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Input Credentials.. Does the black moon howl? . . Only when awakening. Accepted. You are accessing a file of 5/4343 clearance. This file is available to: O5 Council, Senior Research Team....
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Agent Asriel's Personnel File
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♫ Blackheart Personnel File Articles misc Agent Asriel. Name: W██████ Asriel Security Clearance Level: 2 Occupation: Field Agent Introduction: W██████ Asriel, Male, born on ██/04/19██,...
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Asriel's Artwork Page
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Welcome! This is W Asriel's artwork page. I am a user from the CN branch and I'm glad to make some artworks for those SCPs and tales I really liked. Most of of these are made of epoxy resin. I hope...
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A Super Easy Tool for Those Too Lazy to Update Their Author Pages
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TL;DR: Paste this into your author page: [[include component:author-page order=created_at]] This component will automatically generate a list of all your works, in chronological order. They will be...
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