Command Performance
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Fuck! Mother fucking…

Open fire! Open fire!

Shit! It's still coming.

Don't shoot it in the head. I… Kimura! Fuck!

Shoot the legs! Shoot the fucking legs!

Shin, get the blast doors! Pull back, you sons of bitches!

Okay. We got some breathin' space. Let's see the damage.

Kimura, yer gonna be okay. I seen worse. Just lie back a few. We'll see to ya.

Awright, hunker down, you assholes. Sir, orders?

Sir? Boys, secure the perimeter. Me an' the Captain need to have a chat.

Sir, you gonna be okay? No, excuse me. With all due respect, sir, you are gonna be okay. Because my boys are countin' on you to get us outta this. So what are yer goddamn orders.

Okay. Get things secured. I'm gonna go do that. You just get yer head right, okay? First time on a bug hunt like this, yer bound to get a little freaked. It's okay.

Jones, Hammouddi. Report.

Backup power's gonna last at least another hour. Plenty of time. Don't worry. We got this. Ain't we the baddest motherfuckers in the land? Keep yer eyes sharp, your heads down, an' we'll make it out okay.

Jackson, how's Kimura? Okay. Just stick with him, long as possible. We'll keep you covered. Don't leave him alone until… Well. He shouldn't oughtta be alone right now.

Zimmer, keep workin' on comms. We gotta figure out what the fuck the rest of the site's up to. See if they're workin' on power, or if we're on our own.

Awright, Captain. How ya doin'?

Look. Didja think this shit was gonna be easy? I'm gonna be frank with ya. This is what the real world's like. This is what me an' my boys deal with. You wanted combat experience, this is it. You maybe thought you'd just keep yer head down, get enough experience t'get promoted, but that just ain't gonna happen. Yer in this unit, you get in the blender, just like the rest of us.

So, here's the situation. We ain't seen the insurgents since the first attack. We've heard lots of gunfire, though, so whatever they're after, they ain't got it yet. I think they're on this level, but I can't be sure until we make contact. The ugly fucker's tryin' to get through the blast doors. I don't think it'll manage for a while. Even when the aux power goes out completely, the blast doors'll be sealed shut. However, I don't wanna count on it bein' stopped cold. More, if it can't get through this way, it's gonna go somewhere else, maybe get away. Aux power's gonna go down in maybe forty-five minutes, an' we'll have even more breaches. We need to get power back online, an' keep its attention so it doesn't try t'get offsite. Once we got power, the automatic systems should let us trap it pretty easy until help arrives.

So, what're your orders?

The… Sir, we can't set off the fuckin' nuke. That's a last fuckin' resort. Even if we get a major breach, we ain't the only assets in the area. Site 34's…

No, sir, we haven't been able to contact 'em, but that's because we're underground, an' the comm system's out. Yes, I'm sure they're… Yes sir. Yes, I understand. I'll give the orders.

Jones, yer squad's goin' with the Captain. You gotta get him to the shelter. Take him through the tunnels. It'll take longer, but the fucker can't fit through there, so you should be safer. Keep yer heads down, though. We got insurgents runnin' around, and God only knows what the fuck else they let outta their cages. The rest of you are gonna move down to Hall 42. Make a ruckus, get fugly's attention. Be ready to shut the blast doors soon as it gets close. Barnes, yer with me.

Yes, Captain? No, sir. I ain't goin' with you. I'm gonna go make one more try to fix the power. An' then I won't get into the fuckin' shelter until every last one of my boys is there.

Yes sir. I see. I still ain't goin'. Don't give that order. We'll both regret it.

Thank you, sir. I'll have power back up by the time you get to the shelter. I don't, then you can think about settin' off the nuke.

So, after that, me an' Barnes, we went to get the power turned on. It was a longshot, but if the Captain wasn't gonna wait for my boys, I was gonna give 'em the best chance possible.

Yes sir, I know my place is with my men, especially with our commandin' officer out. But I'm an engineer. I was the only one who could get the power runnin'. Like I said, the best chance they had. Barnes was with me every step… Well, almost every step.

Yes, I did leave him, but it was for ten, fifteen minutes tops. I had to get some breakers reset, an' I needed him watchin' the doors.

Anyway, it took us some time, but we got the power back on. Once we did, we were able to get ugly contained pretty easy, an' the reinforcements from Site 34 cleaned up the insurgents.

Jones told me he was ordered by the Captain to cover his retreat down the tunnels after he got pinned down by insurgents. We found the Captain dead in the shelter. Never got to the button, doesn't look like.

No sir, I didn't know the shelter's cameras were workin'. What'd they pick up?

Tall fucker in a trenchcoat. Sounds like Nobody. Wonder what the fuck he was doin' there? I'll talk to security, get a rundown of everything missin'. No sir, I don't know how he got through all of us. I'll talk to the boys, see if anyone saw anything. Take it from me, though, I bet they didn't. You don't see Nobody unless he wants you to see him.

Almost like he was tryin' to make a point or somethin'.

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