How to Contribute

Want to contribute to the SCP Foundation? Well, you've come to the right place! Before you get started, though, please make sure you've done the following:

  1. Be sure to read the Site Rules and Guide for Newbies.
  2. Apply for membership to the SCP Wiki.
  3. It's strongly recommended that you visit the Idea Forums or our IRC Chat to get feedback on your core concept before writing your first draft. Only drafts based on "Greenlit" ideas can be posted on the Drafts Forum.
  4. Create a space for your drafts at the SCP Sandbox Wiki.
  5. Once you have a draft written, we advise you to get further critique on the Drafts Forum or our IRC Chat before posting it onto the site.

SCP Articles

SCP Articles are the heart of the Foundation, a series of technical articles describing the various anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena contained by the Foundation.

For information on how to write and submit a SCP Article, please read How to Write an SCP. The SCP community has strict standards for tone and technical accuracy; it's strongly recommended that you read any guides and essays relevant to your idea and to use both IRC Chat and the forums to get feedback and critique prior to posting.


If SCP Articles are the heart of the Foundation, then Tales are its soul. Tales can be anything from formal reports to narrative short stories to poetry that explore some aspect of the Foundation, its personnel, or other topics within the Foundation universe.

You can create a tale by using the New Tale form below.

Alternative Articles

Alternative Articles are sub-series of SCP Articles that share many of the same framework elements but differ in theme or intent. Alternative Articles are often times more difficult than regular SCP Articles to write but have their own unique twist on the Foundation narrative.


Canons are collaborative Tale series that can explore a particular aspect of the Foundation universe, other Groups of Interest, parallel universes, or alternative interpretations. Canons are created the same way as Tales are.

New Page

You can use this form to create a generic page:

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