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by Dr Moned

What is ANT:

ANT is a new navigation system, taking inspiration from the Earthworm Series Navigator. ANT was created to make a semi-customizable bar that allows access and gives information about the related articles.

If there are any issues, please contact me through Discord1 or Wikidot2 pms.


Using ANT is fairly simple (I hope). There are a few options and choices that will be explained lower down, but this is the basic code you can grab and tinker with to fit your needs.

[[include :scp-wiki:component:advanced-navigation-toolbar-source dual= false
|styleNum= one
|prev= articleURL |prevtext= link text
|prevImage= prevImageURL
|hub= hubURL |hubtext= Name
|next= articleURL |nexttext= link text
|nextImage= nextImageURL

When using ANT, do not alter any of the blue text above. The red text can be altered, but I recommend you read the related sections below before doing so.


ANT example


"style" - This will be addressed in the box below.

"prev" - This deals with the link leading to your previous article. "prev" takes in an input in the form of a link, then a pipe character ("|"), then the text you wish for the link to show. "|SCP-001" for example.

"prevImage" - Refers to the image in the circle at the left end of the bar (More detailed images may be harder to see given the size). All the icons at my art page should work, in addition to any 600px squared image (which I believe any image made for ACS is, as the ones I tried worked fine). Please shout at me if they don't.

"hub" - Similar to "prev", though deals with the link and link text to your series hub. Alternatively, if you don't have a hub I recommend parenting it to either the SCP series list; or for tales something like the Curated Tale Series Hub.

"next" - See "prev", though substitute "previous article" with "next article".

"nextImage" - See "prevImage", though substitute "left end" with "right end".

If you want some simple images, this page comes with "prev.png", "next.png" and "hub.png" in the files down below.

ANT - Styles:

ANT currently has three different styles to choose from. You can change between styles by putting "one", "two", or "three" after where it says "styleNum= " in the import section. Below you can see an example of the styles.


ANT style 1 example


ANT style 2 example


ANT style 3 example

ANT - Dual navigation bar:

If you have two tale series that both intersect on a single piece of work there is a dual version (With all of the different styles) of the ANT bar using the code below.

When switching between modes, make sure the include statement is correct, as "dual= false" is used to display the original bar, whereas "dual= true", as shown in red below is used for the dual mode.

[[include :scp-wiki:component:advanced-navigation-toolbar-source dual= true
|styleNum= one
|prev= articleURL |prevtext= link text
|prevImage= prevImageURL
|prev2= article2URL |prev2text= link2 text
|prev2Image= prev2ImageURL
|hub= hubURL |hubtext= Name
|hubImage= imageRepresentingHub
|next= articleURL |nexttext= link text
|nextImage= nextImageURL
|next2= article2URL |next2text= link2 text
|next2Image= next2ImageURL


Dual ANT bar.

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