Stewart: Male, 34 — Containment Specialist, SCP Foundation.

Peter Bruce: Male, 51 — Civilian

Charlie Ambrose: Female, 30 — Manager, Ambrose Restaurants

Mrs. Isabelle Wondertainment III: Female, 25 — CEO, Dr. Wondertainment Inc

Dr. York Lancaster: Male, 67 — Overseer, SCP Foundation

Faeowynn Wilson: Female, 31 — Claims to be the CEO of WWS



During the auction, Faeowynn Wilson ran up into the stage and stole the then-comatose body of Critter 191-15V.
Auction has been deemed unsuccessful and a valuable asset has been lost.

Faeowynn Wilson has been declared to be dangerous and personnel are currently looking into possibly applying termination.







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