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Hello! I am Cole 13Cole 13! I've made articles! During the pandemic, I have discovered SCPs and wanted to write them ever since! Needless to say, I've learned a ton just by joining this website. Perhaps, this is one of the best things to happen for me! I have to thank my collaborators and my critters, and the people who supported me and my efforts.


- SCP-6015 - Nature's Stance - [+43] -


COLLABORATION BETWEEN:Rose the Changeling Rose the Changeling and Cole 13Cole 13

"SCP-6015: That is a question you're going to have to figure out yourselves. I've only come here to provide an offer that may help you with your goal and it's up to you if you wish to accept it or not. I'll give you a week to think about it, but don't hesitate to come back to me when you've made your decision."

- SCP-6170 - A Tale Of a God, and The Chaos Surrounding His Demise - [+78] -


COLLABORATION BETWEEN: TopDownUnderTopDownUnder and Cole 13Cole 13

"SCP-6170 refers to a sentient entity that, until an incident in mid-2016, existed within ██████████, Ohio. SCP-6170 demonstrated stabilizing effects on anomalous phenomena, not just in its general vicinity but throughout reality. Objects with anomalous traits brought close to SCP-6170 would have these properties diminished, or in some cases, outright nullified."

- SCP-6807 - Shepard Tone - [+82] -

COLLABORATION BETWEEN: Elenee FishTruckElenee FishTruck, GremlinGroupGremlinGroup, JakdragonXJakdragonX and Cole 13Cole 13

"SCP-6807 is a red-carpeted staircase, accessed from an unmarked door in Kyoto's sewers. The staircase does not breach the surface, despite extending far beyond the requisite length to do so. Paintings hang from the brick walls at regular intervals."

- SCP-6447 - Symphony of the Wronged - [+54] -

COLLABORATION BETWEEN: Lt FlopsLt Flops, LORDXVNVLORDXVNV, AftokratorAftokrator, ElunerazimElunerazim, Jack WaltzJack Waltz, GreenGolemGreenGolem, Cole 13Cole 13, MetalRavioliMetalRavioli and MoreMuffinsMoreMuffins

"The collective of SCP-6447 is instinctively identified as 328 human beings and constantly plays a selection from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, corresponding with the season of the antipode of Bear Mountain, New York. "

- SCP-6114 - Returning to Our Roots - [+11] -

"SCP-6114 is a ritual that will revive any deity, but only at a fraction of its original stature. "

- SCP-5747 - Three Titans - [+116] -

"This is my gift for TopDownUnderTopDownUnder!"


- Wandsmen Orientation - [+78] -

COLLABORATION BETWEEN: chaucer345chaucer345 and Cole 13Cole 13

"Please take your seats. Note, if you experience any lingering transformation pains and need to leave during the lecture, please feel free to do so."

- Vikander-Kneed Worldwide News Network - [+67] -

"Well, all of you at home are probably scared and worried about the Veil dropping, and what it means for you! Then again, I don’t know why you’d be worried now, you barely paid attention to world events before! Why start now?"

- Fishing Council: Throwing The Old Line and Bait - [+21] -

"It was a marvelous afternoon in Door County, Wisconsin. Leaves on the dry, arid trees had turned a faint orange color and were beginning to fall on the coarse grass below."


- Writing Anomalies Theme - [+39] -

"This is the Writing anomalies theme by Cole 13Cole 13. It is a derivative Sigma-9 theme. I would recommend using this for mundane, neutralized, or safe SCPs!"

This was my first thing to hold a positive rating, ever! I spent months on this.

- Words of Wisdom Theme - [+20] -

" Hello and welcome, my avian friends. This is the Words of Wisdom theme by me, Cole 13Cole 13, for chaucer345chaucer345's group of interest, the Wandsmen."


None yet!


- SCP-6170-A Event Logs - [+28] -

COLLABORATION BETWEEN: TopDownUnderTopDownUnder and Cole 13Cole 13

"Welcome. The world has gone to shit since SCP-6170 died. Anomalies from all over the world have changed, and have completely gone backwards on their anomalous pattern. Your job, find and log the rest, so we can avoid some of these fuckers. Good luck. - Dr. Cole Thereven"

- SCP-6222 Extended Logs - [+58] -

COLLABORATION BETWEEN: Lt FlopsLt Flops, Cole 13Cole 13 and AftokratorAftokrator

"This is an extended log of entities found within SCP-6222. New entries are to be added using the template below."

- Cole 13’s Writing Hut - [+62] -

"You are looking at this page right now! "

- Components Hub - [+120] -

"Welcome to the Components Hub! "


- Cole 13's Drawing Hut - [+51] -

"Enjoy my new art!"

- COLE'S MOVIE NIGHT - [+39] -

"I made these around the time of 6k and memecon, which were back-to-back contests. So many good articles came out of them, that I decided to make movie posters. This was originally on my art page, but when the new art proposal was passed, I decided to make this."


"You have your ticket?"

- Cole's Photo Gallery - [+3] -

"Hey! I'm Cole 13Cole 13! And here are some photos I have manipulated for other people's articles and my own!"

- Cole's Logo Emporium - [+14] -

"I've been playing around with making logos so here they are! "

- Cole 13's Cornucopia - [+10] -

"Looks like this isn't going to be continued."

- SCP-173 Redesign Gallery 7 - [+50] -

"I made two images for this!"


Illustration of Dr. Cole Thereven created by Dr Whitney does not match any existing user name

Current Occupation: Director of the Dept. of Anomalous Communications and Relations.

Birthdate: Milwaukee, Wisconsin July 17th, 1976.

Included In: Character Tag


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