Containment Breach The Musical
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A summary of the Broadway hit.                                                                                                                            

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Containment Breach The Musical

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This article is about the stage musical. For the book series, see Containment Breach. For the film series, see Containment Breach (film series). For other uses, see Containment Breach (disambiguation).

Containment Breach
The Musical


Broadway Playbill cover

Music Sophia MacLeod
Lyrics Karlisle Atticus
Book Sal Linnen and
Harry Mackenzie
Basis 2007 novel by Kate McGears
Productions 2009 Wyoming tryout
2009 Broadway
2011 US Tour
2012 West End
2014 UK Tour

Containment Breach The Musical is a musical with music by Sophia Macleod, lyrics by Karlisle Atticus, and book by Sal Linnen and Harry Mackenzie. It is based on the best-selling 2007 novel Containment Breach, the first book in the SCP Foundation series by author Kate McGears.

The musical debuted January 11, 2009, at the Oneiroi Theater in Wyoming and met with instant critical and commercial success. It premiered on Broadway at the Palace Theater on October 6, 2009.[1] The musical has since become a popular choice for productions by community theatres, school and university groups, summer camps and regional theatre companies.[2]


Act 1

A married couple are aroused from their sleep by the sound of a crying infant. The wife tells her husband that it's his turn to check on the baby. As the husband opens the door to their bedroom, he turns around and exclaims with alarm that they do not have a child. The husband is pulled through the doorway by an off-stage assailant. The terrified wife calls the police, and the call is intercepted by the Foundation Surveillance Network ("Something is [REDACTED]ing My Husband!").

Mobile Task Force Beta-12 arrives to find a globular red mass closing in on the wife. The team captures the creature in a metal crate, administers amnestics to the wife, and cleans up the husband's remains ("Just Another Tuesday"). They transport the creature to Site-19's North Containment Hall and lock it in a containment cell next to SCP-049 ("Secure, Contain, Protect"). Dr. Elias Shaw and his assistants walk through the corridor to check that all SCPs are accounted for ("Roll Call").

Shaw enters SCP-105's containment chamber and performs a routine test of her anomalous ability to see locations in photographs as they presently appear ("What a Wonderful World"). Afterward, she is told she may be granted certain privileges for her good behavior. SCP-105 requests various luxury items, including fresh flowers and a bible, but also asks that Dr. Shaw call her by her real name, Iris. Shaw approves all her requests except the final one, as calling her by her real name would be a breach of protocol ("List of Requests").

Burdened by his obligation to treat the innocent captives the same way he treats the monsters, Shaw goes to the SCP-408 enclosure and confesses his guilty feelings to lepidopterist Dr. Zynnia Kondraki. Kondraki reassures Shaw that he is doing the right thing, although her speech includes a number of subtle allusions to the clear romantic tension between them ("Shaw's Lament").

Elsewhere in Site-19, the amorphous red blob (now designated SCP-844) reveals itself to have the voice and personality of a small, frightened child. SCP-049, contained in the neighboring cell, tries to explain SCP-844's situation in a sensitive and gentle way, but he is interrupted by Able (SCP-076), who provides a more frank and honest description of life in containment ("Where am I?"/"Being Anomalous Really Sucks, Okay?").

Loud sirens and bright flashing lights suddenly fill the hallway. The SCPs cheer, recognizing it as a Containment Breach alarm. They happily speculate who may have attained freedom, but are horrified when they find that it is SCP-106 ("Who's the Lucky Bastard?"/"Oh HELL No!"). SCP-106 silently performs a short dance number before leaving to wreak havoc in Site-19 ("Rage State Ragtime").

Meanwhile, Shaw and Kondraki come close to sharing their first kiss while SCP-408 specimens create a romantic atmosphere around them ("Screw Professionalism"). Just as they are about to confess their feelings for one another, Site Director Yorick Cleffordson announces over Site-19's PA system that all personnel must assist in recontaining SCP-106 at any cost ("Put That Thing Back Where It Came From (Or So Help Me)"). Shaw and Kondraki exchange awkward goodbyes and quickly run off to defend their Site.

Shaw searches Site-19's East Storage Wing for anything that might be able to stop SCP-106, but all he finds are Safe-Class objects with bizarre-but-unhelpful abilities ("My Kingdom for a Euclid"). Finally, he grabs a handful of objects with unidentified anomalous properties and leaves, hoping for the best ("What the Hell, I'm Dead Either Way").

SCP-106 walks through Site-19's cafeteria, killing staff members right and left. Suddenly the cafeteria turns into an idyllic pastoral scene, causing SCP-106 to recoil in terror. It sends handfuls of black, highly acidic sludge into the air, causing SCP-408 specimens to scatter and fall (“[TANGO EXPUNGED]”). Just as SCP-106 spies Kondraki in the corner of the room, Shaw bursts in with his arms full of undocumented SCP objects. He throws them one after another at SCP-106, but to no avail. SCP-106 slowly advances toward Shaw until the two are face-to-face. SCP-106 reaches forward menacingly, but at the last moment, Shaw puts a comb on SCP-106’s head, turning it into a beautiful young woman– much to its distress.

