Critter Profile: Constantine!
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Critter Profile: Constantine!



Name: Constantine

Species: Betta splendens (Betta/Siamese Fighting Fish)

Primary Caretaker: Aquatics Team, Cassandra Kilen

Diet: Small pellets and live bloodworms

Housed: Wilson's Wildlife Center, Freshwater Enclosure 12

Creature Features!

Constantine is the name of one of our betta fish down here at Wilson's! Constantine was found in a household down in Medford a few weeks ago, where he wasn't treated very well. He was as bloated as a hippo and as sad as a squonk. But we here at Wilson's are working hard to get this guy back in shape!

While most bettas have vibrant colors, Constantine is special! The colors of his scales will change depending on how the big guy is feeling. If Constantine is feeling more than one emotion at once (which he usually is) he'll display multiple colors at a time! So far, we've seen our boy show 9 different colors, which I've listed below!

  • Blue - Depression, upset, sadness, despair.
  • Red - Anger, frustration, annoyance.
  • Purple - Anxiety, fear, horror.
  • Yellow - Excitement, enthusiastic.
  • Green - Confusion, unsure, contemplation.
  • Orange - Interest, fascination.
  • Pink - Admiration, Awe.
  • Black - Physical Pain.

As you can tell from the picture above, Constantine isn't always very happy. This is mostly because of the guy's tough medical conditions due to the way he was housed before we took him in. But not to worry! Our aquatic vet Dr. Anne works with our boy on a daily basis to make sure he can make a full and fishy recovery!

Constantine is also smarter than he looks. He's learned the meaning of the word "food" and comes swimming to the front of his tank whenever he hears it! He really is a sweet boy, he just needs to come out of his shell.


As I said before, Constantine did not have the best life before his time at Wilson's. He was owned by one of my nephews, who didn't exactly know how to care for the little guy. I was at their house when I noticed him in the living room. He was in a little one-gallon tank, with no heater, filter, anything. The water line was halfway down the tank and through the heavy water stains I could barely see the little guy at the front of the tank, staring at me with those big ol' eyes.

I went and asked my sister about him, and she told me they'd had him for two whole years! It's a miracle he survived that long! I offered to take him, and she didn't seem to care too much. So I grabbed his tank, bought him some food, and brought him down to Wilson's! We gave him a big 40-gallon tank to live in, you should've seen how yellow he was for the first few days!

Dr. Anne performed a check up on Constantine the day after he arrived, and diagnosed him with fin rot, popeye, gill flukes, columnaris, and a mild case of ich. Just goes to show how strong our boy is! Who knows how long he's been sick for?

Dr. Anne also told me that she's pretty sure Constantine is depressed, most likely because of the horrible conditions he was kept in. So our Aquatic team is going to try to cheer up the little guys life with lots of fun betta stuff!

Special Needs and Accommodations!

Since Constantine is still very sick, Dr. Anne is treating him on a daily basis. Every day, Dr. Anne will come in and give Constantine his antibiotics, as well as dosing an anti-bacterial medication into his tank. Once a week, Constantine will get a 30 minute Epsom salt bath! He doesn't like it very much, but we know it will help.

Constantine's tank chores can be found on the clipboard in the tank's cupboard. Any questions should go right to me (Cassandra) or Dr. Anne.

Sent by: Faeowynn Wilson
Recipient(s): Sophia Turner
Date: 2025/07/14

Dear Sophia,

Sending you our monthly check-in for Constantine! Unfortunately, he's not doing too well. Mentally, he seems somewhat happier, he gets streaks of yellow on his scales more often, and he seems much more lively.

Physically, however, he's not doing the best. Dr. Anne's been giving him his medications daily, along with his weekly baths, but it's not doing it for him. It's not all bad however! The antibiotics cured his popeye and ich pretty quickly, and his fins are beginning to grow back! He still has that columnaris fungus infection though, and his gill flukes are persisting.

I'm not about to lose hope on the big guy, but his chances are just getting slimmer. If there is anything you guys can do, let me know.

Thank you,

Faeowynn Wilson

Sent by: Faeowynn Wilson
Recipient(s): Sophia Turner
Date: 2025/07/16

Dear Sophia,

The supplement arrived today! Dr. Anne is going to begin prescribing it to Constantine tomorrow. I have to say, I do appreciate your help with our boy, this could very well save his life.


Faeowynn Wilson

Sent by: Faeowynn Wilson
Recipient(s): Sophia Turner
Date: 2025/07/21

Dear Sophia,

Sending you our weekly check-in for Constantine! He's doing a lot better than before! The supplement you sent us must be something special, as it has already cured his gill flukes! His columnaris infection is still persistent as ever, but he seems much more comfortable now that his gills are all good.

