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“Your so cool your still on team Whitney even tho I didnt post”

“güd person, write many word”

“Who's the author again? Cole. Cole's a jerk.”

“i paid for the drawing hut, what is this place? i wanted artwork, not words!”

“13 indeed”

“Cole 13 is the most yeah”

“Out of all of the authors on site, Cole 13 is one of them”

“Hm, Cole 13? Yeah! He's my favorite author! Now, where is that 5 bucks?”

- Some random person off the street

“13 indeed”

- AzamoAzamo

“Sir this is a Wendy's”

- Wendy's worker

“of all the things i can say about cole, this is one of them.”


“cole 13”

“love him or hate him- he's definitely Cole 13”

“The next time you do this the thumbs down goes on your 6k”



“Cole is a person that exists?”

youre a bit sussy if you have highlighted this

Hello! I am Cole 13Cole 13! I've made articles! During the pandemic, I have discovered SCPs and wanted to write them ever since! Needless to say, I've learned a ton just by joining this website. Perhaps, this is one of the best things to happen for me! I have to thank my collaborators and my critters, and the people who supported me and my efforts.

Commentary: Now this was a roller coaster. It was made in a month for the SCP-6000 contest. We originally had 4 people on the team. 2 people left, one of them being basirskipreader, who originally came up with this idea, and we thank basir for letting us use it!

I had fun making the images for this, and I learned new things about the images I made! Very fun! I am just very appreciative of rose the changeling, for collaborating on this with me, and being with me every step of the way! No matter what we get in the contest, I will be very proud!

Commentary: Me and TopDownUnderTopDownUnder made this entry for memecon! This was the first time I had learned about the rat's nest cannon. Since it was after the veil broke, it left us a ton of room to mess around, and change the game. I um (laughs) got to take a photo of my head, add a beard and put it in a jar. Our meme for this was harambe, and we made harambe a living reality anchor.


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