How to Contribute

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Want to contribute to the SCP Foundation? Well, you've come to the right place!

Before you get started, make sure you've read the Guide For Writing, which contains important advice on how to write an article and get feedback on it before posting. Before creating a new page, we strongly recommend that you read through that page and follow its advice.

SCP Articles

SCP Articles are the heart of the Foundation, short stories in style of technical documents about the various anomalies contained by the Foundation."

To create an SCP, go to the most recent series and click on a number with [ACCESS DENIED] next to it.

You are not allowed to rename your SCP to an empty lower-numbered slot after creation.1

Explained SCPs are about objects or phenomena that are no longer considered anomalous. Joke SCPs use the SCP format as the setup for a joke. These are not organised into series, and can be created by typing the intended slot (e.g. SCP-123-J) into the box at the bottom of this page, then adding a link and title to the Explained or Joke SCP list.

Tales, GoI Formats & Others

If SCP Articles are the heart of the Foundation, then Tales are its soul. Tales can be anything from formal reports to narrative short stories to poetry, exploring some aspect of the Foundation, its personnel, or other topics or events within the Foundation universe.

GoI Formats are documents written from the perspective of a Group of Interest, who each approach the anomalous in their own unique way.

You can create a tale, GoI format, or any other type of page by typing in the intended title into the box below. Be careful not to use colons (:), as this will put your page in the wrong category. This only sets the slug,2 and you can change the actual title of the page while editing.

Artists and Artwork

The SCP wiki isn't just for writing - you're also welcome to upload your own Artwork. There are two ways to do this - you can create an artist page as a gallery for your entire portfolio, or you can create individual artwork pages for specific works or collections of works. Read How to Post Your Art to the SCP Wiki for more information.

The form below will automatically create page in the "art:" category.

Join the Conversation

Writing articles and posting art aren't the only way to contribute. Voting and commenting on articles lets authors know whether their work engaged you - leave a thoughtful review!

You may consider becoming a Concept Reviewer or Draft Reviewer, to nurture authors' growth by helping them refine in-progress works.

There are also various collaborative pages across the wiki that are open to contributions from any site member.

Generic Page Creation

You can use this form to create any type of page by typing in the title below.

A colon in the slug will put your page in a separate category (e.g. art:page-name). User-permitted categories are art:, more-by:, fragment:, component:, and theme:3

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