The little guy also seems to get a little bit happier every day! Yesterday when Cassandra went to feed him, he turned almost completely yellow when he heard "food"! The little guy had a bunch of pink scales too! I'm so glad that he seems to be lightening up.


Faeowynn Wilson

Sent by: Faeowynn Wilson
Recipient(s): Sophia Turner
Date: 2025/07/28

Dear Sophia,

Another weekly check-in for Constantine! He's doing fairly well, physically, at least. His columnaris infection is still at it, the nasty bugger. It's spreading a little slower, but not by much. Mentally, however, he seems a lot less bright than last week. I think he was happy to have those nasty gill flukes gone, but the euphoria from that seems to have dissipated and he has gone back to his depressive behaviors.

We hardly see streaks of yellow anymore, only really during his feeding time. I know the supplement that you guys gave us is working, but something inside me tells me it's not going to be enough.

I sure do hope this stuff works, I'm rooting for the guy.


Faeowynn Wilson

Sent by: Faeowynn Wilson
Recipient(s): Sophia Turner
Date: 2025/08/4

Dear Sophia,

Checking in again for Constantine. He's not doing well. He hasn't shown any colors other than blue, purple, and black this past week. His columnaris has stopped spreading, but the stuff seems to be intensifying in the spots it's already infected. He's lost a few scales and is really only ever at the bottom of the tank. He only comes up when he wants to eat. He doesn't even react to words anymore, the poor fellow just sat there while we did a water change on his tank.

Dr. Anne's been providing Constantine with your supplement, as well as other antibiotics and medications daily. She always makes sure to give him his salt bath, every week. We are doing everything we can to help Constantine heal, but it's not working. Dr. Anne told me that Constantine might need surgery to keep him alive. I know he's an older lad, but bettas can live up to 5 years on average.

I am formally asking you folks for some additional assistance with Constantine. We need your help.

Faeowynn Wilson

Sent by: Faeowynn Wilson
Recipient(s): Renald Jonkeln
Date: 2025/08/08

Dear Mr. Jonkeln,

I would like to schedule a meeting with Site-64's director of research as soon as possible. I have some issues I have to work out with him.


Faeowynn Wilson


Date: 2025/08/10

Faeowynn Wilson is seen sitting in Site-64's Administrative Office area waiting room. She is the only individual present. Her left foot is rapidly tapping against the floor.

After approximately 15 minutes, a man enters from a door behind the front desk.

Jonkeln: Sorry for the wait, Ms. Wilson. Doctor Sanchez will see you now.

Wilson: Thank you.

Wilson gets up and quickly moves towards the office entrance. Jonkeln begins to follow, but Wilson pushes the door open before he can approach her.

Jonkeln: Oh, allow me to-

Wilson: No no, that won't be necessary. But thank you.

Before Jonkeln can respond, Wilson enters the office area and begins examining the name tags on each door until she reaches Dr. Sanchez's office. Dr. Sanchez is seen looking over several documents at his desk. After reaching the office door, she grabs the knob and swings the door open. Dr. Sanchez looks up from his desk as Wilson enters the room.

Dr. Sanchez: Oh, Ms. Wilson! I didn't expect you this early. Is Renald out there? He usually escorts visitors to-

Wilson: I escorted myself. I know my way.

Wilson moves forwards and sits down in a chair across from Dr. Sanchez's desk

Dr. Sanchez: Well then, let's get right to it. You weren't very specific in your email about what you wanted to talk about, Ms. Wilson. But you did mention some… issues?

Wilson: Yes, I did. But I have a question for you first, Mr. Sanchez. Were you there when they signed the Boring Agreement?

Dr. Sanchez: I beg your pardon?

Wilson: In 2008. After that incident with the Polar Bear, everyone important here met with Wilson's Wildlife Solutions, and together, they formed the Boring Agreement. I'm asking you if you were there that day.

Dr. Sanchez: …why yes, I was. Although, I didn't say much that day. I just signed the document.

Wilson: But you know what was written on it?

Dr. Sanchez: Yes, the agreement was put together over the course of a few days, after which we had a final reading, where Director Holman went over the entire document.

Wilson: Great! So you're aware of Article 19 Section 8?


Dr. Sanchez: Ms. Wilson, is this about the request you submitted? Because-

Wilson: I was never informed of the existence of this clause. How in the world am I, Faeowynn Wilson, unaware of a clause in the Boring Agreement?

