Contract Negotiations (N-01029)

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(EST. 1896)

Factory Headquarters,
Lowell, Massachusetts1
April 8th, 2012
  • Chicago Spirit Chief Executive Mr. Night
  • Elder Foreman Randolph T. Metzger3
  • Receptionist Vanessa Killroy4
  • Security Officer Grant Page5
  • Security Officer Keith Brady6

The Chicago Spirit, a former minor customer of the Factory, underwent a major and substantial downsizing in 1933, following the departure of the founder, who was a key executive. Following this downsizing, they were acquired by Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP, a major and key Factory customer.

This acquisition then resulted in a change in long-term goals, with a refocusing of business operations from a general expertise in organized crime assets to specializations in smuggling and subterfuge. As such, the market share for products relating to this field was decreased, as the Chicago Spirit had previously not had any major direct competitors.


Mr. Night, the founder of the Chicago Spirit, reached out to the Factory Administrative Department in order to arrange a meeting with a member of the Factory Board of Directors, as to negotiate a deal between the Factory and a revival of the Chicago Spirit. He referred to this group as the Chicago Spectre. Night requested to meet with a specific member of the Board, the Investor.

A meeting was arranged for April 8th at Factory Headquarters, located in Lowell, Massachusetts. The Investor arrived fifty-one hours, thirty-eight minutes and five seconds earlier to the meeting, allowing for ample preparation time. Mr. Night arrived twenty-four minutes and nineteen seconds earlier than necessary, which was only four seconds off from the Factory's initially expected time for his arrival.

After a brief yet fruitful round of negotiations and an accompanying tour of the Lowell Factory, an exclusive contract was signed between the revival of the Chicago Spectre and the Factory for the next five hundred years, with several previously unsold products now being included as part of the deal, maximizing profit margins.


Using a private channel previously established between himself and the Investor, prior to the latter's employment by the Factory, Mr. Night personally reached out to the latter, discussing his future business plans and suggesting the possibility of a business deal with the Factory.

My sabbatical is over, and everything is in place. It is set: the Spirit will rise again. We worked together in the past, and I was hoping that I could count on your support this time as well? Your support would always be appreciated.

The Investor responded to Mr. Night with an invitation to the Lowell Factory on April 8th, 2012 (later that week) in order to discuss the terms of such an agreement. The Investor then instantly translocated to the inside of its office in the Lowell Factory and began to prepare with Elder Foreman Randolph Metzger, a close associate stationed at the Lowell Factory.

Actor Action Factory Response
Mr. Night arrives directly at the front doors of the Lowell Factory and is greeted by Receptionist Vanessa Killroy7. Mr. Night is escorted to a conference chamber to meet with the Investor. The Investor is already in the conference chamber, waiting patiently.
Mr. Night enters the conference chamber and without hesitation begins to negotiate the terms of a potential business deal between the Factory and the newly formed Chicago Spectre.8 The Investor responds in turn and negotiates with Mr. Night, covering a variety of topics including pricing, length, and services rendered.9
Negotiations continue between both parties, following typical tactics and guidelines.10 The Investor produces the prepared paperwork and delivers a copy to Mr. Night, explaining the document as it does so.11
Mr. Night removes a prototype product from his coat and demonstrates how to use it before the Investor.12 He then returns the product into his coat. The Investor is impressed by the prototype, and introduces a new clause to the Night-Factory Contract to outline the refinement and mass production of the product by the Factory Weapons Department.
The Investor offers to take Mr. Night on a tour of the Lowell Factory, in order to demonstrate the production methods and nature of the Factory.13 Mr. Night is reluctant at first, citing a sudden impairment in his ability to walk. Security Officers Grant Page and Keith Brady are summoned to assist Mr. Night and help carry him on the tour.
The Investor and Mr. Night embark on a tour of the Lowell Factory, visiting numerous machines and mechanized production facilities, all operating at peak efficiency. The Investor explains the processes involved in each to Mr. Night.14
Mr. Night begins to voice dissatisfaction with the tour, citing a preference to move forward to the formalization of the contract between himself and the Factory.15 The Investor agrees with Mr. Night and orders Keith Brady to retrieve the contracts for formal signing.16
Night is initially reluctant to sign, citing concerns with relatively minor elements of the contract.17 The Investor makes modifications to the contract to accomodate Mr. Night's concerns.18
Mr. Night remains unable to sign, citing an inability to hold the pen and produce the requisite fluid for it. Grant Page assists Night in holding the pen, acquiring the necessary fluid from a vein in Night's arm, and guiding his hand to sign the contract.
Mr. Night begins to grow impatient and voices his desire to leave, having other urgent and necessary business matters to attend to.
Mr. Night exits the Lowell Factory using his own methods, rather than exiting through the main entrance and signing out normally.

Vanessa Killroy is told to mark Mr. Night as having signed out.

The Investor returns to its office, to meet with Elder Foreman Randolph Metzger and discuss the newly formed contract.


The Factory-Spectre Contract has been upheld by Mr. Night and other members of the Chicago Spectre, leading to a drastically increased profit margin with regard to the products in question. Market demand for such products remains otherwise limited in scale, with Chicago Spectre represents a unique customer for Factory interests. The Factory-Spectre Contract represents growth into a previously untapped and fruitful market.

Further market research and development into products specifically intended to appeal to Chicago Spirit is highly recommended, as the organization likely lacks long-term sustainable suppliers. Exploiting the need for such assistance will prove vastly profitable to long-term interests, and fulfill 110% of all potential demand.

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