Conclusions RE: D-173-2263 Incident
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As you know, my reason for requesting this footage were the strange findings of my autopsies of subjects 173-2263, -2264, and -2267.

> To: Dr. Delano Smascher ( pcs.41a|rehcsamsd#pcs.41a|rehcsamsd )
> From: Dr. Django Bridge ( pcs.66s|egdirbd#pcs.66s|egdirbd )
> Subject: D-173-2263, -2264, -2267 Incident footage

Here's the footage you requested. Two versions of each sent; first versions were edited for brevity, second versions are complete recordings. I look forward to reviewing your findings. Good luck.

Dr. Bridge, Site-66, Clearance 4 Archivist.

> To: Dr. Django Bridge ( pcs.66s|egdirbd#pcs.66s|egdirbd )
> From: Dr. Delano Smascher ( pcs.41a|rehcsamsd#pcs.41a|rehcsamsd )
> Subject: Conclusions RE: D-173-2263, -2264, -2267 Incident

As you know, my reason for requesting this footage were the strange findings of my autopsies of subjects 173-2263, -2264, and -2267. After reviewing the footage provided, I’m now confident enough of my suspicions to elaborate on them further.

During my autopsies, I found no evidence of external physical trauma to the aforementioned subjects’ necks or craniums, as one would expect to find in instances of strangulation or vertebral torsion. This was not unexpected; I’ve long felt it asinine to assume that an entity with no digits or prehensile appendages could physically manipulate individuals in such a manner. My review of provided footage, in addition to confirming an average speed of 20 to 22 meters per second while unobserved, also strongly suggests that subject SCP-173 does not make physical contact with its victims.

My frame by frame review finds that at frame 235 938 of camera two’s edited log, SCP-173 closes to within 10 cm of D-173-2267. D-173-2267’s eyes remain fully closed; SCP-173’s arms remain fixed in their usual “at rest” positions. At frame 235 939, less than 0.00001 seconds later, subject D-173-2267’s head is turned upward such that it stares directly into subject SCP-173’s “eyes,” and -2267’s eyes are now fully open. D-173-2267 collapses shortly thereafter. Death appears to be due to, at least in this instance, a combination of trauma caused by the rapidity of motion SCP-173 inflicts and the severing of the spinal cord due to separation between the second and third cervical vertebrae, and not physical torsion or strangulation, a conclusion supported by my autopsy findings. This also potentially explains the strange bruising and hemorrhaging present in the soft tissues of SCP-173’s victims around the eyes; a transient, violent, non-specific, non-physical force ripping its victims’ eyelids open.

I have furthermore found that the positioning of its victims’ bodies may be significant. D-173-2267’s body collapses such that its head faces D-173-2263 and D-173-2264. The bodies of the latter two individuals may be seen collapsing in similar fashion at frames 333 777 and 940 052 respectively. All face toward the northern side of SCP-173’s containment cell, allowing what would be a clear view of SCP-173 in its preferred position resting against the western wall of the northwestern corner of its cell.

Additionally, I can confirm beyond reasonable doubt that the rumored “dead man’s stare” exhibited by victims of SCP-173, so-called because the eyes of ostensibly dead victims continue to track SCP-173’s movements postmortem, are not a product of “nerves” or general paranoia but a genuine phenomenon, as may be seen by magnification and slow-motion review of D-173-2267’s eyes following his expiration and demonstrated by -2263 and -2264 as well.

My complete findings, appended video logs, autopsy footage, and autopsy reports are attached to this message for review, distribution, and archival. Thank you for your swift response.

Dr. Smascher, Area-14, Clearance 4 Unit Director

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