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Following Incident-001-SK, it is suspected that this file may contain infohazardous discrepancies with official documentation. Readers are advised to exercise caution with its contents.


A seal used by a 2014 iteration of the Children of the Scarlet King.

Group of Interest Number: 586

Known Aliases: "The Children", "The Scarlet Church", "Cult of the Scarlet Archon"1,
"Rubella"2; see "Organization" for more details.

Estimated Membership: Between 70.000 and 300.000

Threat Level: Black ●

Overview: The Children of the Scarlet King are a series of independent churches, organizations, or movements associated with the entity known as "the Scarlet King". While their exact doctrine varies between organizations, said doctrine often includes a series of key themes, documented in detail in the "Beliefs" section of this report.

The origins of the Children are difficult to trace; while worship of the Scarlet King has been recorded as far back as the 50000s BCE, the composite elements of modern sects first appeared in the early days of the Daevite Empire, circa 12000 BCE, as a state religion. Additionally, although certain sects can be traced back to this order, many developed independent of it, even in civilizations with no known contact with the Daevites. Many such traditions appear to have initially begun without any reference to the King.

The Foundation's prevailing theory is that individual sects begin when an individual or subculture makes contact with the Scarlet King. Under the right conditions, the Scarlet King will exert a psychic influence upon its point of contact, implanting a memetic philosophical framework that may coalesce into a sect of the Children. If this is true, it suggests that as long as the Scarlet King is active, the Children cannot be neutralized.

Policy of Engagement: It is the opinion of Drs. Lydia Homme and Robert Montauk that there is nothing to be gained from diplomacy. With few exceptions, all individuals associated with the Children are to be killed on sight.



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