Critter Profile: Cappi!

Critter Profile: Cappi!


Name: Cappi

Species: CapsulePet™ presented by Dr. Wondertainment!™

Primary Caretaker: Quincy Ridge (sometimes accompanied by Harper Ridge)

Diet: Water, and as a rare treat, flies.

Housed: Habitat 1

Creature Features!

Cappi is the name for our giant, two-meter-tall CapsulePet™, who is actually a lizard! As you can probably tell, she was made by Dr. Wondertainment!™, who for some reason cares way too much about intellectual property. I can't even take a picture of her for godsakes, an error comes up on my camera that 'taking pictures of unsold company property in its active state is not allowed', so I suppose that her egg was stolen? We're not sure.

Anyways, Cappi is, yes, massive, likely because of all the water she absorbs into her soft, spongy skin. She's fairly low-maintenance for being the largest animal that we have, though we do like to treat her with sponge baths and insects from time to time!



Cappi's egg!

Months ago, seven-year-old Harper Ridge discovered Cappi's egg when he was playing in the woods with his friends. I'll just… transcribe what he told us.

Me and Pete were playin' in the forest behind Pete's house, and I was lookin' for a good walking stick when I found Cappi! She was still in her egg, but I could feel her in there, so I took her home. Dad thought it was a rock, he didn't even believe me.

Well, I knew Cappi was alive, so I held her and warmed her up and washed off her dirty shell in the tub, but then… she started to crack!

When she came out of her shell, she was just a little baby lizard. But she started growing fast, the bathtub was almost empty even though I had the faucet going! It was pretty crazy, but she was really nice, she even crawled up into my arms once I turned the bath off.

After a while of me playin' with her, my dad walked in, and he looked pretty surprised. He said that while we could keep her, she was getting too big for the bathtub, so now she's living at Wilson's. Sometimes my dad even takes me there to play with her!

Special Needs and Accommodations!

We really didn't have any idea where to keep Cappi at first, mostly because, well, she kept on getting bigger! Thankfully, she isn't growing anymore, so we're able to keep her in a nice fenced off area with its own pond in it, which she shares with some of our ducks, geese, and other waterfowl.

We were originally a bit too nervous about her accidentally crushing the birds, but she's actually very gentle with them, making sure to move slowly whenever they get close. Cappi even lets them sit on her sometimes! It's very cute to see her snoozing with a bunch of swans on her head.

Notes about Cappi!

As said above, Cappi is a surprisingly simple animal for being so big. We did have a small concern when Cappi kept on trying to catch any planes that went overhead, but her tongue is short enough that it isn't a problem. Usually she just hits the net anyways.

Cappi Incident [1998/06/30]
Entered by: Quincy Ridge

I'm not even sure where to start.

There was an earthquake earlier. Not sure what magnitude, but it seemed more intense than they usually are, so I left to go check on some animals to make sure they didn't get stressed and act out. When I came to check on Cappi, she was looking at the sky. It's only until the sun was blocked out that I realized what she was staring at: a fly. A fly as big as her.

I suppose Cappi saw it like any normal insect, because she flicked her tongue up, wrapping up the insect, and tried to pull it back into her mouth, but it was too big to fit through the net. I wish it had just given way.

Instead, the net started cutting in, dividing it into tiny little pieces, most of which fell into Cappi's mouth. One of which fell onto me. Fly blood is disgusting, by the way.

Anyways, I hosed myself off and ran back into the Shelter to try and contact the Supervisors, but they didn't pick up. Then Tim turned on the news, and…

Others got it much worse.

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