Dr. Sanchez: I'm not quite sure, Ms. Wilson. You did read over the Agreement when you took over Wilson's, correct?

Wilson: Of course I did! Edgar handed me the whole packet!

Dr. Sanchez: Then perhaps you forgot about Section 8? Or simply glossed over it?

Wilson: I don't know. It doesn't matter. The point is, I never agreed to this section of the Boring Agreement.

Dr. Sanchez: Ms. Wilson, you weren't there when the agreement was signed. Your…

A pause

Dr. Sanchez: Your father agreed to Section 8. He was the one who needed to agree. You weren't even sixteen when it was signed.

(Wilson scoffs.)

Wilson: That doesn't mean that It needs to be kept that way! My dad's not the owner of Wilson's anymore, I am. So shouldn't I get a say in what's in the Boring Agreement?

Dr. Sanchez: Are you suggesting an amendment be made to the Boring Agreement?

Wilson: Maybe I am.

Dr. Sanchez: Ms. Wilson, you know that would be extremely difficult to achieve. Especially over a situation as low priority as this.

Wilson: Low priority?

Dr. Sanchez: Ms Wilson, the anomaly you're making this request over is just a fish.

Wilson: Just a fish? He's an animal! An animal in our care! Not just in my care, but in the care of both of our organizations! He's a living thing, and he's dying!

Dr. Sanchez: Yes, yes I know he is. That doesn't change the fact that he is a low-priority anomaly. His properties are minimal, and he isn't expected to be around for long.

Wilson: That's not fair. That doesn't mean he shouldn't be given a life of quality! He deserves it after all he's been through!

Dr. Sanchez: This isn't about being fair, Ms. Wilson.

Wilson: No, it isn't. You've made that abundantly clear. Either way, I want changes made to the agreement.

Dr. Sanchez: It really isn't that simple. Even if you got everyone who signed the document to agree to make a change, that would take months to actually complete.

Wilson: Months? You can't just email everyone and get them together?

Dr. Sanchez: It's more complicated than that. We'd need to find a time where everyone is available, we'd need to agree on which section is being changed, and then agree on an amendment.

(Wilson is silent. She puts her hand to the side of her head.)

Wilson: So you're going to let Constantine die. Just like that?

Dr. Sanchez: Well, you can submit a request for an amendment to-

Wilson: Constantine doesn't have fucking months to live at this rate! He needs help now! You helped us before, you sent us your supplement, what makes it different now? And don't say "We've provided you with sufficient resources to aid him in a full recovery", because you haven't.

Dr. Sanchez: Well, in that case, we're back to Article 19 Section 8. The Foundation cannot provide advanced medical assistance to entities under 9.5 centimeters long. Constantine falls under this length.

Wilson: Bullshit. Why does the size of the critter matter? He's still a living thing all the same!

Dr. Sanchez: Yes, well, smaller anomalies tend to possess much more mundane anomalous properties. They simply aren't a priority on the Foundation's to-do list.

Wilson: So because he's not as wacky as whatever else you guys have, he's not as important? His life is valued less?

Dr. Sanchez: There's also the matter of cost. Advanced surgical procedures on smaller anomalies are quite expensive.

Wilson: …expensive? I know damn well you folks have the funds! Have you seen this place? Don't act like you're short on cash!

(Dr. Sanchez sighs)

Dr. Sanchez: Fae, I'm sorry. I really am. I know things like this mean a lot to you. But there's nothing I can do about it. If it makes you feel better, I'll submit the request for you. I'm not sure what good it will do, but I'll do my best.

(Wilson sighs. She looks to the floor.)

Wilson: If I know you guys, he'll be dead by the time they care.

(Wilson stands up. She looks to Dr. Sanchez, then turns to the door, and exits.)


Sent by: Faeowynn Wilson
Recipient(s): Sophia Turner
Date: 2025/08/11

Sending you Constantine's weekly check-in.

Dr. Anne messaged me this morning. She informed me that Constantine's scales are pineconing, and that he's extremely bloated. She's diagnosed him with dropsy. While dropsy can be a symptom of several different diseases, it's almost always fatal. Anne told me that he wasn't showing symptoms yesterday, so he must've pineconed overnight.

She told me that at this rate, he could be dead by tomorrow unless we perform emergency surgery on him. But we don't have the equipment nor the funds to do so. However, due to Constantine's severe bloating situation, he's grown over 9.5cm long, which means you guys can perform surgery on him.

Give me a call, and we'll work out what's going to happen. Dr. Anne will be getting Constantine ready for surgery.

Faeowynn Wilson

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