Mapping Component


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What is this?

This is the Mapping Component, a component made for the Sites Hub Revamp that allows for you to create quasi-interactive maps with features such as:

  • A main map
  • Many secondary zoom-in maps
  • Custom zoomable icons
  • Icon subtitles
  • Legends
  • Support for custom Icon classes

How to use

The code below is the minimal required for a functioning map with an icon and a legends window.

[[include :scp-wiki:component:mapping-source
code=-- |

[[div class="mainmap"]]

[[include :scp-wiki:component:mapping-source
facility=-- |
x=51.5 |
y=21.0 |
image= |

[[div class="subtitle"]]
|| Legends ||
|| [[image]] || Site||
|| [[image]] || Area ||


Which should give you this map:



template-site.png Site
template-area.png Area

The step-by-step on what everything does is divided into a couple sections that can be seen down below.

To understand how to create a map following the same model as the one above, just follow this guide:

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