Critter Profile: Avocadomilk!

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Critter Profile: Avocado!



Name: Avocado

Species: Avocado

Primary Caretaker: Some Dude

Diet: A god does not require sustenance

Housed: Your walls.

Creature Features!

Avocado is a… rather strange thing we care for here at Wilson's. We barely know anything about him, heck we don't even know if it's alive. He's an avocado. That's pretty much it. I also think he's really handsome.


The Superiors gave us Avocado a few months ago, for who knows what reason. Anyways, they were terrified of him. Absolutely terrified. Petrified even. Sometimes we wonder why. Avocado is, just a regular avocado. We might just end up putting him in the kitchen. Or just eat him. I haven't had guac in a hot minute.

Special Needs and Accommodations!

Avocado does not need to be cared for. He cares for himself. He just sits there. Surprised he hasn't rotted yet.

Notes about Avocado!

Another thing, Avocado was dropped off here at Wilson's by some gal. Red hair, about 2 metres tall. Pretty sure she said her name was, Avery Cado. Weird. She was oddly sad to see him go. not like she's an empath or anything like that, but she was acting strange. Anyways, she was in a rush and I think she dropped a note, since I found it in the parking lot. Here it is.

Solo SCPs

SCP-6231 - Ribbits & Cream

SCP-6231 is a sentient male Agalychnis callidryas (Red-eyed tree frog) that is capable of producing ice cream from its salivary glands.

SCP-6227 - Delivery

SCP-6227 is a pizza delivery and order service capable of manifesting pizza at the doorstep of the subject who has ordered.

SCP-3822 - Everywhere Yet Nowhere - Art exchange gift for RigenRigen

Since 2238, those riding on SCP-3822 do not age during their time on the train.

Collab SCPs

SCP-5961 - Under Pressure - Collab With Abrethe does not match any existing user name

SCP-5961 refers to a phenomenon occurring worldwide, consisting of a series of events and the creation of SCP-5961-A.

SCP-7714 - Fortunate Souls - Collab with TheDarkArtistTheDarkArtist and SphereFinaleSphereFinale for the 7000 contest.

You have your answers now. I know you will use your expertise in a more lasting manner than I.

Tales and GOI Formats


(Even I don't know how to begin describing this one. Happy April Fools, I guess?)

Critter Profile: Swift!

Swift is the name of our lovable and friendly black-footed ferret here at Wilson's.

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