Site Director Yorickson enters the room with back-up security personnel, and SCP-106 is apprehended before it can remove the comb. Just as the trouble seems to be over, a support beam weakened by SCP-106’s sludge attacks begins to collapse. Shaw sees the support about to fall on Kondraki and he pushes her out of the way, sacrificing himself in the process. He confesses his love to her with his dying breaths (“Screw Professionalism (Reprise)”). As his body goes limp, a red amulet falls out of his hand.

Act 2

Several days after the containment breach, a team of D-Class personnel is cleaning the damaged cafeteria. One of them finds the red amulet lying amongst some rubble and picks it up. His entire disposition immediately changes, and he runs out of the room in confusion. When captured and questioned, he claims to be Dr. Elias Shaw. After he correctly answers questions only the real Shaw would know, his interrogators are forced to believe him ("I'm a Doctor, Not a D-Class”).

Shaw, in his new body, is designated as SCP-963 and placed in a holding cell until an available containment chamber can be found. Shaw notes the irony of finding himself on the other side of the containment door (“Shaw’s Lament (Reprise)"). He is surprised to find himself moved to an “overflow” chamber containing other humanoids. His cellmates, SCP-2800 and SCP-1846, attempt to raise his spirits (“It's Like a Really Long Vacation”).

Meanwhile, Kondraki, still believing Shaw to be dead, has her butterflies create an illusion of him so she can say goodbye (“Damn Your Sexy Face”). Dr. Everett King enters the butterfly enclosure to retrieve some notes, and several butterflies escape as he comes in. Kondraki follows them to the cell where Shaw is being held, and the two reunite (“I’m Confused, But Kiss Me”).

Elsewhere in Site-19, Able has been transferred to the cell next to Iris’. The two recount the romantic relationship they fostered as teammates in the Omega-7 Task Force as well the breakup that followed. Able begs her to see the warm, loving man behind the brutal killer (“I Would Probably Never Gut You”). However, Iris rejects the idea of ever getting back together.

Shaw continues to live day-to-day life an SCP, growing increasingly dissatisfied with the way he is treated by his former co-workers. (“When You’re a Skip”). He gradually becomes sympathetic to the plight of his fellow humanoid SCPs. He only embraces the “good” SCPs at first, but he eventually warms up to the more dangerous ones as well (“We’re All Monsters, Really”).

During his weekly secret rendezvous with Kondraki, Shaw tells of a massive breakout he is planning with his fellow SCPs. He instructs her to hide in a safe place so she will not be hurt during the escape, and promises to run away with her when he is free (“What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”). Kondraki agrees, but later confesses to her butterflies that she is morally conflicted (“I’m So Screwed, Guys”).

The following day, Shaw springs his plan into action. With the help of various SCP allies, A massive containment breach is successfully instigated (“The Breakout Song”). Many personnel are killed in the ensuing breach, including Shaw himself. However, he comes back once again when his amulet falls onto Dr. King’s recently-deceased body (“Why Do I Taste Apples?”). Shaw personally releases Iris from her containment chamber, finally calling her by her proper name. Able pleads for Iris to open his containment door and release him, but she chooses not to (“It Wasn’t a Healthy Relationship At All, Really”).

Shaw finds Kondraki, but she has had a change of heart and cannot bring herself to run away with him. She explains that she needs to keep her promise to the Foundation by staying behind to help recontain the SCPs that want to destroy humanity, but she still wants Shaw to escape while he can (“Screw Professionalism (Reprise, Again)”). The two say a tearful goodbye and Shaw departs while Kondraki stays behind to fight alongside her butterflies.

After the breach, Kondraki once again has her butterflies create an illusion of Shaw with his original face. Her friend, Dr. Agatha Reach, enters the enclosure, grieving the death of Dr. King, and the two commiserate over their lost loves (“All My Boyfriends End Up Dead”). Suddenly, Shaw enters the room, still in King’s body, and explains that no one knew King had died except the three of them, meaning he can essentially take over King's identity. Reach is initially disturbed, but decides she is happy her friends can be together, and says that King would have wanted things this way. Shaw and Kondraki kiss, overjoyed at the second chance at living a normal life again together in Site-19 (“A Happy Ending, Sort Of”).

A group of shadowy figures monitor surveillance footage of the previous scene. As they discuss what to do, Able enters the room in a suit, revealing himself to be O5-1, head of the Overseer Council. He explains that the whole event was orchestrated by the Overseers, and that they have decided to allow Shaw to live on as Dr. King. The Council meeting breaks for lunch and Able is left alone in the room. Iris suddenly enters, confused. Able explains it was all a test, and Iris tearfully runs to his arms. With the containment breach officially over, the rest of Site-19's personnel get back to work (“Secure, Contain, Protect (Reprise)”.

Original Broadway Cast

Actor Role
Andrew S. Bear Dr. Elias Shaw
Django Ricmann Dr. Elias Shaw, 2nd Body
Montala Roth Dr. Zynnia Kondraki
Chris DeMatisse Dr. Everett King
Kirby Cavender Dr. Clefford Yorickson
Silva Diez Dr. Agatha Reach
Peppa Denkar Iris
Tom Stone Able
Hippolyta Ardson SCP-106
Jeremiah Locke SCP-844
Troy DuChamp SCP-049
Chaz D. Kevereaux SCP-2800
Fritz Conwill E. SCP-1846
Erica H. Anberough Mrs. Halo
Cane P. Raven Mr. Halo
Vaughn Pencer SCP-527
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