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“We’ve got the results back.”
“Three positively compromised, five more with a confidence of 50% or greater.”
“Good. Shuffle them around.”
“Yes, sir.”

Clearance Level GK-5

Eyes Only

Special Intelligence Protocol

Project Codename: Green King

In response to the nature of Entity HL-49, codename "Green King", Intelligence Protocol ███-██ is now is effect. As prescribed by Protocol ███-██, all personnel and resources allocated to Project Green King are to be evenly divided into two separate operations. Overwatch has agreed to supply false information regarding Foundation actions to one of the above operations. Any personnel of clearance below GK-5 are not to be informed of this protocol change. Which operation is receiving false information should be changed on an irregular basis.
If it is positively determined that an agent assigned to Project Codename: Green King has been compromised by the enemy, he or she may or may not be moved from one Green King operation to the other. This is to be done without regard to which operation is currently receiving false information.

Watch and remember. Remember for me.

I really need to get more sleep. I keep dozing off when I’m supposed to be working. Sooner or later, Dr. Alloway is gonna notice, and I’m really not interested in finding out what happens to people who start falling asleep on the job at the Foundation.

Come on, David. You’re an intelligence officer working for the most secretive organization on the planet. Show some professionalism.

All right, snap out of it. What’s next? Anomalous energy readings in the Sonora desert. Doesn't really seem like the kind of thing we’d usually be concerned about, but Doctor blackbox here seems to think it has something to do with the King.

The King. Why do we call him that, anyway? Always makes the think of Elvis.

Alright. So. According to this, the energy release was picked up by at least four Foundation detectors, so it was probably picked up by some civilians too. I’ll file a request for a misinformation campaign. Let’s call it nuclear testing. No, that might have some political repercussions. Freak lightning storm? I don’t know enough about meteorology to know if that would happen. No, we’ll call it a meteor strike. Big enough to cause a nice boom, small enough to be destroyed by the impact. Have a team go out and make a decent sized crater, maybe get someone from NASA to sign off on it, and that’ll probably be enough to fool most people. I’ll forward it to Sarah, though; she’s pretty good at picking out loose ends.
Now, on to the real business at hand. Where’s our King? Well, let’s try sending the energy data back to Doctor blackbox with a few security holds remo…

Good. Now stop. Forget.

I really need to get more sleep. I keep dozing off when I’m supposed to be working. Sooner or later, Dr. Alloway is gonna notice, and I’m really not interested in finding out what happens to people who start falling asleep at the Foundation.

I’m not getting paid enough for this. They keep me locked in this windowless bunker an undisclosed distance underground and make me sort files all day, and they wonder why my productivity’s dropping? The Foundation would fall apart without the archivists. Let’s hope that promotion request comes through.

Let’s see what we have here…

Spending report for site 37 for last month. Classified. Forward to accounting.

Experiment report out of site 46. Classified. Defer to someone with higher clearance so they can file it with the relevant SCP.

Surveillance data from sector 367. Even if that wasn’t classified, I don’t know where that is. Archive under site 367 intel.

Project Codename: Green King. Classified. Divert to higher cleara…

Destroy it.

Marked for destruction. Goody. Now I have to go all the way down to the shredder…

Burn it.

I mean the incinerator.

You will watch for me.

I should be grateful. You know how many people in the Foundation would kill for a boring job like this? I should just be glad that I’m not getting shot, eaten, or god knows what else.

Still, I’m guarding a fucking hallway. There’s not even anything here, as far as I know. It just connects one part of the site to the other. I mean, I understand the need for security—I’ve seen more containment breaches than I really like to think about—but it does make Overwatch look a little paranoid.

The ID scanner does most of my work for me, anyway. All I really have to do is stop anyone who doesn’t fit their ID.

Yeah, go ahead.

Whoa, slow down there, buddy. You gotta scan your card on the…

He is mine. Let him through.

Yeah, go ahead.

No matter how many times I do this, it doesn’t get any easier. I understand why we have to do this, but knowing why and actually pulling the trigger are two different things. This isn’t gonna be easy from a tactical standpoint, either. According to the briefing, this is supposed to be the most powerful thing any of us have ever gone up against. I already don’t like reality benders, not after that bullshit seminar they put us through when we started training.

Alright, here we go. Focus.

It’s not locked. Not a good sign.

There’s nothing in here. Are we sure this is the right place?

Seriously. No furniture, no decorations, not even any fucking lights.

Shit. I can feel it now. I can feel her mind. I really hope they’re doing a good job distracting her at the site.

It’s getting stronger. The walls are bending and the room is bigger on the inside.

I can destroy hear her now. She’s in mdefendy head.

There she is. She hasn’t seen us. This is our chance.


This is my chance.

Oh god. She knows we’re here.



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