Containment Breach at Site-09
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Report to the Site Director by Dr. Israel Leibowitz
Re: The Containment Breach on 15 September 2018

I am a little confused by this whole affair, if I am going to be quite honest with you. Site-09 is not known for having containment breaches. And this isn't because we have such good security that nothing can possibly escape and it isn't because we have only Safe class objects or anything. We don't have any containment breaches, Site Director, because, as you very well know, we do not have any objects that require special containment procedures. Despite this obvious fact, earlier this year, on 15 September 2018, three members of my staff have reported that their was a containment breach of an entity that I have no recollection of and our records have no mention of. With this in mind, in a show of loyalty to my subordinates, I am submitting the following report.

I will begin from my perspective, to give you a personal account of the situation, and then I will go into what each of my staff members claim they saw as it becomes relevant.

15 September 2018 was a Saturday and, as such, we were operating at minimum staff at the Site. Dr. Quan and I were manufacturing Class-I amnestics in Synthesis Lab 2, to reach the weekly quota, when the two of us caught a whiff of a concerning smell. Fudge. Since I am aware that you transferred to this site from a containment site, and don't have a lot of experience with amnestics, I will explain: During the production of amnestic compounds with Y-909 compound, a few aromatic alcohols and aldahydes are formed, specifically Vanillin, Acetoin, and 4-Anisaldehyde, which, when mixed together in the air, smell strongly of fudge. So, in summery, Dr. Quan and I believed we had an amnestic leak on our hands.

We first checked our distillation equipment for leaks, but found none, so in order to cover more ground, I volunteered to check the amnestic storage tanks while Dr. Quan checked the ventilation. As I was heading to the tanks, one of the few people still around at the site, whom I will refer to as Dr. A to preserve his identity, claims that they saw a reptilian humanoid entity enter the site from the south and break into the Site-09 break room. They claim that the entity was about 1.7m tall and appeared to be carrying a small satchel with an iron bound book resting in it. When Dr. A was discovered by the entity, they claimed the entity rendered them unconscious with blunt force trauma to the head utilizing said book. When Dr. A was recovered after the incident, they seemed to have no bruising or markings of any kind on their body, but they were found unconscious near the break room.

When I got to the storage tanks, I carefully checked the seals and back flow traps to make sure there were no leaks or holes in any of them. When I determined they were all secure, I made my way back to the Synthesis Lab, where I found Dr. Quan had passed out. When I examined him, he appeared to have been rendered unconscious from blood flow restriction to his brain via blocking off his carotid artery. I didn't have much time to examine him, however, since I was rendered unconscious shortly there after and don't recall awaking until after the rest of the ordeal.

Another one of my staff members' testimony, Dr. B, seems to contradict entirely with my account. Dr. B claims that I exited Synthesis Lab 2 after Dr. Quan was already unconscious. They go on to claim that, as they followed me from the shadows, I rendezvoused with the reptilian humanoid and seemed to know them very well. They overheard us talking about an apparent entity being contained in Site-09. It was a humanoid that could manipulate memories that was being studied for use in new amnestics, so they claim. Apparently, the reptilian humanoid and I were in cahoots and planing on helping this entity breach containment. Which is rather ridiculous, I am head of amnestics research, you'd think that if this thing existed, I'd be the one who'd want first crack at it.

After they overheard this, Dr. B claims they were spotted, after they made an involuntary noise, by the humanoid reptile. Analysis after the event shows much the same thing it did with Dr. A, unconscious with no sign of trauma on the body.

Dr. C was apparently just coming into work, when they saw a humanoid reptile, a young woman, about the age of 16, and I exit Site-09 from the north entrance. They claim that they called out to us, and the girl and I hurried away from them, while the reptilian humanoid approached them. Seeing the humanoid reptile brandishing his iron book, Dr. C retreated and attempted to hide in one of the bushes that surrounds the Site. The reptilian human gave up the chase fairly quickly and Dr. C conjectured it was due to the creature not having a lot of time left to do whatever it was he was doing.

The reptilian humanoid regrouped with the girl and I about 150m from the north entrance to the Site, when Dr. C claims that the young woman put her hands on my temples and I fell unconscious. After I was knocked out, Dr. C said that the girl disappeared completely, leaving no trace. The reptilian humanoid then lifted me onto his shoulders and carried me back into the facility.

Dr. C claims that he waited about 20 minutes before re-entering the Site and, upon investigating, found myself unconscious in Synthesis Lab 2, Dr. A unconscious in the break-room, and Dr. B unconscious in hallway 2C.

Upon the resuscitation of all the present staff, no one, besides Dr. C, claimed to have any memory of what happened. Because of this, I ordered a mnestic treatment for everyone present, leading to the testimonies outlined above. Because I appeared to have an account incongruous with the other members of staff, I increased my dosage of mnestics to the threshold of safety limits, but did not recall anything further.

After an extensive investigation of the amnestic pipelines in Site-09, the official conclusion of my team is that an amount of Class-G amnestics leaked from one of the pipes leading to the storage tanks and mixed with some of the Experimental Compound 07 that was being desiccated in Synthesis Lab 1 at the time. We are unsure how this resulted in a mass hysteria event, but further investigations into the reactive nature of these two substances for use in a memory implanting substance is ongoing.

- Dr. Israel Leibowitz, Head of Thaumaturgical Chemistry, Site-09

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