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This page indicates the various queries and concerns most-often directed towards SCP wiki staff, as well as contact information should you require staff assistance. For detailed information on individual staff members (including admin/mod/operational/junior staff breakdown), please see Meet the Staff.

When sending a wikidot message to a staff member (view the account profile, select the "Write private message" button at the top), please allow some time for a response. If you do not receive a prompt reply, contact other members of the team or go to the IRC chat and ask for staff assistance. Remember, to receive the fastest response for any query, go to chat and ask for a staff member!

For quick navigation, click the query that best suits your reason to contact staff in the table of contents below. If the topic of your inquiry is not listed, you can message the official SCP Internet Outreach email at for further assistance.

I need help with my application to join the site!

Please see the next section (on general questions and the Community Outreach Team) for whom to contact.

  • Site administrators process all mainsite applications, and generally review them a few times a day. Please be patient, and only contact staff if you have been waiting longer than 72 hours for your application to be reviewed.
  • While only admins can approve/deny apps, other staff can look over application text to determine if it meets criteria. If there are no admins around, you can ask another staff member if your application fulfills requirements.
  • Note that admins tend to be the busiest staff on the site, so replies from them may take some time. For fastest response, go to the chat and ask for an admin.
  • Refer to the Join This Site page for all necessary application information.

I have a general question about the site, the writing process, or site policy. (Or, I don't know which team to contact!/My question is not on this list!)

The Community Outreach Team answers all general questions and welcomes new users to the site. Team members also monitor the site's recent posts for confusion or other queries that require staff attention, informing other teams of new queries as necessary.

  • For the fastest response, use the IRC chatroom, or post in the open forums:
For questions regarding: Make a new thread in this place:
writing process and chatroom (idea development, IRC chatroom/client issues, sandbox issues, writing tips, seeking collaborators, etc.) Questions Desk subforum
SCPs, the Foundation itself, or anything in-universe related to the world the SCP Foundation takes place in Foundation Universe subforum
site policy (the way the wiki runs, rules, etc.) Proposals and Policy subforum
fanmade drawings, movies, or other art Fan Work
site in general (anything not fitting in the above categories) General subforum
  • Refer to the Guide for Newbies for a basic list of site expectations and behavior.
  • Refer to the FAQ for answers to commonly-raised questions.
  • Refer to the Chat Guide for information on how to use the IRC chatroom.

I have a question about the Seminars Project or have an idea for a future seminar.

The Seminar Team is a subsidiary of Community Outreach which organizes staff-hosted interactive lessons in the IRC Chat that are focused on helping new users get better acclimated to the SCP Wiki, hosting lessons on skills that are integral to quality writing, and active discussion of important topics. Seminars are hosted according to a loosely preset calendar, and more information on them can be found on the Seminars and Workshops Hub. The team also curate appended notes on past seminars, which can be found on the Seminar Notes Hub.

If you have an idea for a future seminar, please post it in the Seminar Team Suggestion Thread.

  • Any other questions about the Seminars Project should be directed to members of the Seminars Team:
  • Team Lead
  • Moderators


A page on the SCP Foundation wiki is using my original work (pictures, writing, etc.) without permission!


I have a question about the Creative Commons license, making my own offsite work using SCP material, or creating SCP-themed merchandise.


I have a question about how to use images on the site, where I can find images on the site, and how to determine if an image adheres to the site's Creative Commons license.

The Licensing Experts handle all questions involving projects, products, fan work, and other derivatives that use original material from the SCP Foundation site. They also answer questions about the Creative Commons license and its requirements. This team also addresses issues of plagiarism and original work used without permission.
The Licensing Experts also ensure that all images on the site are Creative Commons-compliant, and can answer questions about how to properly obtain and format pictures on the site for use in articles, tales or other site pages.

I am reporting a user (regular member or staff) who has broken site rules.


I am reporting a user for disruptive behavior that staff should be aware of.

The Disciplinary Committee handles situations that involve disruptive behavior necessitating warnings or bans. Users who break site rules should be reported to this team. This team can also be contacted to report a certain user who has not yet broken site rules but has raised concern due to their behavior.

I have a harassment case to report.

The Anti-Harassment Team handles cases involving site members being excessively rude, aggressive, or offensive towards another user(s). This includes stalking, pestering, and any other kind of unwanted and unsolicited messages from another user.

  • Refer to the Harassment Policy for what to do when reporting harassment you are informed of, observe, or experience.

I have an idea or draft that needs to be reviewed, or someone is giving me critique that is against site rules.

The Critique Team is in charge of ensuring forum and chat idea pitches and drafts are addressed, as well as maintaining a high level of quality in reviews, and upholding the Criticism Policy. Individual members can be messaged for reviews or to draw chat attention to a forum thread.

  • First time authors, be sure to pitch your idea to the Idea Critique subforum to obtain two greenlights before submitting a request for draft critique (draft critique may still be sought in the IRC and Discord chatrooms or via PM without greenlights).
  • For the fastest response, use the IRC chatroom, or make a new thread in the Drafts Critique subforum.
  • If no one has replied to your thread after a day or two, you may PM a staff member to ask site members currently in the chatroom to read your draft. Do not bump your thread unless announcing significant changes, as this causes spam buildup. Forum threads with fewer replies are prioritized.
  • Note that once a piece has been submitted to the mainsite, it is considered finished work and no one is obligated to give any more feedback than their vote—those who do give detailed feedback are doing the author a courtesy, not fulfilling a requirement.
  • The mainsite is not the place for works in progress. Drafts are reviewed in forums or chat.
  • If you want an idea or draft of yours reviewed by a staff member, contact a member of the Critique Team (note that individual staff response may be slower, depending on what times staff members are available):
  • Butterfly Squad Roster - For Forum Critique, consult this list first!
  • Refer to the How to Write an SCP Guide and the resources available in the Guide Hub for further information on how to write for the site.
  • Refer to the How to Contribute page when your draft has been reviewed and deemed ready for the mainsite.
  • Refer to the Criticism Policy for information and guidelines on acceptable and unacceptable critique.
  • Refer to the Deletions Guide for the site policy on low-rated pages.

I wish to rewrite a page on the site that I am not the original author of.

The Rewrite Team handles all rewrites on the site, whether of newly-posted articles or old mainlist entries. Questions about the rewriting process and obtaining permission for revisions of older articles with inactive authors should be directed to this team.

I have a question about the site's coding (wikidot syntax) or tag policy.

The Technical Team is in charge of the site's overarching tag system and is responsible for the automatic modules that help the site function. The members of this team also have significant coding skill and can be contacted with questions about coding projects or how to use the site's wiki syntax to achieve certain page effects.

I'd like to start a translation site, or I have a question about any of the SCP Foundation's official channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter).

The Internet Outreach Team is responsible for maintaining relations and communication with mainsite-affiliated SCP Foundation sites. This team also helps users from mainsite-affiliated channels join and acclimatize to the mainsite.

I have a question about general site maintenance by staff.

The Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Team (MAST) is responsible for many common day-to-day tasks on the wiki, including the tagging of new articles, the deletions process, updating official staff pages and internal staff resources, improving site navigation, pruning collaborative logs, and interviewing junior staff for promotion to operational staff.

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