Critter Profile: Big Blue!

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Critter Profile: Big Blue!



Name: Big Blue

Species: Euclidean right angle cubic (Cube)

Primary Caretaker: TBD, Jeremy Filia

Diet: Architecture, any of them will do (the Supervisors help with this one!)

Housed: Wilson's Wildlife Center, Enclosure 54

Creature Features!

Big Blue is a special creature, and one we've never seen the likes of before! And we've seen a lot! Big Blue is an ambient shade of sky blue, except we haven't really nailed down the exact shade. The Supervisors said something about extra-sensory colors that we haven't evolved to see, but that just makes Big Blue even more special!

Big Blue enjoys being incorporeal, and passes through objects as if they weren't there. When they're sleepy, they'll slowly float down, entering the ground, and we'll lose track of Big Blue. Don't worry, they always come back!

Although the picture makes Big Blue look huge, that's actually not their only size! Big Blue can change how big or small they are, and prefers being about the size of a Rubik's Cube, although they like to compete against other box shaped objects. Before eating, they'll grow until they are as big as the thing they're eating!

Besides that, Big Blue isn't too excitable, and likes to take it slow. When they're not eating or playing, they'll slowly bounce around the room like a screensaver.



Tiny mode!

The Supervisors found Big Blue while investigating the disappearance of a few houses in California. People found themselves seeing blue, and then without a home! Quite the shocking ordeal, and quite a lot of angry people, seeing as the property tax of California ain't nothing to scoff at!

Seeing as Oregon was next door to the good old Golden State, the Supervisors trucked Big Blue over in the middle of the night and left us the truck and Blue, and we've been hitting it off ever since!

Fun fact, the Supervisors let us figure out exactly what Big Blue was about, and seeing as this is the first real scientific work they let us do, we weren't about to fail! Plus, it was our chance to get down and dirty with a bona fide new species! Put our animal know-how to the test!

Special Needs and Accommodations!

Big Blue loves architecture, and it doesn't matter too much what they eat, but they eat a lot. While that's not too much of a problem, finding old houses to give to Big Blue, they'll still eat every month or so. It seems the quality of the building and the size of the house has to do with how long Big Blue'll last before the next meal!

That's why we got the Supervisors to build castles every now and then! Stone is both heavy and beautiful, seeing as we got a lot of chiseling tools to play around with. That way, we feed Big Blue every couple of years and they'll be satisfied for a long while!

Make sure to start building the next castle ahead of time! Also, clean the place. If it's dusty at feeding time, it'll actually go down in quality, and you'll need to feed Big Blue again soon! Even though we got Big Blue's feeding time down pat, just in case you need to tell that they're hungry, they'll start to spin aggressively. You'll know what that looks like when you see it.

Birdhouses can also be given to Big Blue as a snack, provided by the beginners at the local woodworking class!

One last thing, and this is VERY IMPORTANT. Let Big Blue out of their enclosure WAY BEFORE they need to eat, otherwise, they'll EAT the enclosures. That would release all our critters, and that would be a disaster!

Notes about Big Blue!

Big Blue loves to be held, but just with your hands! They don't like hugs too much.

The name Big Blue isn't just because they're blue! Big Blue is also a fantastic chess player, and regularly beats Yuri Smirnoff, our local grandmaster! Make sure the chess board isn't friction-y, otherwise, Big Blue will have a hard time pushing the pieces around the board! Big Blue is also a good sport!

As mentioned before, Big Blue likes to size up other box shaped objects. It's always fun to see Big Blue pushing around other boxes. Big Blue especially likes it when you put a box on a table for them to push off. Try to make sure there aren't any important boxes near Big Blue's enclosure. Big Blue nearly put the computer out of commission because the console was near a pool of water. Since then, we've filed the edges off boxes, although Big Blue is still wary around them.

Sent by: Jeremy Filia
Recipient(s): Big Blue Team; (3) people
Date: 8/3/2021

Dear everyone,

So I was watching over our Big Blue here, and it seems not quite as happy as it used to be. They've been moving around a bit more sluggishly than usual, and they weren't even excited to have a snack. I think something's wrong with Big Blue, but in the meantime, I'll keep watching them. You don't have to respond to this one.

Sent by: Jeremy Filia
Recipient(s): Big Blue Team; (3) people
Date: 8/10/2021

Dear everyone,

I've basically confirmed it. Big Blue became uninterested in the middle of a game and let their opponent win by a landslide, letting him checkmate a couple turns early. Big Blue won't eat, won't play, won't even sleep. They just… lie down, not even falling.


Please gather as many people as you can. I know none of us are trained in euclidean/abstract biology, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

Sent by: Jeremy Filia
Recipient(s): Big Blue Team; (3) people
Date: 8/17/2021

Dear everyone,

Good job so far everyone, there were a lot of good ideas. You guys are fantastic. However, bad news. We've tried pretty much everything our brains could come up with, and so far, it hasn't been effective. In fact, checkers probably made Big Blue feel even worse, sorry Alfred. Big Blue is now moping in the corner of their room.

It's time for Desperate Measure: Plan B.

Who here has a Quantum Pointer, a ritual starter kit, a tenfield extract, and a Fusion Battery? If not, we can always drop by 3Ports for some of the materials. I think Fae keeps the rest of the stuff in the shed.

Sent by: Jeremy Filia
Recipient(s): Big Blue Team; (3) people
Date: 9/1/2021

Dear everyone,

Good news!

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